File:S1e7 tyrone and dipper hear wendy.pngFile:S1e7 tyrone at booth.pngFile:S1e7 tyrone is born.png
File:S1e7 tyrone mind blown.pngFile:S1e7 tyrone thinks of name.pngFile:S1e7 tyrone uh oh.png
File:S1e7 waddles shock transparent.pngFile:S1e7 wendy barf silly string.pngFile:S1e7 wendy blowing up balloons.png
File:S1e7 wendy dancing.pngFile:S1e7 wendy end of night.pngFile:S1e7 wendy laugh.PNG
File:S1e7 wendy laughing.pngFile:S1e7 wendy reveal secret.pngFile:S1e7 wendy silly sting twins.png
File:S1e7 wendy silly stringing soos.pngFile:S1e7 wendy thanks dipper.pngFile:S1e7 wendy wait wait.png
File:S1e7 wendy wants in.pngFile:S1e7 wendys purse.pngFile:S1e7 wenter robbie.png
File:S1e7 what to do with pjd.pngFile:S1e7 yeah.pngFile:S1e7 you cover for me at the ticket stand.png
File:S1e8 -12 dollar bill.pngFile:S1e8 Buffalo exhibit.pngFile:S1e8 Defiance.png
File:S1e8 Depty Durland Sketch.jpgFile:S1e8 Dipper mad.pngFile:S1e8 GF logo on train.PNG
File:S1e8 Hail to the Chief.pngFile:S1e8 Hank clapping.pngFile:S1e8 I drop one.png
File:S1e8 Lake ranger.pngFile:S1e8 Library Panorama.pngFile:S1e8 Mr and Mrs Northwest and dog.png
File:S1e8 Mystery Twins Library.pngFile:S1e8 Nathaniel Northwest statue with Dipper and Mabel.pngFile:S1e8 Out of the Woodwork.png
File:S1e8 Pacifica annoyed with Mabel.pngFile:S1e8 Pioneer Day Getting Started.jpgFile:S1e8 Sheriff Blubs Pioneer Sketch.jpg
File:S1e8 Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland sketch.jpgFile:S1e8 Stan trying to escape.pngFile:S1e8 Steve.png
File:S1e8 Train escape.pngFile:S1e8 Trembly on horse.pngFile:S1e8 Water Tower agian.png
File:S1e8 Water tower.pngFile:S1e8 aerial view.pngFile:S1e8 amazed mabel.png
File:S1e8 back in town.pngFile:S1e8 blubs and durland.pngFile:S1e8 blubs and durland at car.png
File:S1e8 blubs and durland on train.pngFile:S1e8 blubs and durland silence mabel dipper.pngFile:S1e8 blubs hiding.png
File:S1e8 blubs in cave.pngFile:S1e8 blubs radio.pngFile:S1e8 break finger.png
File:S1e8 candles.pngFile:S1e8 chickadee.pngFile:S1e8 circled wagons.png
File:S1e8 congressman mabel pines.pngFile:S1e8 conspiracyFile:S1e8 constables.png
File:S1e8 cops chase twins.pngFile:S1e8 cops in museum.pngFile:S1e8 cops planning vacation.png
File:S1e8 cops spot trembley and twins.pngFile:S1e8 cops stuck in door.pngFile:S1e8 covered wagon.png
File:S1e8 crowd cheers.pngFile:S1e8 darts.pngFile:S1e8 dead to me.png
File:S1e8 deal with it.pngFile:S1e8 depansipation proclamation.pngFile:S1e8 dipper finds cover up.png
File:S1e8 dipper gets president's key.pngFile:S1e8 dipper mabel 3.pngFile:S1e8 dipper mabel hat.png
File:S1e8 dispatcher.pngFile:S1e8 dispatcher angry.pngFile:S1e8 ducks.png
File:S1e8 durland and blubs statue.pngFile:S1e8 durland in cave.pngFile:S1e8 edwin darling.png
File:S1e8 embarrassing.pngFile:S1e8 end credits cryptogram.pngFile:S1e8 enjoy walking home.png
File:S1e8 escape route.pngFile:S1e8 female ben franklin.pngFile:S1e8 film narrator.png
File:S1e8 free stan.pngFile:S1e8 gideon.pngFile:S1e8 gideon and stan stockades.png
File:S1e8 glass carriers.pngFile:S1e8 gold.pngFile:S1e8 gravity falls cemetery.png
File:S1e8 gw is a jerk.pngFile:S1e8 handing Pacifica her shame.pngFile:S1e8 he's just a little cracked.png
File:S1e8 head rush.pngFile:S1e8 i want a pink balloon too.pngFile:S1e8 i will break you.png
File:S1e8 its an angel.pngFile:S1e8 keystone lookalike.pngFile:S1e8 let's get outta here.png
File:S1e8 lets burn it.pngFile:S1e8 library.pngFile:S1e8 lincoln's hat.png
File:S1e8 mabel accepts her silliness.pngFile:S1e8 mabel and pacifica.pngFile:S1e8 mabel book.png
File:S1e8 mabel butterscotch.pngFile:S1e8 mabel celebrates pioneer day.pngFile:S1e8 mabel earrings.png
File:S1e8 mabel eats peanut brittle.pngFile:S1e8 mabel face palm.pngFile:S1e8 mabel finds documents.png
File:S1e8 mabel giggle.pngFile:S1e8 mabel joins.pngFile:S1e8 mabel nacho earrings.png
File:S1e8 mabel sad.pngFile:S1e8 mabel serious.pngFile:S1e8 mabel silly again.png
File:S1e8 mabel sweater.pngFile:S1e8 mabel with cow.pngFile:S1e8 mabel with hat.png
File:S1e8 mabel without sweater.pngFile:S1e8 made a map.pngFile:S1e8 manly dan eating meat.png
File:S1e8 map.pngFile:S1e8 matters of national security.pngFile:S1e8 may pole.png
File:S1e8 movie end.pngFile:S1e8 mr and mrs northwest cheering.pngFile:S1e8 mr northwest design.jpg
File:S1e8 mrs northwest design.jpgFile:S1e8 museum.pngFile:S1e8 nacho earrings.png
File:S1e8 new target.pngFile:S1e8 no nachos.pngFile:S1e8 northwest coverup composite.png
File:S1e8 northwest dog.jpgFile:S1e8 northwest family.pngFile:S1e8 northwest family laughing.png
File:S1e8 nose picking statue.pngFile:S1e8 officers leave for vacation.pngFile:S1e8 old time talk.png
File:S1e8 our first newcomer is.pngFile:S1e8 our ride is here.pngFile:S1e8 pacifica.png
File:S1e8 pacifica frown.pngFile:S1e8 pacifica learns she's a fraud.pngFile:S1e8 page where map is.png
File:S1e8 pioneer day.pngFile:S1e8 police stuck.pngFile:S1e8 postcard.png
File:S1e8 pound the rock.pngFile:S1e8 presidents key.pngFile:S1e8 puppy sweater.png
File:S1e8 put up your dukes.pngFile:S1e8 quentin pants off.pngFile:S1e8 quite a few darts.png
File:S1e8 reading circle.pngFile:S1e8 replace her.pngFile:S1e8 secret passage.png
File:S1e8 sheriff office.pngFile:S1e8 slide show.pngFile:S1e8 smooth move mr president.png
File:S1e8 stan and gideon.pngFile:S1e8 stan and steve.pngFile:S1e8 stan circled.png
File:S1e8 stan in ye stocks.pngFile:S1e8 stan lock pick.pngFile:S1e8 stan stockades.png
File:S1e8 stan tomato eyes.pngFile:S1e8 stan trying to escape.pngFile:S1e8 stan writing with mouth.png
File:S1e8 still teasing.pngFile:S1e8 sue giving kids passes.pngFile:S1e8 supreme court.png
File:S1e8 supreme court ending.pngFile:S1e8 telling pacifica what happened.pngFile:S1e8 telling who that is.png
File:S1e8 the 8th and a half president.pngFile:S1e8 the cops.pngFile:S1e8 the northwest coverup.png
File:S1e8 the president's key.pngFile:S1e8 the trap switch .pngFile:S1e8 the treasure trove.png
File:S1e8 the true founder.pngFile:S1e8 tomato farmer gideon.pngFile:S1e8 tomatoes.png
File:S1e8 top secret crate.pngFile:S1e8 town square inked.jpgFile:S1e8 town square maypole.jpg
File:S1e8 town square sketches.jpgFile:S1e8 town square statue inked.jpgFile:S1e8 traffic.png
File:S1e8 train.pngFile:S1e8 trembley and twins on train roof.pngFile:S1e8 trembley desk.png
File:S1e8 trembley holding key.pngFile:S1e8 trembley in crate.pngFile:S1e8 trembley landslide.png
File:S1e8 trembley pancakes.pngFile:S1e8 trembly falls.pngFile:S1e8 trembly with babies.png
File:S1e8 triangle art.pngFile:S1e8 twins and pacifica.pngFile:S1e8 twins smiling.png
File:S1e8 twins spit.pngFile:S1e8 twins squint.pngFile:S1e8 unnamed biker.png
File:S1e8 upside down mabel.pngFile:S1e8 usa usa.pngFile:S1e8 we're gonna have to break in.png
File:S1e8 we're in.pngFile:S1e8 wedding.pngFile:S1e8 wendy eye roll transparent.png
File:S1e8 woodpecker.pngFile:S1e8 woodpecker on train.pngFile:S1e8 wrappers.png
File:S1e8 you're not doing it right.pngFile:S1e8 you stink.pngFile:S1e8 you trip youre kicked out.png
File:S1e9 AboutThrowing to Grunkle.pngFile:S1e9 Boo after high and dry.pngFile:S1e9 Carnival thumbs 1.jpg
File:S1e9 Carnival thumbs 2.jpgFile:S1e9 Cheer for Stan's defeat.pngFile:S1e9 Dino ref.png
File:S1e9 Dipper's calculated ball atop.pngFile:S1e9 Dipper and Mabel happy.pngFile:S1e9 Dipper and Mabel looking at each other.png
File:S1e9 Dipper angrily pointing.pngFile:S1e9 Dipper explaining.pngFile:S1e9 Dipper freaking out.png
File:S1e9 Dipper getting the ball in the hat.pngFile:S1e9 Dipper happy.pngFile:S1e9 Dipper looking around.png
File:S1e9 Dipper looking sad while talking to Mabel.pngFile:S1e9 Dipper looking very shocked.pngFile:S1e9 Dipper lost again.png
File:S1e9 Dipper pointing.pngFile:S1e9 Dipper putting arms in air.pngFile:S1e9 Dipper ready to travel back.png
File:S1e9 Dipper thinking.pngFile:S1e9 Disappointing ball away.pngFile:S1e9 Doctor Waddles.png
File:S1e9 Fake certificates.pngFile:S1e9 Hank's lower body.pngFile:S1e9 Hank at a game.png
File:S1e9 Hank is on the far right.pngFile:S1e9 Hank talking to his wife.pngFile:S1e9 I have job for you two.png
File:S1e9 I think he's just crazy.pngFile:S1e9 Ice cream cone down.pngFile:S1e9 Kevin character sheet.jpg
File:S1e9 Mabel Petting Waddles.pngFile:S1e9 Mabel angrily looking.pngFile:S1e9 Mabel guessing Waddles' weight.png
File:S1e9 Mabel hugging Dipper 2.pngFile:S1e9 Mabel kisses Waddles.pngFile:S1e9 Mabel lost Waddles and now looking sad.png
File:S1e9 Mabel off-model.pngFile:S1e9 Mabel pointing at Blendin.pngFile:S1e9 Mabel sees gnomes.png
File:S1e9 Mabel stares at Waddles.pngFile:S1e9 Mabel with Waddles.pngFile:S1e9 Manly Dan son with Shmipper.png
File:S1e9 MuGucket Son and others.pngFile:S1e9 Pitt cola add.pngFile:S1e9 Robbie.png
File:S1e9 Robbie hoodieville.pngFile:S1e9 Soos welding wooden stuff.pngFile:S1e9 Stan in the toolbox.png
File:S1e9 Stan insulting tourist.pngFile:S1e9 Stan knocking test.pngFile:S1e9 Stan proud for last time.png
File:S1e9 Stan satisfied.pngFile:S1e9 Stan walk to Soos.pngFile:S1e9 Take two.png
File:S1e9 There she is Mabel.pngFile:S1e9 Toby on ferris wheel.pngFile:S1e9 Transparent Blendin.png
File:S1e9 Travel.pngFile:S1e9 Waddles sees cerameal.pngFile:S1e9 We have a winner.png
File:S1e9 Wendy with the duck-panda.pngFile:S1e9 Will Dipper win.pngFile:S1e9 Wishing gasp.png
File:S1e9 Workers working.pngFile:S1e9 arcade.pngFile:S1e9 assuming color match.gif
File:S1e9 baby wipe.pngFile:S1e9 ball bounce.pngFile:S1e9 bear hug.png
File:S1e9 best present.pngFile:S1e9 blandin camo.pngFile:S1e9 blandin caught.png
File:S1e9 blandin fire.pngFile:S1e9 blandin reporting.pngFile:S1e9 blandin time traveling.png
File:S1e9 blendin.pngFile:S1e9 blendin begging.pngFile:S1e9 blendin having fun.png
File:S1e9 blendin id card.pngFile:S1e9 blendin on ride.pngFile:S1e9 buffalo.png
File:S1e9 cant mess this up.pngFile:S1e9 character goof.pngFile:S1e9 closeup1.png
File:S1e9 closeup2.pngFile:S1e9 cops at the fair.pngFile:S1e9 corndog goof.png
File:S1e9 corndog tunnel.pngFile:S1e9 costume store.pngFile:S1e9 covering ears.png
File:S1e9 deja vu.pngFile:S1e9 delicious.pngFile:S1e9 depressed Dipper
File:S1e9 depressed dipper.pngFile:S1e9 depressed mabel.pngFile:S1e9 dinosaur.png
File:S1e9 dipper and blandin meeting.pngFile:S1e9 dipper and mabel eating.pngFile:S1e9 dipper and wendy switch places.png
File:S1e9 dipper behind wendy.pngFile:S1e9 dipper different.pngFile:S1e9 dipper doing math.png
File:S1e9 dipper eating freezy cone.pngFile:S1e9 dipper falls down.pngFile:S1e9 dipper suprised.png
File:S1e9 dipper throws.pngFile:S1e9 dipper wants to use time machine.pngFile:S1e9 dipper wendy tunnel of love.png
File:S1e9 does it look swollen.pngFile:S1e9 dundgren.pngFile:S1e9 encountering Blendin.png
File:S1e9 falling down a cliff.png
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