File:S1e6 manotaur chamber inked.jpgFile:S1e6 manotaur huddle.pngFile:S1e6 manotaur in pain hole.png
File:S1e6 manotaur in pain hole2.pngFile:S1e6 manotaurs.pngFile:S1e6 manotaurs deciding.png
File:S1e6 manotaurs decisions.pngFile:S1e6 multi-bear.pngFile:S1e6 multibear.png
File:S1e6 multibear disco girl.pngFile:S1e6 mystery shack back porch inked.jpgFile:S1e6 narrow eyed dip.png
File:S1e6 not man enough.pngFile:S1e6 old manotaur.pngFile:S1e6 pain hole.png
File:S1e6 panther puma.pngFile:S1e6 party wagon.pngFile:S1e6 photo of stan.png
File:S1e6 pubertaur.pngFile:S1e6 rabbits in forest.pngFile:S1e6 role playing.png
File:S1e6 scrapbookortunity.pngFile:S1e6 shaving stan.pngFile:S1e6 soos fleeing.png
File:S1e6 spear.pngFile:S1e6 stan after.pngFile:S1e6 stan and susan.png
File:S1e6 stan balance.pngFile:S1e6 stan before.pngFile:S1e6 stan chest hair.png
File:S1e6 stan enjoying pie.pngFile:S1e6 stan needs fixing.pngFile:S1e6 stan scratching.png
File:S1e6 stan shave more.pngFile:S1e6 stan smiling.pngFile:S1e6 stan smiling harder.png
File:S1e6 stan tap tap.pngFile:S1e6 still fixing pies.pngFile:S1e6 suck in gut.png
File:S1e6 supposed to kill you.pngFile:S1e6 susan's digits.pngFile:S1e6 tattoos.png
File:S1e6 testosteraur.pngFile:S1e6 throw up on shirt.pngFile:S1e6 training mix.png
File:S1e6 tree top.pngFile:S1e6 twins hungry.pngFile:S1e6 tyler and stan.png
File:S1e6 uh oh.pngFile:S1e6 unmanly DipperFile:S1e6 wendy and soos.png
File:S1e6 wendy pancake.pngFile:S1e6 what do you think soos.pngFile:S1e6 why be aggro.png
File:S1e6 win pancakes.pngFile:S1e6 you know disco girl.pngFile:S1e6 your own man.png
File:S1e7-clonetension.jpegFile:S1e7 10 changing music.pngFile:S1e7 10 slapping 2.png
File:S1e7 3 and 4 stealing bike.pngFile:S1e7 5 hitting dipper.pngFile:S1e7 6 ringing bell.png
File:S1e7 7 adding gel.pngFile:S1e7 8 luring stan.pngFile:S1e7 Ah I can't breathe in here.png
File:S1e7 Clones about to fight.pngFile:S1e7 Comedy gold!.pngFile:S1e7 Cracker and Color Book.png
File:S1e7 Deer.pngFile:S1e7 Dipper's Birthmark.pngFile:S1e7 Dipper "what".png
File:S1e7 Dipper Blushes.pngFile:S1e7 Dipper about to clone.pngFile:S1e7 Dipper about to preform the plan.png
File:S1e7 Dipper adjusting hat.pngFile:S1e7 Dipper and Mabel by the mirror.pngFile:S1e7 Dipper bowed in mirror.png
File:S1e7 Dipper drawing the number 2.pngFile:S1e7 Dipper getting a can.pngFile:S1e7 Dipper gives the thumbs up.png
File:S1e7 Dipper looking disturbed.pngFile:S1e7 Dipper rips the plan.pngFile:S1e7 Dipper sad at the ticket stand.png
File:S1e7 Dipper sad by the window.pngFile:S1e7 Dipper with 3 clones.pngFile:S1e7 Dipper with Paper Jammed Dipper.png
File:S1e7 For Paper Jam Dipper.pngFile:S1e7 Good luck.pngFile:S1e7 Grenda.png
File:S1e7 I wonder if this is a good idea.pngFile:S1e7 I wonder what happened to Robbies bike.pngFile:S1e7 Mabel Singing.png
File:S1e7 Pacifica.pngFile:S1e7 Pacifica Northwest.pngFile:S1e7 Pacifica announces the after-party.png
File:S1e7 Pacifica gets the party crown.pngFile:S1e7 Pacifica goof.pngFile:S1e7 Party Poppers!.png
File:S1e7 Robbie might get in the way.pngFile:S1e7 Robbie running out the door.pngFile:S1e7 Robbie with Wendy on the couch.png
File:S1e7 Robbie with guitar with Wendy.pngFile:S1e7 Soos and the laser pointer.pngFile:S1e7 Stop copying me.png
File:S1e7 Tyrone calling Dipper.pngFile:S1e7 Tyrone holding the plan.pngFile:S1e7 Tyrone looking happy.png
File:S1e7 Tyrone thinking.pngFile:S1e7 Wendy Family Photo.pngFile:S1e7 You look like a freak!.png
File:S1e7 a drink for tyrone.pngFile:S1e7 akward punch.pngFile:S1e7 all night with wendy.png
File:S1e7 angry paper jam.pngFile:S1e7 arm burn grimace.pngFile:S1e7 arm comes to life.png
File:S1e7 arm copy.pngFile:S1e7 assigning jobs.pngFile:S1e7 bathroom hallway.png
File:S1e7 bathroom hallway2.pngFile:S1e7 bedroom.pngFile:S1e7 both smart.png
File:S1e7 both smart 2.pngFile:S1e7 candy chiu.pngFile:S1e7 candy popcorn.png
File:S1e7 candy wave.pngFile:S1e7 cheering for pacifica.pngFile:S1e7 cheers.png
File:S1e7 clone 5 thumbs up.pngFile:S1e7 clone 9 yelling.pngFile:S1e7 clone fight.png
File:S1e7 clones are made.pngFile:S1e7 clones in room.pngFile:S1e7 clones lined up.png
File:S1e7 clones staring.pngFile:S1e7 clones talking.pngFile:S1e7 closet1.png
File:S1e7 closet1 noo.pngFile:S1e7 closet inside.pngFile:S1e7 cool dudes magazine.png
File:S1e7 copier breaks.pngFile:S1e7 copier store.pngFile:S1e7 crowd clapping scared.png
File:S1e7 cup break.pngFile:S1e7 dance dance dance.pngFile:S1e7 dance floor.png
File:S1e7 dance floor 2.pngFile:S1e7 dance partners.pngFile:S1e7 desk window and copier.png
File:S1e7 didn't follow plan.pngFile:S1e7 dipper and mabel at copier.pngFile:S1e7 dipper and mabel opening copier.png
File:S1e7 dipper and mabel pitt cola.pngFile:S1e7 dipper and stan.pngFile:S1e7 dipper and tyrone.png
File:S1e7 dipper and tyrone drink.pngFile:S1e7 dipper and tyrone forming plan.pngFile:S1e7 dipper and tyrone in attic.png
File:S1e7 dipper and tyrone meteor.pngFile:S1e7 dipper and tyrone roof.pngFile:S1e7 dipper and wendy laughing.png
File:S1e7 dipper and wendy on couch.pngFile:S1e7 dipper and wendy talking.pngFile:S1e7 dipper approaching wendy.png
File:S1e7 dipper backing up.pngFile:S1e7 dipper barf silly string.pngFile:S1e7 dipper big head.png
File:S1e7 dipper bowtie.pngFile:S1e7 dipper caught again.pngFile:S1e7 dipper checking list.png
File:S1e7 dipper clones.pngFile:S1e7 dipper closes booth.pngFile:S1e7 dipper closet crackers.png
File:S1e7 dipper confronted by clones.pngFile:S1e7 dipper copier.pngFile:S1e7 dipper copies arm.png
File:S1e7 dipper deodorant.pngFile:S1e7 dipper eating popcorn.pngFile:S1e7 dipper facing clones.png
File:S1e7 dipper fantasy dancing with wendy 1.pngFile:S1e7 dipper fantasy marry me tonight.pngFile:S1e7 dipper fantasy robbie dip wendy.png
File:S1e7 dipper fantasy wendy dance robbie.pngFile:S1e7 dipper fantasy wendy dip.pngFile:S1e7 dipper fantasy wendy excuse self.png
File:S1e7 dipper fantasy wendy punch dipper.pngFile:S1e7 dipper fantasy wendy swoon.pngFile:S1e7 dipper has a plan.png
File:S1e7 dipper idea flyers.pngFile:S1e7 dipper in closet.pngFile:S1e7 dipper let secret slip.png
File:S1e7 dipper list revealed.pngFile:S1e7 dipper longing.pngFile:S1e7 dipper mabel hand melted.png
File:S1e7 dipper makes coppy.pngFile:S1e7 dipper meets tyrone.pngFile:S1e7 dipper nickname realize.png
File:S1e7 dipper promises.pngFile:S1e7 dipper punches tyrone.pngFile:S1e7 dipper reading list.png
File:S1e7 dipper revealed.pngFile:S1e7 dipper ripping up plan.pngFile:S1e7 dipper scan.png
File:S1e7 dipper scared by mabel.pngFile:S1e7 dipper sick.pngFile:S1e7 dipper smiling at wendy.png
File:S1e7 dipper sneaking away.pngFile:S1e7 dipper spash hand.pngFile:S1e7 dipper step 9.png
File:S1e7 dipper surprised by wendy.pngFile:S1e7 dipper surrounded.pngFile:S1e7 dipper sweating.png
File:S1e7 dipper talks to clones.pngFile:S1e7 dipper wendy deciding.pngFile:S1e7 dipper wendy favorite snack.png
File:S1e7 dipper wendy window party.pngFile:S1e7 dipper wink.pngFile:S1e7 disco ball.png
File:S1e7 don't be a wimp.pngFile:S1e7 don't forget tyrone.pngFile:S1e7 double cross.png
File:S1e7 end credits cryptogram.pngFile:S1e7 enter grunkle stan.pngFile:S1e7 enter pacifica.png
File:S1e7 farewell pjd.pngFile:S1e7 farewell tyrone.pngFile:S1e7 fire sprinklers.png
File:S1e7 fire sprinklers transparent.pngFile:S1e7 grenda's iguana.pngFile:S1e7 grenda and candy scared.png
File:S1e7 group planning.pngFile:S1e7 group setting up for party.pngFile:S1e7 grunkle stan annoyed.png
File:S1e7 grunkle stan soos.pngFile:S1e7 hall corner.pngFile:S1e7 hand melting.png
File:S1e7 hangout over side door.pngFile:S1e7 hard to think.pngFile:S1e7 helping hands.png
File:S1e7 hey what would you do.pngFile:S1e7 holding snack.pngFile:S1e7 how about that.png
File:S1e7 htdjr.pngFile:S1e7 it's me 7.pngFile:S1e7 keep your promise dipper.png
File:S1e7 lee and nate.pngFile:S1e7 lee and nate can't escape.pngFile:S1e7 lights.png
File:S1e7 looking at pacifica.pngFile:S1e7 looking at wendy.pngFile:S1e7 mabel's turn.png
File:S1e7 mabel and pacifica.pngFile:S1e7 mabel barf silly string.pngFile:S1e7 mabel barf silly string again.png
File:S1e7 mabel butterflies.pngFile:S1e7 mabel cup.pngFile:S1e7 mabel dance crazy.png
File:S1e7 mabel dance master.pngFile:S1e7 mabel dancing.pngFile:S1e7 mabel enters competition.png
File:S1e7 mabel exasperated.pngFile:S1e7 mabel face plant.pngFile:S1e7 mabel lightning bolt sweater arms waving.png
File:S1e7 mabel meeting candy and grenda.pngFile:S1e7 mabel mic swing.pngFile:S1e7 mabel stage flip.png
File:S1e7 mabel teasing dipper about wendy 1.pngFile:S1e7 mabel teasing dipper about wendy 2.pngFile:S1e7 mabel teasing dipper about wendy 3.png
File:S1e7 mabel urging dipper.pngFile:S1e7 mabel why don't you just talk.pngFile:S1e7 mabel with arm copy.png
File:S1e7 mabel with friends.pngFile:S1e7 mabel worm.pngFile:S1e7 making copies 5 thru 10.png
File:S1e7 mcgucket clapping.pngFile:S1e7 missing arms.pngFile:S1e7 mystery shack.png
File:S1e7 now's the time.pngFile:S1e7 number 2.pngFile:S1e7 number 2 tyrone.png
File:S1e7 number 3.pngFile:S1e7 only you understand.pngFile:S1e7 our kind isn't welcome here.png
File:S1e7 pacifica bathroom.pngFile:S1e7 pacifica bribe.pngFile:S1e7 pacifica crown.png
File:S1e7 pacifica demanding crown.pngFile:S1e7 pacifica finger point.pngFile:S1e7 pacifica in bathroom and on dance floor.png
File:S1e7 pacifica mad.pngFile:S1e7 pacifica retreat.pngFile:S1e7 pacifica singing.png
File:S1e7 pacifica solo.pngFile:S1e7 pacifica with mic.pngFile:S1e7 paper jam.png
File:S1e7 paper jam dipper hugs number 3.pngFile:S1e7 paper jam dipper is born.pngFile:S1e7 party flyer.png
File:S1e7 party preparationsFile:S1e7 party winding down.pngFile:S1e7 pitt close.png
File:S1e7 pjd hungry.pngFile:S1e7 pjd plays with tyrone.pngFile:S1e7 plan b fail.png
File:S1e7 plan b ready.pngFile:S1e7 plan set in motion.pngFile:S1e7 plans doubled.png
File:S1e7 robbie and wendy.pngFile:S1e7 robbie at window.pngFile:S1e7 robbie guitar.png
File:S1e7 rock ballad.pngFile:S1e7 she's going down.pngFile:S1e7 silly string.png
File:S1e7 sleep over.pngFile:S1e7 smooth dipper.pngFile:S1e7 smooth grunkle stan.png
File:S1e7 so greedy.gifFile:S1e7 soda arm.pngFile:S1e7 soos crown.png
File:S1e7 soos dj.pngFile:S1e7 soos djing.pngFile:S1e7 soos giving pacifica crown.png
File:S1e7 soos laser pointer.pngFile:S1e7 soos learning terms.pngFile:S1e7 soos scoring mabel.png
File:S1e7 soos scoring pacifica.pngFile:S1e7 soos with crown contest start.pngFile:S1e7 stan bedroom.png
File:S1e7 stan chases money.pngFile:S1e7 stan confetti.pngFile:S1e7 stan has eye on dipper.png
File:S1e7 stan sees money.pngFile:S1e7 stretch.pngFile:S1e7 that's not me.png
File:S1e7 that guy.pngFile:S1e7 the plan to dance with Wendy.pngFile:S1e7 thinking of new plan.png
File:S1e7 this is my chance to make friends.pngFile:S1e7 this isn't banter.pngFile:S1e7 this wasn't on the list.png
File:S1e7 trio stunned.pngFile:S1e7 tyrone and dipper dejected.pngFile:S1e7 tyrone and dipper fight.png
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