File:S2e11 we're not falling for your games.pngFile:S2e11 weathervane.pngFile:S2e11 what's that.png
File:S2e11 what the.pngFile:S2e11 why should he trust you.pngFile:S2e11 wild mabel.png
File:S2e11 worried twins.pngFile:S2e11 wrist device.pngFile:S2e11 wrong guy.png
File:S2e11 you stan accused.pngFile:S2e11 you wont get away with this.pngFile:S2e11 youve been running your whole life.png
File:S2e11 yumberjacks.pngFile:S2e12 ''Punch it''.pngFile:S2e12 ''ladies first''.png
File:S2e12 Anomalous Phenomena.jpgFile:S2e12 Crampelter.jpgFile:S2e12 Dusk2Dawn.png
File:S2e12 Ford tried to pull.pngFile:S2e12 Ford with mouth open.pngFile:S2e12 Glass Shard Beach High School principal.png
File:S2e12 I can make it on my own.pngFile:S2e12 Key.pngFile:S2e12 Ma.png
File:S2e12 Ma Pines.pngFile:S2e12 NAME SWAP.pngFile:S2e12 PINES PAWNS.jpg
File:S2e12 Stanley and Stanford Pines.pngFile:S2e12 The WHAT?!.pngFile:S2e12 There is nothing about this I understand.jpg
File:S2e12 Toby was never normal.pngFile:S2e12 Wendy is done.pngFile:S2e12 a world of enchantment.png
File:S2e12 adjusting dads hat.pngFile:S2e12 after all these long years of waiting.pngFile:S2e12 agent powers excited.png
File:S2e12 all grown up.pngFile:S2e12 and thus more evidence to that ship.pngFile:S2e12 at school.png
File:S2e12 author in house.pngFile:S2e12 author writing journal.jpgFile:S2e12 baby shapeshifter.jpg
File:S2e12 behold the nerdy science box.pngFile:S2e12 billboard of title card.pngFile:S2e12 bird.png
File:S2e12 but.pngFile:S2e12 buying what i was selling.pngFile:S2e12 by day i was stanford pines.png
File:S2e12 by night i was trying.pngFile:S2e12 catching eyes.pngFile:S2e12 catching fireflies.png
File:S2e12 cha ching.pngFile:S2e12 charming stan smile.pngFile:S2e12 college Ford thinking with the greats.png
File:S2e12 couldn't risek.pngFile:S2e12 crop circles.jpgFile:S2e12 current stan.png
File:S2e12 customers weren't crazy about that.pngFile:S2e12 cute old people.pngFile:S2e12 dana terrace cute baby biker.jpg
File:S2e12 dana terrace promo.jpgFile:S2e12 dana terrace young tyler concept.pngFile:S2e12 dipper fangirls.png
File:S2e12 do iiiiiit.pngFile:S2e12 dollar sign eyes.pngFile:S2e12 don't know what to say.png
File:S2e12 dont forget to leave our names.pngFile:S2e12 end credits cryptogram.pngFile:S2e12 end journal page.png
File:S2e12 entering ford's room.pngFile:S2e12 everyone fights for these books.pngFile:S2e12 excited twins.png
File:S2e12 eye bats in jar.jpgFile:S2e12 eye bats page.jpgFile:S2e12 fake name.png
File:S2e12 fan fiction better match.pngFile:S2e12 fiddle is pulled.pngFile:S2e12 fiddle is stuck.png
File:S2e12 floating cliff page.jpgFile:S2e12 ford and the machine.pngFile:S2e12 ford with the gun.png
File:S2e12 found something.pngFile:S2e12 friendly punch.pngFile:S2e12 frozen squirrel.png
File:S2e12 git out.pngFile:S2e12 glass shard beach.pngFile:S2e12 gnome catalog.png
File:S2e12 gonna throwup.pngFile:S2e12 good night stupid.pngFile:S2e12 good thing you've got your smarts, poindexer.png
File:S2e12 grabbing.pngFile:S2e12 hand tree.pngFile:S2e12 have you come to steal my eyes?!.png
File:S2e12 holding something.pngFile:S2e12 i am banned in alot of areas.pngFile:S2e12 i can do this.png
File:S2e12 i have a mullet.pngFile:S2e12 i know him.pngFile:S2e12 i paid 15 dollars for this.png
File:S2e12 i said no trespassing.pngFile:S2e12 im at a payphone.pngFile:S2e12 insanely risky move.png
File:S2e12 journal 1.pngFile:S2e12 kid ford reading.jpgFile:S2e12 kill it with FIRE.png
File:S2e12 lazy susans origin.pngFile:S2e12 lied to everyone.pngFile:S2e12 light on.png
File:S2e12 literally penniless.pngFile:S2e12 look at that.pngFile:S2e12 looking in.png
File:S2e12 luckily they were chasing me.pngFile:S2e12 making of shack.pngFile:S2e12 man of mystery.png
File:S2e12 marcoooo.pngFile:S2e12 mcgucket big eyes.pngFile:S2e12 mcgucket one eye.png
File:S2e12 mcgucket phone call.pngFile:S2e12 mr mystery.pngFile:S2e12 murder hut to mystery shack.png
File:S2e12 murder hut was born.pngFile:S2e12 mysterious cave.pngFile:S2e12 mystery chalkboard.jpg
File:S2e12 mystery shack through the years.pngFile:S2e12 mystery shack through the years2.pngFile:S2e12 mystery shack through the years3.png
File:S2e12 mystery shack through the years4.pngFile:S2e12 mystery shack through the years5.pngFile:S2e12 mystical objects.png
File:S2e12 nevermind.pngFile:S2e12 no witnesses.pngFile:S2e12 nono.png
File:S2e12 northwest realty.pngFile:S2e12 not allowed here.pngFile:S2e12 not impressed.jpg
File:S2e12 not so sure about this.pngFile:S2e12 now I know who did it.pngFile:S2e12 oh thats funny.png
File:S2e12 old me was dead.pngFile:S2e12 one eye.pngFile:S2e12 one finger friendlier.jpg
File:S2e12 original mystery twins.pngFile:S2e12 out there in the unknown.pngFile:S2e12 peer pressure.png
File:S2e12 personal space.pngFile:S2e12 pitchforks break.pngFile:S2e12 polycephany.jpg
File:S2e12 possible Shermie.pngFile:S2e12 pre series glow.pngFile:S2e12 puppy dog face.png
File:S2e12 quick question.pngFile:S2e12 really not feeling up to this.pngFile:S2e12 room.png
File:S2e12 rope.pngFile:S2e12 running.pngFile:S2e12 sabrina cotugno promo art.jpg
File:S2e12 sad face.pngFile:S2e12 sad face stan.pngFile:S2e12 sci-fi sideburn dimension.png
File:S2e12 shack.pngFile:S2e12 shapeshifter egg.jpgFile:S2e12 shocked.png
File:S2e12 sight to the future.jpgFile:S2e12 six fingers.pngFile:S2e12 sketchy.png
File:S2e12 smiley stan is a cutey.pngFile:S2e12 snazzy outfit.pngFile:S2e12 so hip.png
File:S2e12 so many questions.pngFile:S2e12 softy.pngFile:S2e12 some sort of large hairless gopher.png
File:S2e12 soos won't shut up.pngFile:S2e12 sophisticated new business strategy.pngFile:S2e12 stan finding a way of business.png
File:S2e12 stanford and stanley.pngFile:S2e12 stanford pines.pngFile:S2e12 stanford punch.png
File:S2e12 stans boat.pngFile:S2e12 stans plan.pngFile:S2e12 starstruck.png
File:S2e12 step right up.pngFile:S2e12 still on the swings.pngFile:S2e12 strummin on the ol banjo.png
File:S2e12 take it all.pngFile:S2e12 tell my story.pngFile:S2e12 theres our delighted naive townsfolk.png
File:S2e12 this sucks.pngFile:S2e12 tropical skeleton.pngFile:S2e12 troubled stan.png
File:S2e12 tssss oooh.pngFile:S2e12 twin confrontation.jpgFile:S2e12 tyler and mom.png
File:S2e12 uhhh.pngFile:S2e12 um um wait.pngFile:S2e12 vending machine shut.png
File:S2e12 walk it out.pngFile:S2e12 warnings schmarnings.pngFile:S2e12 we already saw this.png
File:S2e12 welcome to gf sign.pngFile:S2e12 wendy is so interested.pngFile:S2e12 what is it.png
File:S2e12 what the heck is going on here.pngFile:S2e12 whoa.pngFile:S2e12 why not tell us.png
File:S2e12 with stan co brand pitchforks.pngFile:S2e12 you got the wrong guy.pngFile:S2e12 you read my journals.png
File:S2e12 youre only making me look cooler.pngFile:S2e12 yummy information.pngFile:S2e13 Centaurataur.jpg
File:S2e13 Cheese Boodles.jpgFile:S2e13 Dipper go to bed.jpgFile:S2e13 Ducktective sweater.png
File:S2e13 Ducktectives TWIN!!!.pngFile:S2e13 Emmy Cicierega promo art.jpgFile:S2e13 Emmy Cicierega promo art 1.jpg
File:S2e13 Emmy Cicierega promo art 2.jpgFile:S2e13 Ford Call me for dinner.pngFile:S2e13 Ford it's a trap.jpg
File:S2e13 Ford looking boss.jpgFile:S2e13 Ford protecting Dipper.jpgFile:S2e13 Ford punching monster.jpg
File:S2e13 Ford vs monster.jpgFile:S2e13 Going to the pond in the sky....pngFile:S2e13 Hot Elf.png
File:S2e13 Looking at orb.pngFile:S2e13 Lunatic Wizard making Goblins appear.pngFile:S2e13 Mabel casting.png
File:S2e13 Mabel going nuts while eating.pngFile:S2e13 Ogre.jpgFile:S2e13 Oh boy.png
File:S2e13 Robertryan Cory art 1.jpgFile:S2e13 Robertryan Cory art 2.jpgFile:S2e13 Robertryan Cory art 3.jpg
File:S2e13 Stan with news article.jpgFile:S2e13 Terrified Quack.pngFile:S2e13 apple slices.jpg
File:S2e13 back at the base.jpgFile:S2e13 better be something protective.pngFile:S2e13 better book two view.jpg
File:S2e13 big fire sword.jpgFile:S2e13 bonce boots.jpgFile:S2e13 brain cook.jpg
File:S2e13 brain eating pot.jpgFile:S2e13 chewing gum.jpgFile:S2e13 cycloptopus.jpg
File:S2e13 cycloptopus appearance.jpgFile:S2e13 cycloptopus escapes.jpgFile:S2e13 cycloptopus mouth.jpg
File:S2e13 dead ogre.jpgFile:S2e13 dear mom and dad.jpgFile:S2e13 death muffins.jpg
File:S2e13 die trick.pngFile:S2e13 dipper and book 2.jpgFile:S2e13 dipper attacks.jpg
File:S2e13 dipper is taken.jpgFile:S2e13 dipper reads the rules.jpgFile:S2e13 dismantled portal.png
File:S2e13 door in lab.jpgFile:S2e13 duck sweater.pngFile:S2e13 ducktective season finale.jpg
File:S2e13 dungeons game.pngFile:S2e13 dungeons handbook.pngFile:S2e13 eight sided dice.jpg
File:S2e13 end cryptogram.jpgFile:S2e13 end page.jpgFile:S2e13 epic wizard quest.jpg
File:S2e13 faceoff.pngFile:S2e13 fantasy comes to life.pngFile:S2e13 ford attacks.jpg
File:S2e13 ford being dramatic.jpgFile:S2e13 ford is taken.jpgFile:S2e13 ford mad.jpg
File:S2e13 ford pissed.jpgFile:S2e13 fords secret.pngFile:S2e13 game box view.jpg
File:S2e13 game guide.jpgFile:S2e13 gompers.jpgFile:S2e13 gompers again.jpg
File:S2e13 graffiti.jpgFile:S2e13 grenda and hot elf.jpgFile:S2e13 grenda sees the graph paper.png
File:S2e13 grenda weapon.jpgFile:S2e13 griffin.jpgFile:S2e13 griffin flies away.jpg
File:S2e13 gross.jpgFile:S2e13 ha ha ha dipper.jpgFile:S2e13 happy ending.jpg
File:S2e13 hot elf 2.jpgFile:S2e13 hot elf on box.jpgFile:S2e13 hot pot.jpg
File:S2e13 i spy a nerd.pngFile:S2e13 im ok.jpgFile:S2e13 impossible beast.jpg
File:S2e13 infinite dice.pngFile:S2e13 inside of the game guide.jpgFile:S2e13 is that ddamd.png
File:S2e13 is this normal.pngFile:S2e13 kill it.pngFile:S2e13 knockout with a bedpan.jpg
File:S2e13 lab.jpgFile:S2e13 lazy susan.jpgFile:S2e13 locked away.png
File:S2e13 locking the die.jpgFile:S2e13 look what i caught!.pngFile:S2e13 mabel's two grunkles picture.png
File:S2e13 mabel's weapon.jpgFile:S2e13 mabel pulls eyes.jpgFile:S2e13 mabel sleepless.jpg
File:S2e13 mabel stoked.jpgFile:S2e13 mabel sweater better view.pngFile:S2e13 master plan with gum.jpg
File:S2e13 math blast.jpgFile:S2e13 mayor of gravity falls.jpgFile:S2e13 measuring brains.jpg
File:S2e13 mom lunch.jpgFile:S2e13 monster hug.jpgFile:S2e13 monster zap.jpg
File:S2e13 more and more ogres.jpgFile:S2e13 more ogres.jpgFile:S2e13 mystery shack closed for repairs.png
File:S2e13 nerd oath.pngFile:S2e13 nerds unite.pngFile:S2e13 new dungeons song.jpg
File:S2e13 no kids games.jpgFile:S2e13 no match.pngFile:S2e13 not a snowglobe.jpg
File:S2e13 number 106.jpgFile:S2e13 ogre.jpgFile:S2e13 ogre chasing ford.jpg
File:S2e13 ogre tornado.jpgFile:S2e13 oh grenda.jpgFile:S2e13 patience.jpg
File:S2e13 peace fool.jpgFile:S2e13 perfect 38.jpgFile:S2e13 pitt cola.jpg
File:S2e13 playing in the lab.jpgFile:S2e13 princess unattainabelle.pngFile:S2e13 quack like a duck.jpg
File:S2e13 quack quack quack!.pngFile:S2e13 rapping wizard.jpgFile:S2e13 real life edition.jpg
File:S2e13 role play.jpgFile:S2e13 roleplay game.png
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