File:S1e5 Always sassafrassin' costumers.pngFile:S1e5 Bill on rug.pngFile:S1e5 Cash scratch fever.png
File:S1e5 Dipper, what do we do!.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper adjusts his cap.png
File:S1e5 Dipper and Tambry TV.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper confused.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper covers Mabel's mouth.png
File:S1e5 Dipper doing the Lamby Lamby Dance.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper during Lamby Lamby Dance.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper goes up to Mabel.png
File:S1e5 Dipper is excited.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper is happy.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper is relieved.png
File:S1e5 Dipper is worried.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper keeps it a secret.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper looks at the store.png
File:S1e5 Dipper reading Journal 3.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper scared face 1.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper scared face 2.png
File:S1e5 Dipper smiles.jpgFile:S1e5 Dipper smiles.pngFile:S1e5 Dipper walks backwards.png
File:S1e5 Driving off.pngFile:S1e5 Dude, I dare you to lie down in it.pngFile:S1e5 Falling upwards.png
File:S1e5 Forget them!.pngFile:S1e5 Freezer monster.pngFile:S1e5 Heh heh, yeah lets all- let's go play that.png
File:S1e5 I don't like your tone.jpgFile:S1e5 I don't like your tone.pngFile:S1e5 Just let us out of here already!.png
File:S1e5 KIDS!.pngFile:S1e5 Lamby Lamby Dance big finish.pngFile:S1e5 Later dorks.png
File:S1e5 Legendary.pngFile:S1e5 Let's just go already!.pngFile:S1e5 Mabel holds a marker.png
File:S1e5 Mabel is sick.pngFile:S1e5 Mabel poking Dipper's cheek.pngFile:S1e5 Mabel twisted neck.png
File:S1e5 Mark Garcia storyboards 1.jpgFile:S1e5 Mark Garcia storyboards 2.jpgFile:S1e5 Mark Garcia storyboards 3.jpg
File:S1e5 NOOOOOO.pngFile:S1e5 Nate and Lee high five.pngFile:S1e5 Nate scared.png
File:S1e5 Nate step.pngFile:S1e5 Nate without hat.pngFile:S1e5 Neato!.png
File:S1e5 Nervous Dipper.pngFile:S1e5 Oh, you mean the big muffin!.pngFile:S1e5 Pitt cola.png
File:S1e5 RANDOM DANCE PARTY FOR NO REASON lines.jpgFile:S1e5 Robbie and Tambry.pngFile:S1e5 Robbie not mirrored.png
File:S1e5 She's not much for first impressions.pngFile:S1e5 Soos saluting.pngFile:S1e5 Stan and icecream.png
File:S1e5 Stan invested.pngFile:S1e5 Stan watches The Duchess Approves.pngFile:S1e5 Tambry in TV.png
File:S1e5 That's what I'm SAYING!.pngFile:S1e5 That's why we hate teenagers so much!.pngFile:S1e5 That was so fine, girly dancin' boy!.png
File:S1e5 The tape markings light up.pngFile:S1e5 Uh-uh they'll let us out of here!.pngFile:S1e5 Wendy's reaction to the Lamby Lamby Dance.png
File:S1e5 Wendy.gifFile:S1e5 Wendy High Five Transparent.pngFile:S1e5 Wendy about to talk about Dipper.png
File:S1e5 Wendy begins to explain.pngFile:S1e5 Wendy changes the story.pngFile:S1e5 Wendy continues with her story.png
File:S1e5 Wendy impressed.pngFile:S1e5 Wendy keeps it a secret.pngFile:S1e5 Wendy says yeah kinda.png
File:S1e5 Wendy thinks of something else to say.pngFile:S1e5 You're free to go.pngFile:S1e5 You stay out of trouble!.png
File:S1e5 a spider.pngFile:S1e5 a teen looking at ma and pa.pngFile:S1e5 activated ghosts.png
File:S1e5 all i'm saying is.pngFile:S1e5 alright check it out.pngFile:S1e5 and rethink everything.png
File:S1e5 apologizing.pngFile:S1e5 awkward dipper heh heh heh.pngFile:S1e5 aztec circle.png
File:S1e5 behind fence.pngFile:S1e5 behold the body outlines of Ma and Pa.pngFile:S1e5 beware sign.png
File:S1e5 both chant roof time.pngFile:S1e5 both ma and pa screaming no.pngFile:S1e5 brain flask.png
File:S1e5 but they're my friends.pngFile:S1e5 but you're surprisingly mature for your age.pngFile:S1e5 can we actually go up there.png
File:S1e5 cane.pngFile:S1e5 cereal box.pngFile:S1e5 character silhouettes.png
File:S1e5 checking out the store.pngFile:S1e5 chips.pngFile:S1e5 closed sign.png
File:S1e5 come back now sign.pngFile:S1e5 come on leave him alone.pngFile:S1e5 convenience store phone.png
File:S1e5 cooler monster.pngFile:S1e5 dancy pants.pngFile:S1e5 deadpan stare.png
File:S1e5 dip disappointed.pngFile:S1e5 dip gets ice.pngFile:S1e5 dipper's face is very weird here.png
File:S1e5 dipper's frown.pngFile:S1e5 dipper's leg.pngFile:S1e5 dipper's skeleton.png
File:S1e5 dipper about to fall.pngFile:S1e5 dipper and popsicle.pngFile:S1e5 dipper and wendy on shelf.png
File:S1e5 dipper and wendy skeletons.pngFile:S1e5 dipper booed.pngFile:S1e5 dipper breaking down air vent.png
File:S1e5 dipper calling.pngFile:S1e5 dipper chewing on marker.pngFile:S1e5 dipper crawling.png
File:S1e5 dipper dirty face.pngFile:S1e5 dipper duckface.pngFile:S1e5 dipper fallen.png
File:S1e5 dipper flips mabel's hair.pngFile:S1e5 dipper gets hit again.pngFile:S1e5 dipper going over to the passenger seat.png
File:S1e5 dipper going to the video game.pngFile:S1e5 dipper going up to the roof 1.pngFile:S1e5 dipper going up to the roof 2.png
File:S1e5 dipper going up to the roof 3.pngFile:S1e5 dipper gulping.pngFile:S1e5 dipper holding 3.png
File:S1e5 dipper holding a newspaper.pngFile:S1e5 dipper holding clipboard.pngFile:S1e5 dipper holding smile dip.png
File:S1e5 dipper holding up hand.pngFile:S1e5 dipper in the air 1.pngFile:S1e5 dipper in the air 2.png
File:S1e5 dipper is about to get hit.pngFile:S1e5 dipper is on it.pngFile:S1e5 dipper is super nervous.png
File:S1e5 dipper is thinking hard.pngFile:S1e5 dipper leading the way.pngFile:S1e5 dipper lifted.png
File:S1e5 dipper looking at dancing wendy.pngFile:S1e5 dipper looking at falling smile dip.pngFile:S1e5 dipper looking at the cooler's door.png
File:S1e5 dipper looking at wendy before confessing.pngFile:S1e5 dipper lying awake on bed.pngFile:S1e5 dipper nervously smiles.png
File:S1e5 dipper notices something.pngFile:S1e5 dipper on fence.pngFile:S1e5 dipper on the ceiling.png
File:S1e5 dipper on the floor.pngFile:S1e5 dipper on the ground.pngFile:S1e5 dipper opening door.png
File:S1e5 dipper opening the door 1.pngFile:S1e5 dipper opening the door 2.pngFile:S1e5 dipper opening the journal 3.png
File:S1e5 dipper pointing.pngFile:S1e5 dipper punching.pngFile:S1e5 dipper reading from tambry's phone.png
File:S1e5 dipper rubbing his eyes.pngFile:S1e5 dipper says wait.pngFile:S1e5 dipper screams duck.png
File:S1e5 dipper sealed lips.pngFile:S1e5 dipper skipping inside.pngFile:S1e5 dipper slaps hand over mabel's mouth.png
File:S1e5 dipper standing at the door.pngFile:S1e5 dipper swinging arms.pngFile:S1e5 dipper taking action.png
File:S1e5 dipper throwing the clipboard.pngFile:S1e5 dipper upside down.pngFile:S1e5 dipper walking to the ice freezer.png
File:S1e5 dipper watching the ghost.pngFile:S1e5 dipper waves.pngFile:S1e5 dipper waving his hand.png
File:S1e5 dipper wendy duck.pngFile:S1e5 dipper with friend.pngFile:S1e5 dipper zippng his lips.png
File:S1e5 disrespectful short pants!.pngFile:S1e5 door upside down.pngFile:S1e5 drop mabel.png
File:S1e5 dropped phone.pngFile:S1e5 dude your sister did it.pngFile:S1e5 dusk 2 dawn appearance.png
File:S1e5 everyone gathering around.pngFile:S1e5 everyone getting into the car.pngFile:S1e5 everyone is amazed.png
File:S1e5 everyone is excited except dipper.pngFile:S1e5 everyone is in front of the store.pngFile:S1e5 everyone is over the fence except dipper.png
File:S1e5 everyone is released.pngFile:S1e5 fake note.pngFile:S1e5 food fight.png
File:S1e5 friends punching ceiling.pngFile:S1e5 get in the van.pngFile:S1e5 ghost appears.png
File:S1e5 ghost closed the door.pngFile:S1e5 ghost laughing.pngFile:S1e5 ghost lifting dipper up.png
File:S1e5 ghost lifting up nate.pngFile:S1e5 ghost opening the door.pngFile:S1e5 ghost page in the journal 3.png
File:S1e5 ghost turn around.jpgFile:S1e5 ghost turn around.pngFile:S1e5 ghosts disappearing.png
File:S1e5 ghosts in book.pngFile:S1e5 gif cooler monster.gifFile:S1e5 go dipper.png
File:S1e5 goat on mystery shack roof.pngFile:S1e5 going to take a walk.pngFile:S1e5 going up to the roof is easy for them.png
File:S1e5 good idea, go lie down in it.pngFile:S1e5 graffiti on water tower.pngFile:S1e5 green light flies at robbie.png
File:S1e5 grunkle stan window.pngFile:S1e5 guys, it's locked.pngFile:S1e5 happy dorks.png
File:S1e5 he's on the roof.pngFile:S1e5 he's really terrible at this.pngFile:S1e5 he is falling.png
File:S1e5 heard a lady screaming back here.pngFile:S1e5 hey dipper take it easy.pngFile:S1e5 hey ghost.png
File:S1e5 hey guys we need more ice.pngFile:S1e5 hey it's my friends.pngFile:S1e5 hey look!.png
File:S1e5 high five.pngFile:S1e5 homework wack.pngFile:S1e5 hot dogs.png
File:S1e5 hotdog boyfriend.pngFile:S1e5 huh uhhh.pngFile:S1e5 i'll be right back.png
File:S1e5 i'm not a 9-year-old!.pngFile:S1e5 i'm not a teenager.pngFile:S1e5 i'm thirteen!.png
File:S1e5 i'm twelve, technically not a teen.pngFile:S1e5 i do know the lamby lamby dance.pngFile:S1e5 i gotta say something.png
File:S1e5 i just think wendy is cool.pngFile:S1e5 i know it's crazy.pngFile:S1e5 i love their faces here.png
File:S1e5 i may or may not sneak up here.pngFile:S1e5 i think it's stuck.pngFile:S1e5 i thought i was dr. funtimes.png
File:S1e5 if i try to say anything about it.pngFile:S1e5 immature transparent.pngFile:S1e5 in the shelf.png
File:S1e5 in your face, elizabeth.pngFile:S1e5 inside the store.pngFile:S1e5 is there anything else i can do.png
File:S1e5 is this a leap year.pngFile:S1e5 it's 6 o'clock.pngFile:S1e5 it's a giant explosion.png
File:S1e5 it's even creepier than i imagined!.pngFile:S1e5 it's just like my life.pngFile:S1e5 it's not like i lie at night awake.png
File:S1e5 it begins.pngFile:S1e5 it doesn't make any sense!.pngFile:S1e5 jar hand.png
File:S1e5 just go now.pngFile:S1e5 kiddies.pngFile:S1e5 kids! i cant find the remote.png
File:S1e5 kitty litter.pngFile:S1e5 later wendy!.pngFile:S1e5 le gasp.png
File:S1e5 leaving the store.pngFile:S1e5 lee and nate.pngFile:S1e5 lee carrying dipper during food fight.png
File:S1e5 lee dissolving.pngFile:S1e5 lee gets hit.pngFile:S1e5 lee holding dipper.png
File:S1e5 lee landing.pngFile:S1e5 lee on fence.pngFile:S1e5 lee points at dipper.png
File:S1e5 lee walk.pngFile:S1e5 lees cereal.pngFile:S1e5 let's go!.png
File:S1e5 let me take a crack at it.pngFile:S1e5 license plates.pngFile:S1e5 little ears and a tail.png
File:S1e5 look at mabel's face while dipper is saying i dont really dance.pngFile:S1e5 ma and pa dead.pngFile:S1e5 ma and pa dying.png
File:S1e5 ma and pa dying 2.pngFile:S1e5 ma and pa ghosts and lamby dipper.pngFile:S1e5 ma and pa hugging.png
File:S1e5 ma and pa nose kiss.pngFile:S1e5 mabel's green eyes zoom in.pngFile:S1e5 mabel's saliva.png
File:S1e5 mabel, how many of these did you eat.pngFile:S1e5 mabel, i need your advice.pngFile:S1e5 mabel awake.png
File:S1e5 mabel chewing gum.pngFile:S1e5 mabel chugging smile dip.pngFile:S1e5 mabel don't embarass me.png
File:S1e5 mabel drool.pngFile:S1e5 mabel encouraging dipper.pngFile:S1e5 mabel falling off globe.png
File:S1e5 mabel fell down.pngFile:S1e5 mabel holding it up.pngFile:S1e5 mabel holding the picture.png
File:S1e5 mabel huge eyes.pngFile:S1e5 mabel looking at the ghost.pngFile:S1e5 mabel mouth in hair.png
File:S1e5 mabel opening mouth.pngFile:S1e5 mabel puting the stick into the package.pngFile:S1e5 mabel really believes that.png
File:S1e5 mabel running in the store.pngFile:S1e5 mabel running on ground.pngFile:S1e5 mabel says beleventeen.png
File:S1e5 mabel sees something.pngFile:S1e5 mabel slouching.pngFile:S1e5 mabel spinning on globe 1.png
File:S1e5 mabel spinning on globe 2.pngFile:S1e5 mabel taking a package of smile dip.pngFile:S1e5 mabel thinking.png
File:S1e5 mabel with smile dip.pngFile:S1e5 maybe let's not do that.pngFile:S1e5 maybe they had a good reason.png
File:S1e5 mermaid.pngFile:S1e5 mints.pngFile:S1e5 mystery shack sun set.png
File:S1e5 nate and robbie.pngFile:S1e5 nate and robbie both screaming.pngFile:S1e5 nate dissolving.png
File:S1e5 nate is gonna do that.pngFile:S1e5 nate shoving lee.pngFile:S1e5 nate walk.png
File:S1e5 next time.pngFile:S1e5 nice work dipper.pngFile:S1e5 no i'm a hot dog!.png
File:S1e5 no teens sign.pngFile:S1e5 now it's closed.pngFile:S1e5 oh hey what's that.png
File:S1e5 oh no.pngFile:S1e5 oh no thompson!.pngFile:S1e5 oh yeah i can't get in.png
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