File:S1e5 okay okay okay!.pngFile:S1e5 omg said dipper.pngFile:S1e5 one final look.png
File:S1e5 onward aoshima.pngFile:S1e5 open sign.pngFile:S1e5 outta my way!.png
File:S1e5 pa and ma.pngFile:S1e5 pa and ma floating.pngFile:S1e5 pa screaming noooo.png
File:S1e5 pa snaps his fingers.pngFile:S1e5 panting.pngFile:S1e5 party has been activated.png
File:S1e5 people are happy.pngFile:S1e5 people looking at the security camera screen 1.pngFile:S1e5 people looking at the security camera screen 2.png
File:S1e5 people scream when thompson disappears.pngFile:S1e5 people watching tambry dissolving.pngFile:S1e5 people watching thompson playing the game.png
File:S1e5 person disappearing.pngFile:S1e5 phone ringing.pngFile:S1e5 picture of dipper in lamb costume.png
File:S1e5 pine tree hat.pngFile:S1e5 pinecone bullseye.pngFile:S1e5 poor dipper.png
File:S1e5 random dance party for no reason!.pngFile:S1e5 random dance party for no reason.pngFile:S1e5 realizes something.png
File:S1e5 really?.pngFile:S1e5 really is haunted.pngFile:S1e5 revenge i guess.png
File:S1e5 robbie's first appearance.pngFile:S1e5 robbie and lottery tickets.pngFile:S1e5 robbie annoyed.png
File:S1e5 robbie glaring at dipper.pngFile:S1e5 robbie has shotgun.pngFile:S1e5 robbie in lot.png
File:S1e5 robbie is confused.pngFile:S1e5 robbie is unhappy.pngFile:S1e5 robbie sees something.png
File:S1e5 robbie trying to save nate.pngFile:S1e5 robbie with guitar.pngFile:S1e5 roof time
File:S1e5 rooftop acess.pngFile:S1e5 rooftop retreat.pngFile:S1e5 runic tablets.png
File:S1e5 say that last part.pngFile:S1e5 screaming.pngFile:S1e5 secret ladder to roof.png
File:S1e5 shack close up.pngFile:S1e5 she throws it.pngFile:S1e5 sick joke.png
File:S1e5 since when are we 13.pngFile:S1e5 slush machine.pngFile:S1e5 smile dip.png
File:S1e5 smile dip appearance.pngFile:S1e5 smile dip hallucination 1.pngFile:S1e5 smile dip hallucination 2.png
File:S1e5 smile dip hallucination 3.pngFile:S1e5 smile dip is evil.pngFile:S1e5 smile dip shelf.png
File:S1e5 so are you like babysitting or.pngFile:S1e5 so many arrows.pngFile:S1e5 so what are we going to do now.png
File:S1e5 soda exploding.pngFile:S1e5 soda fountain.pngFile:S1e5 soos looking out window.png
File:S1e5 stan coming in.pngFile:S1e5 stan leaving.pngFile:S1e5 stan listening I've come to reclaim my bride!.png
File:S1e5 stan screaming.pngFile:S1e5 starting the engine.pngFile:S1e5 status update.png
File:S1e5 status update tambry pic.pngFile:S1e5 store in the distance.pngFile:S1e5 surveillance camera footage.png
File:S1e5 sweaty dipper.pngFile:S1e5 tada pose.jpegFile:S1e5 take a penny.png
File:S1e5 taking food 1.pngFile:S1e5 taking food 2.pngFile:S1e5 talk about the Lamby dance.png
File:S1e5 tambry.pngFile:S1e5 tambry freaking out inside the screen.pngFile:S1e5 tambry looking up.png
File:S1e5 tambry looking up before dissolving.pngFile:S1e5 tambry walk.pngFile:S1e5 technically a teen!.png
File:S1e5 teens and dipper looking at ghost mabel.pngFile:S1e5 teens and dipper looking up.pngFile:S1e5 teens nodding.png
File:S1e5 terrified wendy nate lee.pngFile:S1e5 the bag of ice.pngFile:S1e5 the cash register dissolving.png
File:S1e5 the coin rolling.pngFile:S1e5 the door is open.pngFile:S1e5 the duchess approves 1.png
File:S1e5 the duchess approves 2.pngFile:S1e5 the duchess approves 3.pngFile:S1e5 the duchess approves 4.png
File:S1e5 the duchess approves elizabeth.pngFile:S1e5 the duchess approves sturly 01.pngFile:S1e5 the duchess approves sturly 02.png
File:S1e5 the duchess approves sturly and elizabeth.pngFile:S1e5 the future is in the past.pngFile:S1e5 the gang wonders what happened.png
File:S1e5 the ghost behind nate.pngFile:S1e5 the ghost dissolves nate.pngFile:S1e5 the guys are bonding.png
File:S1e5 the ice cooler falling.pngFile:S1e5 the phone hanging from the cord.pngFile:S1e5 the rumors are true!.png
File:S1e5 the scary cooler.pngFile:S1e5 the store at night.pngFile:S1e5 the video game.png
File:S1e5 there're tears in stan's eyes.pngFile:S1e5 there's nothing here.pngFile:S1e5 they're on.png
File:S1e5 they got mabel.pngFile:S1e5 things keep flying.pngFile:S1e5 things start to float.png
File:S1e5 this's gonna blow someone's mind.pngFile:S1e5 this guy's scared.pngFile:S1e5 this guy.png
File:S1e5 this town has such a colorful history.pngFile:S1e5 thompson's belly.pngFile:S1e5 thompson's skeleton.png
File:S1e5 thompson.pngFile:S1e5 thompson 02.pngFile:S1e5 thompson calling wendy.png
File:S1e5 thompson car 01.pngFile:S1e5 thompson car 02.pngFile:S1e5 thompson car 03.png
File:S1e5 thompson car 07.pngFile:S1e5 thompson dancy pants 01.pngFile:S1e5 thompson dancy pants 02.png
File:S1e5 thompson dancy pants 04.pngFile:S1e5 thompson dancy pants 05.pngFile:S1e5 thompson dancy pants 06.png
File:S1e5 thompson dancy pants 07.pngFile:S1e5 thompson dancy pants 08.pngFile:S1e5 thompson disintegrating.PNG
File:S1e5 thompson dissolving.pngFile:S1e5 thompson explaining rule.pngFile:S1e5 thompson ice.png
File:S1e5 thompson upside down 02.pngFile:S1e5 thompson with no shirt.pngFile:S1e5 those are teenage things.png
File:S1e5 throwing away the key.pngFile:S1e5 traumatized for life.pngFile:S1e5 try murder.png
File:S1e5 twins are amazed at wendy's skills.pngFile:S1e5 twins are excited.pngFile:S1e5 twins high five.png
File:S1e5 twins looking at the van 1.pngFile:S1e5 twins looking at the van 2.pngFile:S1e5 twins picking up pine cones.png
File:S1e5 twins say woah.pngFile:S1e5 usa newz.pngFile:S1e5 van.png
File:S1e5 very angry ghost.pngFile:S1e5 wait why don't we come with you.pngFile:S1e5 waited for this moment.png
File:S1e5 water tower 2.pngFile:S1e5 we're 13.pngFile:S1e5 welcome...png
File:S1e5 welcome to your grave.jpgFile:S1e5 welcome to your grave.pngFile:S1e5 well i don't think you have to worry.png
File:S1e5 well you're acting like captain buzzkill!.pngFile:S1e5 wendy's friends 1.pngFile:S1e5 wendy's head hurts.png
File:S1e5 wendy and dipper about to high five.pngFile:S1e5 wendy and dipper looking at dusk 2 dawn.pngFile:S1e5 wendy and friends skeletons.png
File:S1e5 wendy calls dipper.pngFile:S1e5 wendy climbing up the ladder 1.pngFile:S1e5 wendy climbing up the ladder 2.png
File:S1e5 wendy going on roof.pngFile:S1e5 wendy going to the van.pngFile:S1e5 wendy hang1.png
File:S1e5 wendy hang 2.pngFile:S1e5 wendy hang 3.pngFile:S1e5 wendy high five.png
File:S1e5 wendy is good at this.pngFile:S1e5 wendy lands.pngFile:S1e5 wendy leaning on atm.png
File:S1e5 wendy looking through window.pngFile:S1e5 wendy picks up a pine cone.pngFile:S1e5 wendy punching dipper.png
File:S1e5 wendy putting her name tag in the pocket.pngFile:S1e5 wendy saluting.pngFile:S1e5 wendy sliding down the second tree.png
File:S1e5 wendy smile.pngFile:S1e5 wendy smiling.pngFile:S1e5 wendy trying to open the door.png
File:S1e5 wendy turning on lights.pngFile:S1e5 wendy zip.pngFile:S1e5 what are we supposed to do!.png
File:S1e5 what are you doing.pngFile:S1e5 what do they want from us.pngFile:S1e5 whats all this about.png
File:S1e5 when we were alive.pngFile:S1e5 where do you think they keep the dead bodies.pngFile:S1e5 why'd they shut it down.png
File:S1e5 yeah that's great.pngFile:S1e5 yeah we're all gonna die.pngFile:S1e5 yeah you do!.png
File:S1e5 yes yes i am.pngFile:S1e5 yes yes more more!.pngFile:S1e5 you're freaking me out dude.png
File:S1e5 you freaking out kid.pngFile:S1e5 you gotta try.pngFile:S1e5 you guys aren't going to tell.png
File:S1e5 you had your chance at the cotillion you.pngFile:S1e5 you look nice today.pngFile:S1e5 you stink.png
File:S1e5 you think these still work.pngFile:S1e5 you won't have that seat dipper.pngFile:S1e5 your friends are free.png
File:S1e6LivingroomEmpty.pngFile:S1e6 Chutzpar eating jerky.pngFile:S1e6 Dipper before the machine.png
File:S1e6 Dipper jump more.pngFile:S1e6 Gobblewonker and Headhunters reference.pngFile:S1e6 I'm chutzpar.png
File:S1e6 Lazy Susan fixing pies.pngFile:S1e6 Mabel and Grunkle Stan about to laugh.pngFile:S1e6 Mabel smiling.png
File:S1e6 Manly Dan's finger.pngFile:S1e6 Multibear's cave.jpgFile:S1e6 Multibear's cave.png
File:S1e6 Multibear's cave 2.pngFile:S1e6 Old Man McGuket coffee crazy.pngFile:S1e6 People cheer.png
File:S1e6 Pituitaur sniffing his pits.pngFile:S1e6 Shack close up.pngFile:S1e6 The highest mountain.png
File:S1e6 Unnamed lady.pngFile:S1e6 Unnamed orange shirt woman+Pitt cola add.pngFile:S1e6 Water tower.png
File:S1e6 Wendy and Dan.pngFile:S1e6 animals running from chutzpar.pngFile:S1e6 are u crying.png
File:S1e6 asking for help.pngFile:S1e6 back hair.pngFile:S1e6 bear roar.png
File:S1e6 bear running from chutzpar.pngFile:S1e6 beardy.pngFile:S1e6 blubbs and durland.png
File:S1e6 blubs durland.pngFile:S1e6 bombbox.pngFile:S1e6 boom box.png
File:S1e6 bright glow.pngFile:S1e6 broken glass.pngFile:S1e6 can't be a man.png
File:S1e6 cave.pngFile:S1e6 chicken.pngFile:S1e6 chutzpar.png
File:S1e6 chutzpar and dipper running.pngFile:S1e6 chutzpar deer.pngFile:S1e6 chutzpar sniff.png
File:S1e6 clark.pngFile:S1e6 cummerbund.pngFile:S1e6 cute biker at mystery shack 02.png
File:S1e6 cute biker at mystery shack 03.pngFile:S1e6 cute biker at mystery shack fur trout.pngFile:S1e6 cute biker into.png
File:S1e6 cutie patootie.pngFile:S1e6 cutie patootie - Ban3 template.pngFile:S1e6 deer by river with dipper.png
File:S1e6 deer running from chutzpar.pngFile:S1e6 dipper attack bear.pngFile:S1e6 dipper bear choke.png
File:S1e6 dipper being threatened.pngFile:S1e6 dipper benchpress.pngFile:S1e6 dipper birthmark transparent.png
File:S1e6 dipper bone.pngFile:S1e6 dipper chest.pngFile:S1e6 dipper chest hair.png
File:S1e6 dipper chest pound.pngFile:S1e6 dipper chutzpar sun.pngFile:S1e6 dipper disco girl.png
File:S1e6 dipper explaining.pngFile:S1e6 dipper fall after self high five.pngFile:S1e6 dipper gators.png
File:S1e6 dipper hottub.pngFile:S1e6 dipper jump.pngFile:S1e6 dipper mabel hungry.png
File:S1e6 dipper more bones.pngFile:S1e6 dipper on bear.pngFile:S1e6 dipper pain hole.png
File:S1e6 dipper shock.pngFile:S1e6 dipper showing chest.pngFile:S1e6 dipper slash.png
File:S1e6 dipper spear.pngFile:S1e6 dipper spear refuse.pngFile:S1e6 dipper tree.png
File:S1e6 dipper tripping on beaver.pngFile:S1e6 dipper vs multibear.pngFile:S1e6 dipper walks.png
File:S1e6 dipper win pancakes.pngFile:S1e6 dipper won't be a man.pngFile:S1e6 dipper woods.png
File:S1e6 disco girl.pngFile:S1e6 drink from hydrant.pngFile:S1e6 durland hydrant.png
File:S1e6 emotional issues.pngFile:S1e6 end credits cryptogram.pngFile:S1e6 facial mask.png
File:S1e6 forest clearing inked.jpgFile:S1e6 forest inked.jpgFile:S1e6 funny Dipper.png
File:S1e6 giving dipper chest hair.pngFile:S1e6 granny shopkeeper.pngFile:S1e6 granny swatting at woodpecker.png
File:S1e6 greasy's diner 01.pngFile:S1e6 greasys diner.pngFile:S1e6 grunkle stan at dinner.png
File:S1e6 here we go.pngFile:S1e6 hottub.pngFile:S1e6 introduce dipper.png
File:S1e6 jerky.pngFile:S1e6 lady's back.pngFile:S1e6 laughing at Dipper.png
File:S1e6 lazy susan.pngFile:S1e6 lazy susan reveals left eye.pngFile:S1e6 leader and group.png
File:S1e6 leader fire.pngFile:S1e6 leaderaur.pngFile:S1e6 letting guts out.png
File:S1e6 living room.pngFile:S1e6 lock cute biker in.pngFile:S1e6 looking for the mail man.png
File:S1e6 ludovico.pngFile:S1e6 mabel gives up.pngFile:S1e6 mabel glass.png
File:S1e6 mabel montage start.pngFile:S1e6 mabel pancakes.pngFile:S1e6 mabel photo.png
File:S1e6 mabel stan diner.pngFile:S1e6 man cave.pngFile:S1e6 man cave hole.png
File:S1e6 manliness tester.pngFile:S1e6 manly dan.pngFile:S1e6 manly dan test.png
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