File:S1e2 Stanley Mobile.pngFile:S1e2 The county jail was so cold.pngFile:S1e2 Underwater Gobblewonker.png
File:S1e2 Unnamed wife in another boat.pngFile:S1e2 Xyler and Craz said awsome.pngFile:S1e2 a fish.png
File:S1e2 a good photo.pngFile:S1e2 a seagull.pngFile:S1e2 adjust the hat.png
File:S1e2 adventure is out there.pngFile:S1e2 angry parents with child.pngFile:S1e2 ankle bracelet.png
File:S1e2 any a' you kids got a screwdriver.pngFile:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 1.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 10.jpg
File:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 11.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 12.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 13.jpg
File:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 14.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 15.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 16.jpg
File:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 17.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 18.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 2.jpg
File:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 3.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 4.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 5.jpg
File:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 6.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 7.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 8.jpg
File:S1e2 aoshima storyboard gobblewonker chase 9.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima thumbnail board 1.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima thumbnail board 2.jpg
File:S1e2 aoshima thumbnail board 3.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima thumbnail board 4.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima thumbnail board 5.jpg
File:S1e2 aoshima thumbnail board 6.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima thumbnail board 7.jpgFile:S1e2 aoshima thumbnail board 8.jpg
File:S1e2 arrival at lake gravity falls.pngFile:S1e2 asking mcgucket.pngFile:S1e2 awww.png
File:S1e2 beaver biting boat.pngFile:S1e2 beaver biting mabel.pngFile:S1e2 beaver falls.png
File:S1e2 beaver on soos's face.pngFile:S1e2 beaver the top model.pngFile:S1e2 beaver with chainsaw.png
File:S1e2 beavers.pngFile:S1e2 beavers attack boat.pngFile:S1e2 beavers biting dipper.png
File:S1e2 beavers go away! oh you too gobblewonker.pngFile:S1e2 beavers i love cavorting.pngFile:S1e2 beavers that deserves a hug.png
File:S1e2 beavers we're still beavers.pngFile:S1e2 big eyes mabel.pngFile:S1e2 big hamster ball page.png
File:S1e2 blonde holding glass.pngFile:S1e2 boat in fog.pngFile:S1e2 boo boo.png
File:S1e2 broken glass.pngFile:S1e2 building robot.pngFile:S1e2 but her aim is getting better.png
File:S1e2 butt island.pngFile:S1e2 camera trouble.pngFile:S1e2 camera under dipper's hat.png
File:S1e2 camera without film.pngFile:S1e2 cameras in dipper's jacket.pngFile:S1e2 cameras in dipper's sock.png
File:S1e2 car off the road.pngFile:S1e2 chasing the boat.pngFile:S1e2 cheating.png
File:S1e2 choking on water.pngFile:S1e2 closed blinds.pngFile:S1e2 concept art 1.jpg
File:S1e2 concept art 2.jpgFile:S1e2 concept art 3.jpgFile:S1e2 cool guys in car.png
File:S1e2 counterfeit money.pngFile:S1e2 couple leaves stan.pngFile:S1e2 couple notices Stan.png
File:S1e2 crazy man smacking sandwich.pngFile:S1e2 deer in road.pngFile:S1e2 diamond ring.png
File:S1e2 did you hear what he said.pngFile:S1e2 dip excited.pngFile:S1e2 dipper and mabel agree.png
File:S1e2 dipper and mabel blindfolded.pngFile:S1e2 dipper and mabel looking at each other.pngFile:S1e2 dipper and mabel on boat.png
File:S1e2 dipper and mabel on deck.pngFile:S1e2 dipper and mabel syrup exclamation.pngFile:S1e2 dipper and mabel with hats.png
File:S1e2 dipper and mabel worried.pngFile:S1e2 dipper and stan in car.pngFile:S1e2 dipper crushing camera.png
File:S1e2 dipper disagree.pngFile:S1e2 dipper hit by volleyball.pngFile:S1e2 dipper holding 3.png
File:S1e2 dipper holding camera.pngFile:S1e2 dipper is sad.pngFile:S1e2 dipper mabel and soos frightened.png
File:S1e2 dipper on rock.pngFile:S1e2 dipper on stans shoulder.pngFile:S1e2 dipper pines taking picture.png
File:S1e2 dipper pines taking picture small.jpgFile:S1e2 dipper posing with interviewer.pngFile:S1e2 dipper pouring syrup in mouth.png
File:S1e2 dipper reading magazine.pngFile:S1e2 dipper showing file photo.pngFile:S1e2 dipper showing magazine to mabel.png
File:S1e2 dipper the captain.pngFile:S1e2 dippy hat.pngFile:S1e2 disappointed.png
File:S1e2 do you think about.pngFile:S1e2 don't lose your cameras.pngFile:S1e2 drop the camera.png
File:S1e2 duck behind a log.pngFile:S1e2 dude!.pngFile:S1e2 dude am I in the frame.png
File:S1e2 end credits.pngFile:S1e2 ernie.pngFile:S1e2 escaping the island.png
File:S1e2 everyone has fallen.pngFile:S1e2 family.pngFile:S1e2 family photo 1.png
File:S1e2 family photo 2.pngFile:S1e2 family photo 3.pngFile:S1e2 family photo 4.png
File:S1e2 family photo 5.pngFile:S1e2 fish food.pngFile:S1e2 fish revenge.png
File:S1e2 fisherman 1 character sheet.jpgFile:S1e2 fisherman 2 character sheet.jpgFile:S1e2 fisherman 3 character sheet.jpg
File:S1e2 fisherman holding large fish.pngFile:S1e2 fishing lures.pngFile:S1e2 fishing season opening day.png
File:S1e2 fist bump.pngFile:S1e2 foggy lake.pngFile:S1e2 four for each of you.png
File:S1e2 glass carriers.pngFile:S1e2 go get sunscreen.pngFile:S1e2 gobble-d-wonkey.png
File:S1e2 gobblewonker.pngFile:S1e2 gobblewonker attack.pngFile:S1e2 gobblewonker attacks boat.png
File:S1e2 gobblewonker character sheet.jpgFile:S1e2 gobblewonker chasing.pngFile:S1e2 gobblewonker misses.png
File:S1e2 gobblewonker open mouth.pngFile:S1e2 goodbye fish.pngFile:S1e2 grandpa with children.png
File:S1e2 grumpy stan.pngFile:S1e2 grunkle stan earwax.pngFile:S1e2 grunkle stan fastening hats.png
File:S1e2 grunkle stan holding fishing pole.pngFile:S1e2 grunkle stan quotation marks.pngFile:S1e2 grunkle stan smacking dipper with newspaper.png
File:S1e2 grunkle stan talking to child.pngFile:S1e2 grunkle stan with milk.pngFile:S1e2 hands up.png
File:S1e2 he can't see anything.pngFile:S1e2 he wants to play with his son.pngFile:S1e2 his beard.png
File:S1e2 hole in the mystery shack.pngFile:S1e2 hope they got a good grades in art.pngFile:S1e2 i just want attention.png
File:S1e2 ingrates.pngFile:S1e2 insane mabel in hamster ball.pngFile:S1e2 interview.png
File:S1e2 interviewer.pngFile:S1e2 investigating the hatch.pngFile:S1e2 ive seen it again.png
File:S1e2 joke book.pngFile:S1e2 kids on dock.pngFile:S1e2 kitchen.png
File:S1e2 lake ranger comes out.pngFile:S1e2 laughing at old man mcgucket.pngFile:S1e2 lets get out ss cool.png
File:S1e2 lookalikes and grandfather in boat.pngFile:S1e2 looking through the magazine.pngFile:S1e2 mab and soos running.png
File:S1e2 mabel and dipper punching.pngFile:S1e2 mabel and soos performing a song.pngFile:S1e2 mabel choking on syrup.png
File:S1e2 mabel flirting with cool guys.pngFile:S1e2 mabel hat.pngFile:S1e2 mabel heightened senses.png
File:S1e2 mabel holding fun flag.pngFile:S1e2 mabel inside hamster ball.pngFile:S1e2 mabel is so excited.png
File:S1e2 mabel mabel.pngFile:S1e2 mabel missed it.pngFile:S1e2 mabel pelican joke.png
File:S1e2 mabel picking dipper's nose.pngFile:S1e2 mabel pokes dipper.pngFile:S1e2 mabel rolling in hamster ball.png
File:S1e2 mabel soos and dipper running.pngFile:S1e2 mabel the hamster.pngFile:S1e2 mabel touching dipper's face.png
File:S1e2 mabel touching pelican.pngFile:S1e2 mabel will save us.pngFile:S1e2 mabel with gnome beard hair.png
File:S1e2 man with ring in boat.pngFile:S1e2 manly dan fish headlock.pngFile:S1e2 manly dan in lake.png
File:S1e2 maybe he has no one who wuvs him.pngFile:S1e2 mcgucket and his son.pngFile:S1e2 mcgucket built this.png
File:S1e2 mcgucket monster hunt.pngFile:S1e2 mcgucket thinking.pngFile:S1e2 monster hunt or go fishing.png
File:S1e2 monster is chasing.pngFile:S1e2 monster photo contest.pngFile:S1e2 muscular father holding fish.png
File:S1e2 muscular father in boat.pngFile:S1e2 mystery shack opening.pngFile:S1e2 no no.png
File:S1e2 number 1 problem.pngFile:S1e2 oh beavers.pngFile:S1e2 old man being sprayed.png
File:S1e2 old man breaking poles.pngFile:S1e2 old man dancing.pngFile:S1e2 old man evil plan.png
File:S1e2 old man grabbing man.pngFile:S1e2 old man holding mabel.pngFile:S1e2 old man inside gobblewonker.png
File:S1e2 old man pointing at boat.pngFile:S1e2 old man projector screen.pngFile:S1e2 old man pterodactyl projector.png
File:S1e2 old man without hat.pngFile:S1e2 old man yelling.pngFile:S1e2 old men.png
File:S1e2 oops.pngFile:S1e2 open your eyes.pngFile:S1e2 opossum on scuttlebutt island.png
File:S1e2 pointing.pngFile:S1e2 police in boat.pngFile:S1e2 possum stealing lantern.png
File:S1e2 production art.pngFile:S1e2 read the book.pngFile:S1e2 real gobblewonker.png
File:S1e2 real gobblewonker eating camera.pngFile:S1e2 robot soos.pngFile:S1e2 run fast.png
File:S1e2 running around.pngFile:S1e2 sad stan.pngFile:S1e2 sad twins.png
File:S1e2 safe cave.pngFile:S1e2 scared.pngFile:S1e2 screaming.png
File:S1e2 scuttlebutt island arrival.pngFile:S1e2 scuttlebutt island sketched.jpgFile:S1e2 showing dipper.png
File:S1e2 smile.pngFile:S1e2 so what ya think.pngFile:S1e2 soos, beavers.png
File:S1e2 soos and mabel.pngFile:S1e2 soos gets a weapon.pngFile:S1e2 soos hoisting anchor.png
File:S1e2 soos is overreacting.pngFile:S1e2 soos is strong.pngFile:S1e2 soos offering a boat ride.png
File:S1e2 soos posing as bigfoot.pngFile:S1e2 soos taking a picture.pngFile:S1e2 soos taking pictures.png
File:S1e2 soos tastes fish food.pngFile:S1e2 soos thinking.pngFile:S1e2 soos threw 2 more.png
File:S1e2 soos throwing cameras.pngFile:S1e2 soos throwing first camera.pngFile:S1e2 soos wiping fish food.png
File:S1e2 sorry beavers.pngFile:S1e2 spotting the gobblewonker.pngFile:S1e2 stan's hand.png
File:S1e2 stan arrives with the couple.pngFile:S1e2 stan is scared.pngFile:S1e2 stan is wet.png
File:S1e2 stan splashed.pngFile:S1e2 stan tying a knot.pngFile:S1e2 stanowar aerial view.png
File:S1e2 stanowar boat.pngFile:S1e2 still trying to take a pic.pngFile:S1e2 stomach noises.png
File:S1e2 sunset.pngFile:S1e2 surprised guys in car.pngFile:S1e2 syrups.png
File:S1e2 talking to his reflection.pngFile:S1e2 tasting fish food.pngFile:S1e2 thanks to one camera.png
File:S1e2 the gobblewonker approaches.pngFile:S1e2 the great gobblewonker escape.pngFile:S1e2 the hatch is opened.png
File:S1e2 the island.pngFile:S1e2 the monster.pngFile:S1e2 the monster can walk on land.png
File:S1e2 the monster is here.pngFile:S1e2 the real monsters.pngFile:S1e2 the twins catch up.png
File:S1e2 the twins on a sinking boat.pngFile:S1e2 the twins put on their fishing hats.pngFile:S1e2 the twins talk to stan.png
File:S1e2 there is bigfoot.pngFile:S1e2 they'll be wet 1.pngFile:S1e2 they'll be wet 2.png
File:S1e2 they're so excited.pngFile:S1e2 they choose monster.pngFile:S1e2 this is it.png
File:S1e2 this isn't worth it.pngFile:S1e2 three extras.pngFile:S1e2 throwing a camera at seagull.png
File:S1e2 throwing more cameras.pngFile:S1e2 tie knot.pngFile:S1e2 to the water fall.png
File:S1e2 trio.pngFile:S1e2 trying to get a pic.pngFile:S1e2 twins celebrating.png
File:S1e2 twins notice something wrong.pngFile:S1e2 ventriloquy act.gifFile:S1e2 weird laugh.png
File:S1e2 what is soos doing.pngFile:S1e2 why dipper is captain.pngFile:S1e2 why soos.png
File:S1e2 woman with frying pan.pngFile:S1e2 wrecked cool dude.pngFile:S1e2 you gotta believe me.png
File:S1e2 you hear something.pngFile:S1e2 you see what i'm doing.pngFile:S1e3 99 percents.png
File:S1e3 AVENGE ME.pngFile:S1e3 Aww, you sneeze like a kitten.pngFile:S1e3 BLOCK!.png
File:S1e3 BRING IT ON.pngFile:S1e3 Bats biker with Pitt cola.pngFile:S1e3 Broken pencil.png
File:S1e3 Buried treasure.pngFile:S1e3 CATCH!.pngFile:S1e3 Ching, ching.png
File:S1e3 Delivery.pngFile:S1e3 Dipper with mustache and backward hat.pngFile:S1e3 Dipper with pitt cola.png
File:S1e3 Don't count on it!.pngFile:S1e3 Fast ball.pngFile:S1e3 Glitter in his eye.png
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