File:S1e3 Going to Skull Fracture.pngFile:S1e3 Goodbye S.pngFile:S1e3 Grunkle Stan about to talk.png
File:S1e3 Hi McGucket!.pngFile:S1e3 Hot Belgian waffles!!.pngFile:S1e3 How do you fix these things...png
File:S1e3 I could guess.pngFile:S1e3 It's SOOO obvious.pngFile:S1e3 Kids...png
File:S1e3 Leading Sherlock outside.pngFile:S1e3 Look at the cash.pngFile:S1e3 Mabel's going down fighting.png
File:S1e3 Mabel, It didn't go well....pngFile:S1e3 Mabel, the murders are-.pngFile:S1e3 Mabel smiling.png
File:S1e3 Mystery hack.pngFile:S1e3 Nope.pngFile:S1e3 Not him.png
File:S1e3 Not the lady.pngFile:S1e3 On 3...1..2...pngFile:S1e3 Pitt cola add.png
File:S1e3 Poor wax man.pngFile:S1e3 Ready, FIGHT!.pngFile:S1e3 Right hand, right hand.png
File:S1e3 Secret Museum.pngFile:S1e3 Shack overall.pngFile:S1e3 Sheriff Blubs First Appearance.png
File:S1e3 Standing right behind you.pngFile:S1e3 The Gravity Falls Wax Muesuem.pngFile:S1e3 The Shack sign.png
File:S1e3 The crime scene.pngFile:S1e3 There must be evidence.pngFile:S1e3 Toby with unknown article.png
File:S1e3 Twins slove the case.pngFile:S1e3 Water tower.pngFile:S1e3 Wax Museum's back in business.png
File:S1e3 Wax Shakespeare!.pngFile:S1e3 Weathervane.pngFile:S1e3 Worth a shot.png
File:S1e3 YOU TAKE THAT BAAAAACK!.pngFile:S1e3 You can make these things.pngFile:S1e3 a bunch of wax figures.png
File:S1e3 a tooth.pngFile:S1e3 actually they did it!.pngFile:S1e3 admission box.png
File:S1e3 adorable family.pngFile:S1e3 adults laughing.pngFile:S1e3 affectionate stan.png
File:S1e3 all signs to the goat.pngFile:S1e3 an arm attacking mabel.pngFile:S1e3 angry lady smash chairs.png
File:S1e3 angry woman.pngFile:S1e3 anyone else getting the creeps here.pngFile:S1e3 as you all know.png
File:S1e3 attic confronting sherlock.pngFile:S1e3 awkward.pngFile:S1e3 bathroom window.png
File:S1e3 bats biker.pngFile:S1e3 be careful, dipper.pngFile:S1e3 bicepticus.png
File:S1e3 blubs and durland flashlights.pngFile:S1e3 bouncer character sheet.jpgFile:S1e3 broken candle.png
File:S1e3 buliding wax stan.pngFile:S1e3 car graveyard inked.jpgFile:S1e3 cat tatoo bouncer.png
File:S1e3 catching ball.pngFile:S1e3 choking on soda.pngFile:S1e3 city boy.png
File:S1e3 common stairway goof.pngFile:S1e3 cops entering.pngFile:S1e3 crooked clock.png
File:S1e3 cute biker.pngFile:S1e3 cute little mabel.pngFile:S1e3 cute mab and stan.png
File:S1e3 cutting Wax Richard Nixon's leg.pngFile:S1e3 deputy durland scalded.pngFile:S1e3 deputy durland searching.png
File:S1e3 dip looking at wax stan's shoes.pngFile:S1e3 dipper's doing great.pngFile:S1e3 dipper's knocked out.png
File:S1e3 dipper and mabel are sad.pngFile:S1e3 dipper and mabel asking soos for advice.pngFile:S1e3 dipper and mabel brushing 2.png
File:S1e3 dipper and mabel brushing teeth.pngFile:S1e3 dipper and mabel touching hands.pngFile:S1e3 dipper and sherlock holmes on sign.png
File:S1e3 dipper angry.pngFile:S1e3 dipper behind dumpster.pngFile:S1e3 dipper climbing.png
File:S1e3 dipper going into the room.pngFile:S1e3 dipper hiding.pngFile:S1e3 dipper holding 3.png
File:S1e3 dipper holding the ax.pngFile:S1e3 dipper holding wax head.pngFile:S1e3 dipper pointing.png
File:S1e3 dipper saying ew.pngFile:S1e3 dipper scared.pngFile:S1e3 dipper sneezes.png
File:S1e3 dipper sneezing.pngFile:S1e3 dipper sniffing .pngFile:S1e3 dipper soos mabel scared.png
File:S1e3 dipper talking to mabel.pngFile:S1e3 dipper thinking.pngFile:S1e3 dipper wins this time, wax holmes.png
File:S1e3 disappointed fat man.pngFile:S1e3 door 1.pngFile:S1e3 door 2.png
File:S1e3 door 3.pngFile:S1e3 driving.pngFile:S1e3 duck-tective 1.png
File:S1e3 duck-tective 2.pngFile:S1e3 duck-tective 3.pngFile:S1e3 duck-tective 4.png
File:S1e3 duck-tective 5.pngFile:S1e3 duck-tective 6.pngFile:S1e3 duck-tective 7.png
File:S1e3 duck-tective tunnel inked.jpgFile:S1e3 dumpster.pngFile:S1e3 durland.png
File:S1e3 dust.pngFile:S1e3 edison.jpgFile:S1e3 ending dipper.png
File:S1e3 entering skull fracture.pngFile:S1e3 everyone leaving.pngFile:S1e3 excited fpg.png
File:S1e3 fake ids.pngFile:S1e3 fake ids are a good idea, fake ids made by mabel, idk.pngFile:S1e3 fall off the roof.png
File:S1e3 female farmer.pngFile:S1e3 fighting on the stair.pngFile:S1e3 flattened baseball.png
File:S1e3 footprint.pngFile:S1e3 forshadowing wendys hangout spot.pngFile:S1e3 free pizza.png
File:S1e3 full moon.pngFile:S1e3 genghis khan.pngFile:S1e3 get back that head.png
File:S1e3 gideon is home.pngFile:S1e3 go go kids.pngFile:S1e3 go mabel.png
File:S1e3 goat.pngFile:S1e3 goobye wax larry king.pngFile:S1e3 goodbye wax figures.png
File:S1e3 gossiper.pngFile:S1e3 grand re opening.pngFile:S1e3 grossed out crowd.png
File:S1e3 groucho.pngFile:S1e3 grunkle pose.pngFile:S1e3 grunkle stan smiling.png
File:S1e3 grunkle stan stepping on coffin.pngFile:S1e3 grunkle stan wax figure.pngFile:S1e3 ha cha cha.png
File:S1e3 hammer.pngFile:S1e3 happy stan with wax stan.pngFile:S1e3 haunted garage sale 1.png
File:S1e3 haunted garage sale 2.pngFile:S1e3 he's unguilty.pngFile:S1e3 he can handle this.png
File:S1e3 headless stan wax figure.pngFile:S1e3 hello sherlock!.pngFile:S1e3 helping mabel with the idea.png
File:S1e3 horse fairy princess.pngFile:S1e3 i'm not so sure.pngFile:S1e3 i love this guy.png
File:S1e3 im sorry i cant.pngFile:S1e3 know any.pngFile:S1e3 ladies unamused.png
File:S1e3 larry king.pngFile:S1e3 let's get down to business.pngFile:S1e3 let the boy help.png
File:S1e3 letting me lead you outside.pngFile:S1e3 line.pngFile:S1e3 list of suspects.png
File:S1e3 living room overhead tiny.pngFile:S1e3 long slow sip.pngFile:S1e3 looking at the ax.png
File:S1e3 mabel and dipper on the street.pngFile:S1e3 mabel and headless wax stan.pngFile:S1e3 mabel astounded.png
File:S1e3 mabel ate toothpaste.pngFile:S1e3 mabel carving wax figure.pngFile:S1e3 mabel choked by wax arm.png
File:S1e3 mabel crying.pngFile:S1e3 mabel goggles.pngFile:S1e3 mabel holding a camera.png
File:S1e3 mabel holding axe.pngFile:S1e3 mabel is a friendly girl.pngFile:S1e3 mabel kniting.png
File:S1e3 mabel llama sweater transparentA.pngFile:S1e3 mabel making friends.jpgFile:S1e3 mabel new wax figure.png
File:S1e3 mabel seeing man on ground.pngFile:S1e3 mabel skeptical.pngFile:S1e3 mabel sketching.png
File:S1e3 mabel touches wax figure.pngFile:S1e3 mabel touching grunkle stan's nose.pngFile:S1e3 mabel trying on sweaters.png
File:S1e3 mabel trying to cheer stan up.pngFile:S1e3 mabel with glue gun stuck to arm.pngFile:S1e3 mabel with mike.png
File:S1e3 mabel working hard.pngFile:S1e3 man 16 biker character sheet.jpgFile:S1e3 manly dan angry.png
File:S1e3 manly dan flashback.pngFile:S1e3 manly dan pointing.pngFile:S1e3 manly dan punching pole.png
File:S1e3 melting wax statue.pngFile:S1e3 mikey r.pngFile:S1e3 miner.png
File:S1e3 money money money.pngFile:S1e3 moon.pngFile:S1e3 my own 2 hands.png
File:S1e3 mystery man.pngFile:S1e3 new wax figureFile:S1e3 nice work, coffee.png
File:S1e3 no candle!.pngFile:S1e3 no fingerprint.pngFile:S1e3 no free pizza.png
File:S1e3 no money.pngFile:S1e3 officers laughing.pngFile:S1e3 old man mcgucket alligator.png
File:S1e3 on the sign.pngFile:S1e3 one left.pngFile:S1e3 out the attic window.png
File:S1e3 parlor wrecked.pngFile:S1e3 people leaving.pngFile:S1e3 pines twins and wax holmes.png
File:S1e3 police car-0.pngFile:S1e3 police car.pngFile:S1e3 poor mabel.png
File:S1e3 poor stan.pngFile:S1e3 production artwork.jpgFile:S1e3 pushing dip.png
File:S1e3 rat with wax ear.pngFile:S1e3 really think you can defeat us.pngFile:S1e3 roof dawn.png
File:S1e3 shakesphere.pngFile:S1e3 shandra jimenez.pngFile:S1e3 sheriff blubs and deputy durland.png
File:S1e3 skull fracture.pngFile:S1e3 smoke bomb.pngFile:S1e3 soldier kid.png
File:S1e3 soos being serious.pngFile:S1e3 soos doorknob.pngFile:S1e3 soos finding hidden door.png
File:S1e3 soos helping.pngFile:S1e3 soos holding food.pngFile:S1e3 soos playing keyboard.png
File:S1e3 soos sweeping.pngFile:S1e3 soos with axe.pngFile:S1e3 stan's grab and dash.png
File:S1e3 stan's hands.pngFile:S1e3 stan buying or stealing wax figures.pngFile:S1e3 stan crying.png
File:S1e3 stan in the dark.pngFile:S1e3 stan is scared.pngFile:S1e3 stan is tired.png
File:S1e3 stan laughing.pngFile:S1e3 stan looking at dead wax stan.pngFile:S1e3 stan on the floor.png
File:S1e3 stan panics.pngFile:S1e3 stan talking to wax stan.pngFile:S1e3 stans bedroom inked.jpg
File:S1e3 stay away from pines twins.pngFile:S1e3 stealing stan's stuff.pngFile:S1e3 stop scaring my pines twins, wax holmes!.png
File:S1e3 storage.pngFile:S1e3 suspects board.pngFile:S1e3 taking the ax.png
File:S1e3 tasty.pngFile:S1e3 telling their cool story.pngFile:S1e3 that's not stan, wax holmes.png
File:S1e3 the constable.pngFile:S1e3 the result.pngFile:S1e3 the sun comes up and the wolrd still spins.png
File:S1e3 they're wrong.pngFile:S1e3 they gotta go.pngFile:S1e3 this isn't good at all.png
File:S1e3 this kind of scene keeps reminding me GF isn't just for kids.pngFile:S1e3 time to tell a story.pngFile:S1e3 to the window.png
File:S1e3 toby's micro.pngFile:S1e3 toby's shoes.pngFile:S1e3 toby determined error 1.png
File:S1e3 toby determined error 2.pngFile:S1e3 toby determined hands in air.pngFile:S1e3 toby determined kissing cardboard.png
File:S1e3 toby determined on ground.pngFile:S1e3 toby fell.pngFile:S1e3 toby killing wax stan.png
File:S1e3 too much affection.pngFile:S1e3 town darling.pngFile:S1e3 twin first bump.png
File:S1e3 twins awkward.pngFile:S1e3 twins looking at each ohter.pngFile:S1e3 twins realize.png
File:S1e3 two adorable twins getting in a club with fake ids.pngFile:S1e3 unimpressed crowd.pngFile:S1e3 waffle with big arms.png
File:S1e3 watch out dipper.pngFile:S1e3 watching the tape.pngFile:S1e3 wax abraham lincoln melted-1.png
File:S1e3 wax abraham lincoln melted.pngFile:S1e3 wax coolio head 1.pngFile:S1e3 wax coolio head 2.png
File:S1e3 wax figure jumping into fireplace.pngFile:S1e3 wax figures 1.pngFile:S1e3 wax figures 2.png
File:S1e3 wax figures 3.pngFile:S1e3 wax figures 4.pngFile:S1e3 wax figures 5.png
File:S1e3 wax figures 6.pngFile:S1e3 wax figures are coming.pngFile:S1e3 wax figures character sheet.jpg
File:S1e3 wax figures in the room.pngFile:S1e3 wax holmes about to kill dipper.pngFile:S1e3 wax holmes about to kill wax stan.png
File:S1e3 wax holmes holding the head.pngFile:S1e3 wax holmes looks cool.pngFile:S1e3 wax holmes pointing.png
File:S1e3 wax holmes starts melting.pngFile:S1e3 wax holmes talking to dip.pngFile:S1e3 wax museum kitchen bedroom panorama.png
File:S1e3 wax shakespeare head.pngFile:S1e3 wax sherlock holmes melting 1.pngFile:S1e3 wax sherlock holmes melting 2.png
File:S1e3 wax sherlock holmes with sword.pngFile:S1e3 wax stan's still smiling.pngFile:S1e3 wax stan funeral.png
File:S1e3 wax stan watching tv.pngFile:S1e3 wendy and dipper.pngFile:S1e3 wendy and dipper holding money.png
File:S1e3 what's up holmes.pngFile:S1e3 what a big magnifying glass.pngFile:S1e3 what are the twins gonna do.png
File:S1e3 what do you think.pngFile:S1e3 where's pizza.pngFile:S1e3 where's wax holmes.png
File:S1e3 who's the sidekick.pngFile:S1e3 why is she talking to the ceiling.pngFile:S1e3 will she love me.png
File:S1e3 works for me.pngFile:S1e3 you fell harder than.png
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