File:S2e10 dramatic entrance 1.pngFile:S2e10 dream.pngFile:S2e10 dream hipster.png
File:S2e10 duck.pngFile:S2e10 emf glowing.pngFile:S2e10 emmy cicierega promo art01.jpg
File:S2e10 emmy cicierega promo art02.gifFile:S2e10 emmy cicierega promo art03.gifFile:S2e10 empty frame.png
File:S2e10 escaping.pngFile:S2e10 evil laugh.pngFile:S2e10 exorcism.png
File:S2e10 eye to eye.pngFile:S2e10 falling.pngFile:S2e10 falling ax.png
File:S2e10 falling mirror.pngFile:S2e10 fancy plant.pngFile:S2e10 favorite pattern.png
File:S2e10 fest guests.pngFile:S2e10 fight for the journal.pngFile:S2e10 fill the fountain.png
File:S2e10 final form.pngFile:S2e10 fire roars.pngFile:S2e10 fireplace glowing.png
File:S2e10 firey mounted heads on walls.pngFile:S2e10 flirting without me.pngFile:S2e10 floating ghost.png
File:S2e10 frowning NWs.pngFile:S2e10 frowning pacifica.pngFile:S2e10 furious.png
File:S2e10 get 'em.pngFile:S2e10 get that bell outa my fae.pngFile:S2e10 ghost adds his two cents.png
File:S2e10 ghost attacking dipper.pngFile:S2e10 ghost comes out of the fire.pngFile:S2e10 ghost detector.png
File:S2e10 ghost escaping.pngFile:S2e10 ghost forming.pngFile:S2e10 ghost harassers.png
File:S2e10 ghost in life.pngFile:S2e10 ghost threat iminent.pngFile:S2e10 ghost trapped.png
File:S2e10 gift bag.pngFile:S2e10 gimmie a hug.pngFile:S2e10 girls fight.png
File:S2e10 girls run.pngFile:S2e10 girls scheming.pngFile:S2e10 girls stare.png
File:S2e10 go nuts man.pngFile:S2e10 gompers has nums.pngFile:S2e10 gonna cry.png
File:S2e10 good advice.pngFile:S2e10 gotta exorcise that ghost.pngFile:S2e10 great.png
File:S2e10 grenda blushes.pngFile:S2e10 grenda comes back.pngFile:S2e10 grenda crush.png
File:S2e10 grenda girl.pngFile:S2e10 grenda tries to flirt.pngFile:S2e10 grenda upset.png
File:S2e10 guarded estate.pngFile:S2e10 guards in line.pngFile:S2e10 guess what we're stepping on.png
File:S2e10 guest book.pngFile:S2e10 halt.pngFile:S2e10 hands behind back.png
File:S2e10 hands on hips.pngFile:S2e10 handy dandy journal.pngFile:S2e10 hanging on by a stump.png
File:S2e10 happy.pngFile:S2e10 happy ghost.pngFile:S2e10 happy pacifica.png
File:S2e10 hat off.pngFile:S2e10 haunted paintings.pngFile:S2e10 haunted practice dinner
File:S2e10 have a monkey.pngFile:S2e10 he does actually have something on his shirt.pngFile:S2e10 he got his pizza!.png
File:S2e10 here's dipper.pngFile:S2e10 hesitant entrance.pngFile:S2e10 hey again.png
File:S2e10 hey marius.pngFile:S2e10 hey ugly.pngFile:S2e10 hide and seek is over.png
File:S2e10 hide for cover.pngFile:S2e10 hiding under the table.pngFile:S2e10 hitting tech helps.png
File:S2e10 holding up the mirror.pngFile:S2e10 hot mirror.pngFile:S2e10 how goes it.png
File:S2e10 i'm glad they came.pngFile:S2e10 i am candy.pngFile:S2e10 i cant do it.png
File:S2e10 i dunno.pngFile:S2e10 i want your life.pngFile:S2e10 i will pay you.png
File:S2e10 imagine if that hit someone.pngFile:S2e10 incoming.pngFile:S2e10 incoming ax.png
File:S2e10 intense dipper.pngFile:S2e10 intense glare.pngFile:S2e10 into a pillar.png
File:S2e10 it's getting closer.pngFile:S2e10 its happening.pngFile:S2e10 jaw dropped.png
File:S2e10 knocked back.pngFile:S2e10 knowing look.pngFile:S2e10 laughing snobs.png
File:S2e10 le gasp.pngFile:S2e10 leaving dejectedly.pngFile:S2e10 let go of book.png
File:S2e10 let me out.pngFile:S2e10 lineage.pngFile:S2e10 lined up townsfolk.png
File:S2e10 look!.pngFile:S2e10 look into her eyes she needs you....pngFile:S2e10 look out.png
File:S2e10 look to the door.pngFile:S2e10 looking around.pngFile:S2e10 looking nervous.png
File:S2e10 love triangle.pngFile:S2e10 lumber folk.pngFile:S2e10 lumber justice.png
File:S2e10 lumberjack curse 1.pngFile:S2e10 lumberjack looks back.pngFile:S2e10 lumberjack the romance ruiner.png
File:S2e10 lumberjacks curse.pngFile:S2e10 mabel's inside.pngFile:S2e10 mabel approaches marius.png
File:S2e10 mabel has an idea.pngFile:S2e10 mabel looks sad.pngFile:S2e10 mabel looks sophisticated.png
File:S2e10 mabel tags candy.pngFile:S2e10 made a scene.pngFile:S2e10 main gate.png
File:S2e10 make a truce.pngFile:S2e10 man of the hour.pngFile:S2e10 mansion.jpg
File:S2e10 mansion dark.pngFile:S2e10 mansion rain.pngFile:S2e10 marathon ready.png
File:S2e10 marius's bio.pngFile:S2e10 marius.pngFile:S2e10 marius confused.png
File:S2e10 marius doesn't know what to do.pngFile:S2e10 marius is glowing.pngFile:S2e10 marius shuffles away.png
File:S2e10 maybe later.pngFile:S2e10 mayor loves cookies.pngFile:S2e10 mess.png
File:S2e10 mirror.pngFile:S2e10 missing eye.pngFile:S2e10 mohawk hair.png
File:S2e10 more creepy heads.pngFile:S2e10 more losses.pngFile:S2e10 mrs northwest.png
File:S2e10 mrs northwest panic.pngFile:S2e10 nathaniel looking over paper.pngFile:S2e10 nathaniel northwest.png
File:S2e10 new idea.pngFile:S2e10 nice axe.pngFile:S2e10 nice one.png
File:S2e10 nice shoulder hats.pngFile:S2e10 no agents here....pngFile:S2e10 no really i don't mind.png
File:S2e10 no stepping.pngFile:S2e10 none amused.pngFile:S2e10 northwest fest.png
File:S2e10 northwest manor noir.pngFile:S2e10 northwest manor will burn.pngFile:S2e10 northwests alerted.png
File:S2e10 northwests shocked under table.pngFile:S2e10 not for him.pngFile:S2e10 not gonna kiss.png
File:S2e10 not so much.pngFile:S2e10 obedience bell.pngFile:S2e10 obey me.png
File:S2e10 oh no.pngFile:S2e10 one casualty.pngFile:S2e10 pacifica about to pull the switch.png
File:S2e10 pacifica about to pull the switch 2.pngFile:S2e10 pacifica ashamed.pngFile:S2e10 pacifica being a jerk.png
File:S2e10 pacifica blushes.pngFile:S2e10 pacifica fancy.pngFile:S2e10 pacifica grabs dipper.png
File:S2e10 pacifica hurt.pngFile:S2e10 pacifica incognito.pngFile:S2e10 pacifica looking down.png
File:S2e10 pacifica looks up.pngFile:S2e10 pacifica looks upset.pngFile:S2e10 pacifica on shell phone.png
File:S2e10 pacifica runs in.pngFile:S2e10 pacifica scream.pngFile:S2e10 pacifica taken aback.png
File:S2e10 pacifica thinks.pngFile:S2e10 pacifica will do it.pngFile:S2e10 painting close up.png
File:S2e10 painting cover stretching.pngFile:S2e10 party.pngFile:S2e10 peculiar pacifica.png
File:S2e10 people coming in.pngFile:S2e10 phone number.pngFile:S2e10 pinky up pacifica.png
File:S2e10 pizza box goof.pngFile:S2e10 point and laugh.pngFile:S2e10 pool table.png
File:S2e10 pound at the gates.pngFile:S2e10 pre mansion days.pngFile:S2e10 prepare to die.png
File:S2e10 present day mansion.pngFile:S2e10 preston's happy face.pngFile:S2e10 preston and mrs portrait.png
File:S2e10 preston asks.pngFile:S2e10 preston dismissing dipper.pngFile:S2e10 preston looking over paper.png
File:S2e10 preston puts down glass.pngFile:S2e10 preston talking to the mayor.pngFile:S2e10 preston tells pacifica.png
File:S2e10 preston welcome.pngFile:S2e10 preteens entranced.pngFile:S2e10 pretend that never happened.png
File:S2e10 proud walk.pngFile:S2e10 prove yourself.pngFile:S2e10 prove youself 2.png
File:S2e10 psh!.pngFile:S2e10 puddle.pngFile:S2e10 pull the lever kronk!.png
File:S2e10 puppy dog eyes.pngFile:S2e10 push away via face.pngFile:S2e10 put the stick down.png
File:S2e10 quail and babies.pngFile:S2e10 rainy day.pngFile:S2e10 reaching out.png
File:S2e10 realization hits.pngFile:S2e10 realization hits dipper.pngFile:S2e10 reforming.png
File:S2e10 roll over.pngFile:S2e10 rotten northwest cheating native american.pngFile:S2e10 round the corner.png
File:S2e10 run and read.pngFile:S2e10 run away.pngFile:S2e10 run back to the mansion.png
File:S2e10 running through the mud.pngFile:S2e10 sad pacifica.pngFile:S2e10 sad resignation.png
File:S2e10 scientist northwest theif northwest.pngFile:S2e10 shake it off.pngFile:S2e10 sheet grab.png
File:S2e10 sheet tumble.pngFile:S2e10 shielding pacifica.pngFile:S2e10 shocked and sad.png
File:S2e10 should probably clean this up.pngFile:S2e10 silver mirror.pngFile:S2e10 skeleton portrait.png
File:S2e10 slick dipper.pngFile:S2e10 smashed mirror.pngFile:S2e10 smelly toby.png
File:S2e10 snooty folk.pngFile:S2e10 so, australia.pngFile:S2e10 something big.png
File:S2e10 something is near.pngFile:S2e10 sorry about that.pngFile:S2e10 spinning ax.png
File:S2e10 squishy face.pngFile:S2e10 stay here.pngFile:S2e10 stop this instant.png
File:S2e10 stopped rolling.pngFile:S2e10 storage.pngFile:S2e10 storyboard art.png
File:S2e10 surely theres someone who can handle this sorta nonsense.pngFile:S2e10 swept up by mudslide.pngFile:S2e10 table shake.png
File:S2e10 tag back in.pngFile:S2e10 talk to the hand.pngFile:S2e10 taxidermy attack.png
File:S2e10 teaserFile:S2e10 tell her to her face.pngFile:S2e10 the glasses are back.png
File:S2e10 the mayor rolls in.pngFile:S2e10 the real northwests.pngFile:S2e10 the ringing of the bell commands you Lorna.png
File:S2e10 there is no later.pngFile:S2e10 they're everyhwere.pngFile:S2e10 they're in.png
File:S2e10 they're with me.pngFile:S2e10 they made me do it.pngFile:S2e10 three invites.png
File:S2e10 throw hat down.pngFile:S2e10 title card.pngFile:S2e10 top floor.png
File:S2e10 townsfolk outside in the rain.pngFile:S2e10 trailerFile:S2e10 transition to flashback.png
File:S2e10 trapped ghost wants out.pngFile:S2e10 trying to hop the fence.pngFile:S2e10 trying to understand.png
File:S2e10 turn around.pngFile:S2e10 turn to face.pngFile:S2e10 turning normal.png
File:S2e10 turning normal 2.pngFile:S2e10 tyler tries to use fork.pngFile:S2e10 uncomfortable outfit.png
File:S2e10 unexpected hug.pngFile:S2e10 utbahc.pngFile:S2e10 wait!.png
File:S2e10 wait dipper.pngFile:S2e10 waiters shocked.pngFile:S2e10 watch out pacifica.png
File:S2e10 watching mud slide.pngFile:S2e10 we're sorry.pngFile:S2e10 welcome.png
File:S2e10 welcome or whatever.pngFile:S2e10 what about my hair.pngFile:S2e10 what happened.png
File:S2e10 what is this place.pngFile:S2e10 what kinda boat.pngFile:S2e10 whats that.png
File:S2e10 who mounts a mouse head.pngFile:S2e10 whoa that is not okay.pngFile:S2e10 wide eyed.png
File:S2e10 winter time.pngFile:S2e10 wooden.pngFile:S2e10 you owe my possessions.png
File:S2e10 you seem unstable.pngFile:S2e10 your flirting style is intense.pngFile:S2e10 youre just another link.png
File:S2e11 13 mins.pngFile:S2e11 15 minutes.pngFile:S2e11 5hrs.png
File:S2e11 Alonso Ramirez Ramos promo.pngFile:S2e11 Cool Powers.pngFile:S2e11 Dan plate.png
File:S2e11 Dipper stubborn set.pngFile:S2e11 Glass Shard Beach.pngFile:S2e11 Great Tackle.png
File:S2e11 Great Uncle.pngFile:S2e11 Jeffrey Thompson Ian Worrel, SunJae Lee bg1.jpgFile:S2e11 Jeffrey Thompson Ian Worrel, SunJae Lee bg2.jpg
File:S2e11 Jeffrey Thompson Ian Worrel, SunJae Lee bg3.jpgFile:S2e11 Jeffrey Thompson Ian Worrel, SunJae Lee bg4.jpgFile:S2e11 Jeffrey Thompson Ian Worrel, SunJae Lee bg5.jpg
File:S2e11 Jeffrey Thompson Ian Worrel, SunJae Lee bg6.jpgFile:S2e11 Jeffrey Thompson Mystery Shack bg1.jpgFile:S2e11 Jeffrey Thompson Mystery Shack bg2.jpg
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