File:S1e9 fell down.pngFile:S1e9 ferris wheel inked.jpgFile:S1e9 ferris wheel ride.png
File:S1e9 fertilia's husband.pngFile:S1e9 fighting for the time machine.pngFile:S1e9 fishing season.png
File:S1e9 forest ref.pngFile:S1e9 freedom fighters.pngFile:S1e9 future time baby.png
File:S1e9 gnome camoe.pngFile:S1e9 gnome giant.pngFile:S1e9 gnome monster.png
File:S1e9 going back to my favorite episode.pngFile:S1e9 grunkle stan.pngFile:S1e9 guy throwing baseball.png
File:S1e9 happy robbie.pngFile:S1e9 horseman.pngFile:S1e9 hot water.png
File:S1e9 how bad do you want it.pngFile:S1e9 knife and fork.pngFile:S1e9 lake ref.png
File:S1e9 laser arm cannon.pngFile:S1e9 laser gun.pngFile:S1e9 living room.png
File:S1e9 lolph.pngFile:S1e9 lolph and dundgren.pngFile:S1e9 look girls.png
File:S1e9 mabe's brain hurts.pngFile:S1e9 mabel and dr waddles.pngFile:S1e9 mabel and waddles photobooth.png
File:S1e9 mabel crying.pngFile:S1e9 mabel dipper time machine overheating.pngFile:S1e9 mabel freaks out.png
File:S1e9 mabel happy.pngFile:S1e9 mabel holding waddles.pngFile:S1e9 mabel holding waddles cheeks.png
File:S1e9 mabel loves waddles.pngFile:S1e9 mabel missing variable.pngFile:S1e9 mabel needs it.png
File:S1e9 mabel running.pngFile:S1e9 mabel sees waddles.pngFile:S1e9 mabel squee.png
File:S1e9 mabel still screaming.pngFile:S1e9 mabel surprised.pngFile:S1e9 mabel thumbs up.png
File:S1e9 mabel waddles picture 1.pngFile:S1e9 mabel waddles picture 2.pngFile:S1e9 mabel waddles picture 3.png
File:S1e9 mabel wins pig.pngFile:S1e9 mabel with cotton candy.pngFile:S1e9 mabels always right.png
File:S1e9 man eating pretzel.pngFile:S1e9 master tower inked.jpgFile:S1e9 master tower painted.jpg
File:S1e9 master tower sketched.jpgFile:S1e9 messing with past.pngFile:S1e9 metal teeth.png
File:S1e9 more than anything.pngFile:S1e9 mystery dogs.pngFile:S1e9 mystery fair.png
File:S1e9 mystery fair birds eye view.PNGFile:S1e9 not again.pngFile:S1e9 one day later.png
File:S1e9 pacifica.pngFile:S1e9 pacifica chicken.pngFile:S1e9 pacifica drags waddles.png
File:S1e9 pacifica takes waddles.pngFile:S1e9 past mystery shack.pngFile:S1e9 perfect shot animatic
File:S1e9 photo fun.pngFile:S1e9 pig flier.pngFile:S1e9 pigs.png
File:S1e9 pioneers on trail.pngFile:S1e9 pizza guy.pngFile:S1e9 porch.png
File:S1e9 portapotty.pngFile:S1e9 previewFile:S1e9 robbie's teeth error.png
File:S1e9 robbie.pngFile:S1e9 robbie and wendy apple.pngFile:S1e9 robbie comes again.png
File:S1e9 robbie jealous.pngFile:S1e9 robbie with snow cone.pngFile:S1e9 sad mabel.png
File:S1e9 second time travel twins.pngFile:S1e9 soos about to eat sandwich.pngFile:S1e9 soos and blendin.png
File:S1e9 stan and soos.pngFile:S1e9 stole time machine.pngFile:S1e9 stuffed creature location goof.png
File:S1e9 stun dunked.pngFile:S1e9 sun backwards.pngFile:S1e9 that'll do pig.png
File:S1e9 the gang going in time.pngFile:S1e9 the mystery fair.pngFile:S1e9 the shack overall.png
File:S1e9 the tunnel of love.pngFile:S1e9 throwing game.pngFile:S1e9 tight jeans.png
File:S1e9 time baby.pngFile:S1e9 time cop vs universal soldier.pngFile:S1e9 time goes back.png
File:S1e9 time machine freezing.pngFile:S1e9 time police.pngFile:S1e9 time squad.png
File:S1e9 torch.pngFile:S1e9 travel back first.pngFile:S1e9 tunnel of love inked.jpg
File:S1e9 twins arrive in past.pngFile:S1e9 twins confronting blandin.pngFile:S1e9 unknown species.png
File:S1e9 waddles eating pizza.pngFile:S1e9 waddles hates pacifica.pngFile:S1e9 waddles in pen.png
File:S1e9 waddles in the win a pig pen.pngFile:S1e9 waddles on back.pngFile:S1e9 waddles runs away.png
File:S1e9 waddles spots food.pngFile:S1e9 waddles sweater.pngFile:S1e9 watch goof.png
File:S1e9 watch malfunction.pngFile:S1e9 wax stan.pngFile:S1e9 wendy accepts robbie.png
File:S1e9 wendy and dipper.pngFile:S1e9 wendy balls in face.pngFile:S1e9 wendy thumbs up.png
File:S1e9 wendy wins stuffed animal.pngFile:S1e9 when are we.pngFile:S1e9 who wants dysentery.png
File:S1e9 win a pig.pngFile:S1e9 win a pig and dunkle the grunkle inked.jpgFile:S1e9 you lost me.png
File:S1e9 young Ford.pngFile:S215 Mystery Shack close shot.pngFile:S217 UFOs after all.jpg
File:S217 old age in highschool.jpgFile:S219 Dipper screams.pngFile:S219 Waddles rest.png
File:S2E10EndPage.pngFile:S2E10 Lumberjacked clip frame.pngFile:S2E10 Northwest Mansion Mystery Poster.jpg
File:S2E11 gravity falls anti gravity police station.jpgFile:S2E12 McGucket Steve Jobs House.jpgFile:S2E12 Mr. Mystery.jpg
File:S2E13 Gryphon creature.pngFile:S2E13 key radmaster.jpgFile:S2E17 Dipper vs. Security Droid.png
File:S2E18 Bill's friends shocked.jpgFile:S2E18 Bill and Eye-Bats.pngFile:S2E18 Bill and his friends flie.jpg
File:S2E18 Bill and his friends laugh.pngFile:S2E18 Bill and his friends schocked.pngFile:S2E18 Bill fires a laser beam.jpg
File:S2E18 Bill introduces Ford to his friends.pngFile:S2E18 Bill really scared.jpgFile:S2E18 Bill turns around.png
File:S2E18 Bill with 8 Ball and Teeth.jpgFile:S2E18 Dipper sneaking.pngFile:S2E18 Dipper watching Bill using his uncle.jpg
File:S2E19 Mabel's Bubble.pngFile:S2E20 bill is back.pngFile:S2E20 ford and stan looking at each other.png
File:S2E20 grappling hook 1.pngFile:S2E20 the fearamid and bill.pngFile:S2E2 Goof Wendy.png
File:S2E3 Dipper pointing at the exit.pngFile:S2E3 Mabel and the gang crash their car.pngFile:S2E4 Bill getting exited.png
File:S2E5 Is She The Real Girl.pngFile:S2E6.Don't Forget to Remember Those Times.pngFile:S2E8 Future bicycle race.png
File:S2E8 Future chess.pngFile:S2E8 Messing the past.pngFile:S2E8 Sad and young soos.png
File:S2E8 The gang getting ready.pngFile:S2E8 The gang is ready to go.pngFile:S2E9 Cracking knuckles.png
File:S2E9 Creepy door.pngFile:S2E9 Whittled Dolls Pano.pngFile:S2E9 love photos.png
File:S2 E15 Bill In Grass.pngFile:S2 E15 Ford Looks Behind Him.pngFile:S2 E15 Ford Turn Around.png
File:S2 E9 Dipper Look Over.pngFile:S2 E9 Love God Video Turned Sideways.pngFile:S2 promo art 1.jpg
File:S2 promo art 10.jpgFile:S2 promo art 2.jpgFile:S2 promo art 3.jpg
File:S2 promo art 4.jpgFile:S2 promo art 5.jpgFile:S2 promo art 6.jpg
File:S2 promo art 7.jpgFile:S2 promo art 8.jpgFile:S2 promo art 9.jpg
File:S2e09 heartbreak visions.pngFile:S2e09 nightmare fuel.pngFile:S2e1&2 promo
File:S2e10 Antler Chandelier.pngFile:S2e10 Bear.pngFile:S2e10 End Page.png
File:S2e10 Explosion.pngFile:S2e10 Gf distress.gifFile:S2e10 Ghost calling out for Dipper and Pacifica.png
File:S2e10 Grenda with the guest list.pngFile:S2e10 Llama picture.pngFile:S2e10 Mabel and Candy.png
File:S2e10 Mabel and Friends Fancy.pngFile:S2e10 NW convinces lumberjacks.pngFile:S2e10 NW garden entrance.png
File:S2e10 NW looks ready to fly.pngFile:S2e10 NW reveals party idea.pngFile:S2e10 NWmansionIntro.png
File:S2e10 Nathan Fillion.pngFile:S2e10 Northwest Mansion Lumberjack Ghost Bearded.pngFile:S2e10 Northwest Mansion Lumberjack Ghost Beardless.png
File:S2e10 Northwest Mansion Lumberjack Painting.pngFile:S2e10 Northwest Mansion Wide Shot.pngFile:S2e10 Pacifica asks for help.png
File:S2e10 Pacifica avoids the ghost.pngFile:S2e10 Pacifica fallen.pngFile:S2e10 Pacifica pulls the switch.png
File:S2e10 Pacifica satisfied.pngFile:S2e10 a toast.pngFile:S2e10 aerial view.png
File:S2e10 agents in disguise.pngFile:S2e10 agreed.pngFile:S2e10 agreement.png
File:S2e10 akward hug.pngFile:S2e10 all NWs present.pngFile:S2e10 alonso ramirez ramos.png
File:S2e10 alonso ramirez ramos 2.pngFile:S2e10 and then theres me.pngFile:S2e10 angry lumberjack.png
File:S2e10 approaching the gates.pngFile:S2e10 attacked.pngFile:S2e10 attention all.png
File:S2e10 awesome dipper.pngFile:S2e10 awkward.pngFile:S2e10 awkward laugh.png
File:S2e10 awkward laugh from all.pngFile:S2e10 ax flying off log.pngFile:S2e10 ax transformation.png
File:S2e10 back to the mansion.pngFile:S2e10 background 01.pngFile:S2e10 background 02.png
File:S2e10 background 03.pngFile:S2e10 background 04.pngFile:S2e10 background 05.png
File:S2e10 background 06.pngFile:S2e10 background 07.pngFile:S2e10 background 08.png
File:S2e10 background 09.pngFile:S2e10 background 10.pngFile:S2e10 basketball player.png
File:S2e10 be strong bladder.pngFile:S2e10 be whoever you are.pngFile:S2e10 beard scratch.png
File:S2e10 bell in face.pngFile:S2e10 bell ring.pngFile:S2e10 bill banner.png
File:S2e10 bleeding animal head.pngFile:S2e10 book flying away.pngFile:S2e10 book zap.png
File:S2e10 both a bit freaked.pngFile:S2e10 both look at the guests.pngFile:S2e10 breaking news.png
File:S2e10 building.pngFile:S2e10 candy and mabel mad.pngFile:S2e10 candy concerned.png
File:S2e10 candy in loop.pngFile:S2e10 cant thank you enough.pngFile:S2e10 category 1.png
File:S2e10 category 10.pngFile:S2e10 category 10 view 2.pngFile:S2e10 category ten.png
File:S2e10 chimp has cookies.pngFile:S2e10 chocolatey cheesy goodness.pngFile:S2e10 completed at a cost.png
File:S2e10 concept art 01.jpgFile:S2e10 concept art 02.pngFile:S2e10 concept art 03.jpg
File:S2e10 concept art 04.pngFile:S2e10 concept art 05.pngFile:S2e10 concept art 06.png
File:S2e10 concept art 07.jpgFile:S2e10 concept art 08.pngFile:S2e10 concept art 09.png
File:S2e10 concept art 10.pngFile:S2e10 congratulatory.pngFile:S2e10 credits code.png
File:S2e10 curtsy.pngFile:S2e10 dance time.pngFile:S2e10 dazzled marius.png
File:S2e10 desperate pacifica.pngFile:S2e10 determined fiddleford.pngFile:S2e10 did it work.png
File:S2e10 dingly dingly.pngFile:S2e10 dino skeleton.pngFile:S2e10 dipper's too classy.png
File:S2e10 dipper and pacifica dirt.pngFile:S2e10 dipper and pacifica dirt 2.pngFile:S2e10 dipper biting his tongue.png
File:S2e10 dipper calls out NWs.pngFile:S2e10 dipper clued in.pngFile:S2e10 dipper concerned.png
File:S2e10 dipper disagrees with girls.pngFile:S2e10 dipper enters.pngFile:S2e10 dipper frustrated.png
File:S2e10 dipper is so done.pngFile:S2e10 dipper looks at mirror.pngFile:S2e10 dipper looks at pacifica.png
File:S2e10 dipper looks confused.pngFile:S2e10 dipper looks determined.pngFile:S2e10 dipper looks serious.png
File:S2e10 dipper looks sly.pngFile:S2e10 dipper loves you just the way you are.pngFile:S2e10 dipper mabel candy on couch.png
File:S2e10 dipper negotiates.pngFile:S2e10 dipper offended.pngFile:S2e10 dipper on the front cover.png
File:S2e10 dipper outside.pngFile:S2e10 dipper rethinks his idea of pacifica.pngFile:S2e10 dipper rubs arm.png
File:S2e10 dipper still doesnt agree.pngFile:S2e10 dipper storming out.pngFile:S2e10 dipper talks to ghost.png
File:S2e10 dipper tries to look cool.pngFile:S2e10 dipper unhappy.pngFile:S2e10 dipper wards off bat.png
File:S2e10 dipper what is that.pngFile:S2e10 dipper zapped.pngFile:S2e10 dippers mad at pacifica too.png
File:S2e10 dippers not gonna put up with this.pngFile:S2e10 disappointed.pngFile:S2e10 disobey us.png
File:S2e10 do you eat kangaroo meat.pngFile:S2e10 dodge the birds.pngFile:S2e10 don't be wherever you are.png
File:S2e10 door closed.pngFile:S2e10 dramatic.png
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