File:S1e3 you sneeze like a kitten!.pngFile:S1e4 'Lil Gideon checking.pngFile:S1e4 412 Gopher Road.png
File:S1e4 A shocked Stan.pngFile:S1e4 Address on the notepad.pngFile:S1e4 All the way from Columbia.png
File:S1e4 Angry Gideon.pngFile:S1e4 Bill cameo.pngFile:S1e4 Blank sweater.png
File:S1e4 Bud and Gideon are mad at Stan.pngFile:S1e4 Bud and Stan.pngFile:S1e4 Bud before ripping the contract.png
File:S1e4 Bud happly waiting.pngFile:S1e4 Bud holding cups.pngFile:S1e4 Bud is proud of his home.png
File:S1e4 Bud looks mad.pngFile:S1e4 Bud playing piano.pngFile:S1e4 Bud relaxing.png
File:S1e4 Bud say hi to Gideon.jpgFile:S1e4 Bud say hi to Gideon.pngFile:S1e4 Bud scared of his own son.png
File:S1e4 Cheers.pngFile:S1e4 Dipper Journal 2.pngFile:S1e4 Dipper and Gideon.png
File:S1e4 Dipper reading book 3.pngFile:S1e4 Dipper with a bat.pngFile:S1e4 Gideon.png
File:S1e4 Gideon advertisementFile:S1e4 Gideon guesses Mabel's name.pngFile:S1e4 Gideons Door.png
File:S1e4 Grunkle Stan Dipper and Mabel.pngFile:S1e4 Hank falls for the sack.pngFile:S1e4 Hank leaving the Tent.png
File:S1e4 Hank watching the show.pngFile:S1e4 I've never felt this close with anyone.pngFile:S1e4 I can see.png
File:S1e4 I swear on my lucky bolo tie.pngFile:S1e4 Lil' Gideon.pngFile:S1e4 Lobster.png
File:S1e4 MS gift shop.pngFile:S1e4 Mabel cheering.pngFile:S1e4 Mabel eyes.png
File:S1e4 Mabel puffing her hair.pngFile:S1e4 NO i mean yes.pngFile:S1e4 Ooh lala oui oui!.png
File:S1e4 Out of the way Bud.pngFile:S1e4 Pool are profits.pngFile:S1e4 Smiling.png
File:S1e4 Stan about to take action.pngFile:S1e4 Stan looks like an actual old man.pngFile:S1e4 The Mystery Shack and the Tent of Telepathy.png
File:S1e4 This ends right now.pngFile:S1e4 Wendy is thinking.pngFile:S1e4 Why Stanford Pines.png
File:S1e4 You must come in for coffee.pngFile:S1e4 You turned her against me!.pngFile:S1e4 Your all fired.png
File:S1e4 a crowd gathers.pngFile:S1e4 a macaw is coming!.pngFile:S1e4 alternate soos.png
File:S1e4 amulet destruction.pngFile:S1e4 amulet push.pngFile:S1e4 angry gideon in chair.png
File:S1e4 arooo.pngFile:S1e4 at the restaurant.pngFile:S1e4 attack soos' stomach.png
File:S1e4 aw man.pngFile:S1e4 back porch.pngFile:S1e4 beginning breakup.png
File:S1e4 bezazzle soos.pngFile:S1e4 blow up these hot dogs.pngFile:S1e4 blubs.png
File:S1e4 book 2.pngFile:S1e4 breaking through the window.pngFile:S1e4 breaking up with gideon.png
File:S1e4 bruised dipper.pngFile:S1e4 bud talks to stan.pngFile:S1e4 bud trying to stop stan.png
File:S1e4 burning picture.pngFile:S1e4 buy or sell you.pngFile:S1e4 carla.png
File:S1e4 cat lady.pngFile:S1e4 check out my face Dipper.pngFile:S1e4 checking the door.png
File:S1e4 cheers stan and bud.pngFile:S1e4 choking dipper.pngFile:S1e4 closing credits.png
File:S1e4 clown transparent.pngFile:S1e4 come on.pngFile:S1e4 complementing the painting.png
File:S1e4 cook and waiter.pngFile:S1e4 couple at table.pngFile:S1e4 crashing into gideons.png
File:S1e4 curiousy inside.pngFile:S1e4 dating in the moonlight.pngFile:S1e4 deuce.png
File:S1e4 dipper bangs on the door.pngFile:S1e4 dipper catches the amulet.pngFile:S1e4 dipper coughing.png
File:S1e4 dipper doll.pngFile:S1e4 dipper is almost there.pngFile:S1e4 dipper is free.png
File:S1e4 dipper is not impressed.pngFile:S1e4 dipper leaving.pngFile:S1e4 dipper mabel hug.png
File:S1e4 dipper nodding.pngFile:S1e4 dipper running with a bat.pngFile:S1e4 dipper with 2 goof.png
File:S1e4 don't do that ever again gideon.pngFile:S1e4 don't worry mabel.pngFile:S1e4 doves.png
File:S1e4 enchanting.pngFile:S1e4 end.pngFile:S1e4 ending shack view.png
File:S1e4 enjoy the scenery.pngFile:S1e4 everyone is having a good time.pngFile:S1e4 evil gideon.png
File:S1e4 eye twitches.pngFile:S1e4 eye twitches 2.pngFile:S1e4 factory.png
File:S1e4 fair enough.pngFile:S1e4 falling of a cliff.pngFile:S1e4 fight for gideons cape.png
File:S1e4 flying scissors.pngFile:S1e4 found a loop hole.pngFile:S1e4 full tiger image.png
File:S1e4 funny cross eyed mabel transparent.pngFile:S1e4 gideon's amulet 2.pngFile:S1e4 gideon's amulet bookpage.png
File:S1e4 gideon's angry face.pngFile:S1e4 gideon's bed.pngFile:S1e4 gideon appears.png
File:S1e4 gideon arrives.pngFile:S1e4 gideon begs for a date.pngFile:S1e4 gideon behind a curtain.jpg
File:S1e4 gideon blunt object.pngFile:S1e4 gideon both hands pointing.pngFile:S1e4 gideon finale.png
File:S1e4 gideon has finished his meal.pngFile:S1e4 gideon levitates dipper.pngFile:S1e4 gideon mail.png
File:S1e4 gideon makes doll.pngFile:S1e4 gideon makes you say awwww.pngFile:S1e4 gideon newspaper.png
File:S1e4 gideon pushing dipper.pngFile:S1e4 gideon silhouetted.pngFile:S1e4 gideon sitting in chair.png
File:S1e4 gideon sniffs mabels hair.pngFile:S1e4 gideon song.pngFile:S1e4 gideon threatening stan.png
File:S1e4 gideon touching mabel's hair.pngFile:S1e4 gideon truck.pngFile:S1e4 gideon using amulet.png
File:S1e4 gideon with birds.pngFile:S1e4 gideon with doll.pngFile:S1e4 gideons dressing room.png
File:S1e4 gideons house.pngFile:S1e4 gideons psychic sack.pngFile:S1e4 gideons warning.png
File:S1e4 gift shop pan.pngFile:S1e4 grunkle stan exiting outhouse.pngFile:S1e4 hallway livingroom entrance.png
File:S1e4 hanging up the painting.pngFile:S1e4 he's a trouble.pngFile:S1e4 he asked me out again!.png
File:S1e4 he has a vision.pngFile:S1e4 he has long eyelashes.pngFile:S1e4 hello.png
File:S1e4 his head hurts.pngFile:S1e4 hit it dad.pngFile:S1e4 how did he.png
File:S1e4 i'm gonna make sure you never lie to me again.pngFile:S1e4 in the tent.pngFile:S1e4 inside the Club.png
File:S1e4 it's gideon at the door.pngFile:S1e4 it's innate ability.pngFile:S1e4 it's not that easy dipper.png
File:S1e4 jean luc with gideon.pngFile:S1e4 knocking on the painting.pngFile:S1e4 let's clap people.png
File:S1e4 let's look how he looks like.pngFile:S1e4 light bulbs.pngFile:S1e4 lights on.png
File:S1e4 lights start turning on.pngFile:S1e4 living room.pngFile:S1e4 looking at main street.png
File:S1e4 love this scene.pngFile:S1e4 mabel's makeover.pngFile:S1e4 mabel and gideons date.png
File:S1e4 mabel bedazzled face.pngFile:S1e4 mabel bike.pngFile:S1e4 mabel breaking up with gideon.png
File:S1e4 mabel calling her brother.pngFile:S1e4 mabel cough rinestones.pngFile:S1e4 mabel doesn't want to come out of sweater town.png
File:S1e4 mabel doll.pngFile:S1e4 mabel finds loophole.pngFile:S1e4 mabel fireworks.png
File:S1e4 mabel gets a lobster.pngFile:S1e4 mabel gideon date.pngFile:S1e4 mabel goes to the door.png
File:S1e4 mabel in sweater town.pngFile:S1e4 mabel is terrified.pngFile:S1e4 mabel is thinking.png
File:S1e4 mabel is waiting for dipper.pngFile:S1e4 mabel laughing.pngFile:S1e4 mabel laughing with gideon.png
File:S1e4 mabel name sweater.pngFile:S1e4 mabel on floor.pngFile:S1e4 mabel ouch.png
File:S1e4 mabel pulling the amulet off.pngFile:S1e4 mabel says whoosh.pngFile:S1e4 mabel screaming and running out of the room.png
File:S1e4 mabel sees them.pngFile:S1e4 mabel talking.pngFile:S1e4 mabel talking to herself.png
File:S1e4 mabel watching the fireworks.pngFile:S1e4 mabel waving goodbye.pngFile:S1e4 mabel wins.png
File:S1e4 mabel with amulet.pngFile:S1e4 macaw landing.pngFile:S1e4 making dipper doll.png
File:S1e4 making mabel doll.pngFile:S1e4 making stan doll.pngFile:S1e4 marrying gideon isn't great news.png
File:S1e4 mcgucket joins in.pngFile:S1e4 miserable man.pngFile:S1e4 miserable man 2.png
File:S1e4 mystery shack.pngFile:S1e4 no not really.pngFile:S1e4 no pardon for this garden.png
File:S1e4 not done yet.pngFile:S1e4 oh no dipper.pngFile:S1e4 ok alright hug.png
File:S1e4 old lady.pngFile:S1e4 olmac head.pngFile:S1e4 on the ground.png
File:S1e4 on the lake.pngFile:S1e4 opera glasses.pngFile:S1e4 overhead living room.png
File:S1e4 people at the show.pngFile:S1e4 people let gideon do what he wants.pngFile:S1e4 people want mabel to say yes.png
File:S1e4 pigeon out of gideon's hair.pngFile:S1e4 pines family has invoked my fury.pngFile:S1e4 playing videogames.png
File:S1e4 playing videogames together.pngFile:S1e4 please say you'll go.pngFile:S1e4 psychic powers.png
File:S1e4 punching each other.pngFile:S1e4 puppy eyes.pngFile:S1e4 questioning.png
File:S1e4 reading the book.pngFile:S1e4 restaurant.pngFile:S1e4 run for your life dipper!.png
File:S1e4 sack of mystery.pngFile:S1e4 shandra jimenez's number.pngFile:S1e4 she was in the friend zone.png
File:S1e4 she was my peach dumpling.pngFile:S1e4 soos and a pillow.pngFile:S1e4 soos is covered in sequins.png
File:S1e4 soos munch munch.pngFile:S1e4 soos playing with the twins.pngFile:S1e4 soos reading about the power couple.png
File:S1e4 stan's car in front of gideon's house.pngFile:S1e4 stan a fraud.pngFile:S1e4 stan angry.png
File:S1e4 stan doll.pngFile:S1e4 stan is fat.pngFile:S1e4 stan knocking a pillow off.png
File:S1e4 stan parking car.pngFile:S1e4 stan pines hates gideon.pngFile:S1e4 stan says WHATTTT.png
File:S1e4 stan says gideon.pngFile:S1e4 stan signing the papers.pngFile:S1e4 stan taking off suit.png.png
File:S1e4 stan talking about gideon.pngFile:S1e4 stan target.pngFile:S1e4 stan trying to look inside.png
File:S1e4 stans takes money.pngFile:S1e4 stuffed dodo by door.pngFile:S1e4 such a gift.png
File:S1e4 sweatertown transparent.pngFile:S1e4 talking to wendy.pngFile:S1e4 teeth error.jpg
File:S1e4 teeth error.pngFile:S1e4 tent.pngFile:S1e4 tent of telepathy.png
File:S1e4 that's a long menu.pngFile:S1e4 the cabinet.pngFile:S1e4 the candle is floating.png
File:S1e4 the club.pngFile:S1e4 the couple looking at Gideon.pngFile:S1e4 the lamb shears drop.png
File:S1e4 the mystery shack.pngFile:S1e4 the show is starting!.pngFile:S1e4 the sun.png
File:S1e4 the view from your family's factory is nuts!.pngFile:S1e4 then gideon pulled her into the romance zone.pngFile:S1e4 there i did your dirty work.png
File:S1e4 they're saved.pngFile:S1e4 they are both in the air.pngFile:S1e4 thinking of couple names.png
File:S1e4 this is living.pngFile:S1e4 this is not what mabel expected.pngFile:S1e4 this seems cool right.png
File:S1e4 thumbs up huh.pngFile:S1e4 thumbs up indeed.pngFile:S1e4 tiger fist.png
File:S1e4 tiger fist logo.pngFile:S1e4 tired gideon.pngFile:S1e4 toby determined.png
File:S1e4 try and catch me.pngFile:S1e4 twin peaks reference.pngFile:S1e4 twins leaving the tent.png
File:S1e4 two three four.pngFile:S1e4 under that gideon's roof.pngFile:S1e4 unhappy dipper says gideon.png
File:S1e4 unhappy mabel.pngFile:S1e4 unnamed doctor.pngFile:S1e4 vengence .png
File:S1e4 watching tv.pngFile:S1e4 wendy i need some advice.pngFile:S1e4 wendy ignores the call.png
File:S1e4 wendy showing her cell.pngFile:S1e4 what about soulmate.pngFile:S1e4 what others cant see.png
File:S1e4 who shut the door.pngFile:S1e4 widdle ol me.pngFile:S1e4 wife puts money in the sack.png
File:S1e4 wouldn't it be funny if that was a closet.pngFile:S1e4 wouldn't you like that.pngFile:S1e4 writing notes.png
File:S1e4 you're not gonna like freak out or anything.pngFile:S1e4 you and Soos get to do boy stuff all the time!.pngFile:S1e4 you are a cute little guy.png
File:S1e4 you can't say no to fireworks.pngFile:S1e4 you people are real miracles.pngFile:S1e4 you will.png
File:S1e5 ''The Lamby Lamby Dance!''.pngFile:S1e5 - Wendy - Transparent - 04.pngFile:S1e5 90s Teenagers.png
File:S1e5 ARRRGH.png
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