File:S1e20 Gideon arrested.pngFile:S1e20 Gideon bot hand.pngFile:S1e20 Gideon foot glitch.png
File:S1e20 Gideon gloating.pngFile:S1e20 Gideon has one book 3.jpgFile:S1e20 Gideon holding book 2 menacingly.png
File:S1e20 Gideon in cuffs.pngFile:S1e20 Gideon tackled.pngFile:S1e20 Gideon won.png
File:S1e20 Gideonbot in pursuit.pngFile:S1e20 Gideons Surveillance Center.pngFile:S1e20 Gideons brickabrack book and deed.png
File:S1e20 Git im sniff.pngFile:S1e20 Give back the deed.pngFile:S1e20 Gnome apocalypse.png
File:S1e20 Gnomes attack.pngFile:S1e20 Gnomes break in.pngFile:S1e20 Goodbye.png
File:S1e20 Goodbye friends and family.pngFile:S1e20 Grabbed.pngFile:S1e20 Grand Closing.png
File:S1e20 Grappling hook transparent.PNGFile:S1e20 Gravity Falls on fire.pngFile:S1e20 Gravity falls towns pepole.png
File:S1e20 Guests.pngFile:S1e20 Gulp.pngFile:S1e20 He has 3.png
File:S1e20 Height Altering Crystals.pngFile:S1e20 Here we go.pngFile:S1e20 Hey Kids!.png
File:S1e20 Hmmmm.pngFile:S1e20 Hurr Gideon So Good.pngFile:S1e20 I'm here for you.png
File:S1e20 I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE STANFORD.pngFile:S1e20 I can verify that is disgusting.pngFile:S1e20 I finally won this time!.png
File:S1e20 I got you now.pngFile:S1e20 I have them all.pngFile:S1e20 I was never here.png
File:S1e20 I win kid.pngFile:S1e20 In control.pngFile:S1e20 Incoming Fakeout.png
File:S1e20 Intend to find it.pngFile:S1e20 Into the eye.pngFile:S1e20 Invitation.png
File:S1e20 Iron Pipsqueak.pngFile:S1e20 It's for the best..pngFile:S1e20 Its a deal.png
File:S1e20 Its working.pngFile:S1e20 Jeff in bath.pngFile:S1e20 Jelly failure.png
File:S1e20 Jumping.pngFile:S1e20 Kaboom.pngFile:S1e20 Lazy Suzan.png
File:S1e20 Leaping on to the robot.pngFile:S1e20 Leaving.pngFile:S1e20 Let's do it!.png
File:S1e20 Let go of my sister!.pngFile:S1e20 Lets Point Fingers.pngFile:S1e20 Lil Gideon in the big house.png
File:S1e20 Listen up people.pngFile:S1e20 Mabel's eyes.pngFile:S1e20 Mabel, quit being creepy.png
File:S1e20 Mabel and Dipper.pngFile:S1e20 Mabel feeling abuelita's skin.pngFile:S1e20 Mabel in the fist.png
File:S1e20 Mabel sweater.pngFile:S1e20 Making the desicion if should tell.pngFile:S1e20 Mascot.png
File:S1e20 Maybe you should fix that....pngFile:S1e20 Mental Handshake Successful.pngFile:S1e20 Mocap Suit Interface.png
File:S1e20 Moving Back in.pngFile:S1e20 My GRAPPLING HOOK!.pngFile:S1e20 New Queen.png
File:S1e20 New hero.pngFile:S1e20 Nightmare.pngFile:S1e20 No more Gideon jr..png
File:S1e20 Nooooooooo!.pngFile:S1e20 Nosebleed.pngFile:S1e20 Not a dream.png
File:S1e20 OH GOD THE NOISE.pngFile:S1e20 Off the bridge.pngFile:S1e20 Off the roof.png
File:S1e20 Old Man Weldar.pngFile:S1e20 On the bridge.pngFile:S1e20 On the bus.PNG
File:S1e20 One more thing Officers.pngFile:S1e20 Ourselves.pngFile:S1e20 Out of control.png
File:S1e20 Owl Trowel.pngFile:S1e20 People arriving.pngFile:S1e20 Phoning the family.png
File:S1e20 Poker Face.pngFile:S1e20 Pull the lever Stan!.pngFile:S1e20 Punch itself.png
File:S1e20 Punching the robot's fist.pngFile:S1e20 Race cars.pngFile:S1e20 Reading.png
File:S1e20 Reunion.pngFile:S1e20 Reverse the cipher.pngFile:S1e20 Rotating head 1.png
File:S1e20 Rotating head 2.pngFile:S1e20 SO MUCH.pngFile:S1e20 SO PERFECT.png
File:S1e20 SPLIIISH.pngFile:S1e20 SPOOKUMS.pngFile:S1e20 STAN KICK.png
File:S1e20 SUIT UP.pngFile:S1e20 S Returns!.pngFile:S1e20 Sadbulock.png
File:S1e20 Saved it.pngFile:S1e20 Screaming.pngFile:S1e20 Search for the other journal.png
File:S1e20 Secrets....pngFile:S1e20 See I told you!.pngFile:S1e20 Shandra.png
File:S1e20 Shmebulock's return.pngFile:S1e20 Shmebulock's return transparent.pngFile:S1e20 Shooting star goof.png
File:S1e20 Shroud covering the Shack.pngFile:S1e20 Somehow.pngFile:S1e20 Something we can do.png
File:S1e20 Soos!.pngFile:S1e20 Soos at age 9.pngFile:S1e20 Soos grandma.png
File:S1e20 Soosed!.pngFile:S1e20 Sorry Abulita.pngFile:S1e20 Speedy Beaver.png
File:S1e20 Spy Mabel.pngFile:S1e20 Squash with a Human Face and Emotions.pngFile:S1e20 Stan'
File:S1e20 Stan's car.pngFile:S1e20 Stan Reads 3.pngFile:S1e20 Stan at desk.png
File:S1e20 Stan back to his coning.pngFile:S1e20 Stan gets deed back.pngFile:S1e20 Stan going in the room.png
File:S1e20 Stan in the room.pngFile:S1e20 Stan laughing at 3.pngFile:S1e20 Stan with the book.png
File:S1e20 Stanenteringlaboratory.pngFile:S1e20 Stans Desk.pngFile:S1e20 Stans Secret Elevator.png
File:S1e20 Stans secret laboratory.pngFile:S1e20 Stop hitting yourself.pngFile:S1e20 Subdue them.png
File:S1e20 Such accusations.pngFile:S1e20 Surround Gideon.pngFile:S1e20 TEAR EVERY HAIR.png
File:S1e20 Take a good look!.pngFile:S1e20 That was no deam.pngFile:S1e20 The Gnomes!.png
File:S1e20 The Secret Ingredient is Coffee!.pngFile:S1e20 The Shack one tv agian.pngFile:S1e20 The Tiny Handcuffs.png
File:S1e20 The creepyness....pngFile:S1e20 Their hiding spot.pngFile:S1e20 Theyre taking me away haha.png
File:S1e20 Thrown.pngFile:S1e20 To Infirmity....pngFile:S1e20 Town hero.png
File:S1e20 Trying to escape.pngFile:S1e20 Twins are leaving.jpgFile:S1e20 Ultimate Gideon.png
File:S1e20 Up.pngFile:S1e20 Waddels as Gideon.pngFile:S1e20 Waddles....png
File:S1e20 Waddles brought up.pngFile:S1e20 We'd better.pngFile:S1e20 We Have Fun here.png
File:S1e20 We gotta get the Shack back.pngFile:S1e20 We need your help.pngFile:S1e20 What!.png
File:S1e20 What 'chu talkin' 'bout.pngFile:S1e20 What can we do.pngFile:S1e20 What can we use....png
File:S1e20 What does he want from us.pngFile:S1e20 What to do....pngFile:S1e20 Where's 1.png
File:S1e20 Where are you....pngFile:S1e20 Which emergency is this most like?.pngFile:S1e20 Whistle.png
File:S1e20 Whistle power.pngFile:S1e20 YOU.pngFile:S1e20 You lied to us.png
File:S1e20 a new low.pngFile:S1e20 all according to plan.pngFile:S1e20 all maze page .png
File:S1e20 another view of the hiding spot page.pngFile:S1e20 at the cliff.pngFile:S1e20 be cuter mabel!.png
File:S1e20 book 1.pngFile:S1e20 burning photo.pngFile:S1e20 bus doors.png
File:S1e20 bus on the road.pngFile:S1e20 buttons.pngFile:S1e20 bye kids.png
File:S1e20 canadian coin.pngFile:S1e20 cant reach.pngFile:S1e20 changing gear.png
File:S1e20 credits.pngFile:S1e20 cute Mabel transparent.pngFile:S1e20 dead end.png
File:S1e20 dials.pngFile:S1e20 dipper looking around.pngFile:S1e20 dipper on the cliff.jpg
File:S1e20 dipper running.pngFile:S1e20 dirty house.pngFile:S1e20 down the stairs.png
File:S1e20 downed thugs.pngFile:S1e20 funny crosseyed Mabel.pngFile:S1e20 funny strabismus eyed Mabel transparent.png
File:S1e20 getting on the bus.pngFile:S1e20 gid and deed.pngFile:S1e20 gid dance.png
File:S1e20 gideon's thugs.pngFile:S1e20 gideon face tent.pngFile:S1e20 gideon pin.png
File:S1e20 gideon robot.pngFile:S1e20 gideon surrounded.pngFile:S1e20 gideon taking the twins.png
File:S1e20 gideonland.pngFile:S1e20 gnomes riding deer.pngFile:S1e20 gnomes riding rabbit.png
File:S1e20 grappling hook!.pngFile:S1e20 greasy's diner.pngFile:S1e20 grunkle stan crying oh no.png
File:S1e20 hot smooch.pngFile:S1e20 ian worrel town day.jpgFile:S1e20 ian worrel town explosion.jpg
File:S1e20 ian worrel town sunset.jpgFile:S1e20 it's my face.pngFile:S1e20 jeffs rubs gideon's hand.png
File:S1e20 jelly.pngFile:S1e20 jornal number 1.pngFile:S1e20 journal 1.png
File:S1e20 journal 2.pngFile:S1e20 leaving sign.pngFile:S1e20 look out.png
File:S1e20 mabel's bag of sweaters.pngFile:S1e20 mabel bout to be grabbed.pngFile:S1e20 mabel dipper book.png
File:S1e20 mabel resisting.pngFile:S1e20 mabel squirrel head.pngFile:S1e20 mcgucket working on robogideon.png
File:S1e20 mr pines reconsider!.pngFile:S1e20 mysterious figure.pngFile:S1e20 mystery shack deed transparent.png
File:S1e20 nate.pngFile:S1e20 new Gremloblin page.pngFile:S1e20 nice cheeks.png
File:S1e20 oh hi dudes.pngFile:S1e20 oh no.pngFile:S1e20 oh no bb.png
File:S1e20 open filed.pngFile:S1e20 ouch.pngFile:S1e20 pipe cryptogram.png
File:S1e20 portal.pngFile:S1e20 portal open.pngFile:S1e20 presenting gideonland.png
File:S1e20 previewFile:S1e20 production code.jpgFile:S1e20 red car vs red car.png
File:S1e20 red robins.pngFile:S1e20 rip off roof.pngFile:S1e20 road closed.png
File:S1e20 robbie boombox.pngFile:S1e20 seedy beaver bus.pngFile:S1e20 shack.png
File:S1e20 soos and stan having a moment.pngFile:S1e20 soos grandma house.pngFile:S1e20 speedy beaver tickets.png
File:S1e20 squirrel bath.pngFile:S1e20 squirrel in pants.pngFile:S1e20 stan's tattoo design on desk.jpg
File:S1e20 stan at desk.pngFile:S1e20 stan gets the shack back.pngFile:S1e20 stan has something to say.png
File:S1e20 stan pulling out 1.pngFile:S1e20 stan pushing buttons.pngFile:S1e20 stan pushing buttons close.png
File:S1e20 surveillance center.pngFile:S1e20 the Deed.pngFile:S1e20 the broken shack.png
File:S1e20 the last cryptogram of season 1.pngFile:S1e20 think youre some kind of hero.pngFile:S1e20 thugs.png
File:S1e20 two thugs.pngFile:S1e20 ugh not this guy again.pngFile:S1e20 universe portal edited.jpg
File:S1e20 water tower.pngFile:S1e20 wendy hears robbie hollarin.pngFile:S1e20 wendy leaving?.png
File:S1e20 wendy transparent.pngFile:S1e20 where to hide.pngFile:S1e20 woodpecker on shack.png
File:S1e20 would you look at that.pngFile:S1e2KitchenEmpty.pngFile:S1e2 17 cameras.png
File:S1e2 Beaver falls down.pngFile:S1e2 Can I be associate co-captain.pngFile:S1e2 Craz glasses goof.png
File:S1e2 Dipper climbs the Gobblewonker.pngFile:S1e2 Dipper jumps in the boat.pngFile:S1e2 Dipper jumps to check.png
File:S1e2 Dipper looks at the creature up close.pngFile:S1e2 Dipper notices metal.pngFile:S1e2 Dipper on top.png
File:S1e2 Dipper prepares to take an picture.pngFile:S1e2 Dipper sees a hatch.pngFile:S1e2 Dipper takes a picture.png
File:S1e2 Dipper uses book 3 as shield.pngFile:S1e2 Get back to the boat.pngFile:S1e2 Gideon cameo.png
File:S1e2 Gobblewonker is hit by rock.pngFile:S1e2 Gobblewonker stops functioning.pngFile:S1e2 Gobblewonker tries to break free.png
File:S1e2 Granted.pngFile:S1e2 Hamster sad.pngFile:S1e2 Hank with his wife.png
File:S1e2 Hank with lifejacket.pngFile:S1e2 Insane Mabel running.pngFile:S1e2 Mabel, Dipper, and Grunkle Stan discussing .png
File:S1e2 Mabel aw donkey spittle.pngFile:S1e2 Mabel worries.pngFile:S1e2 Manly Dan and Cute Biker.png
File:S1e2 McGucket Son.pngFile:S1e2 McGucket is found.pngFile:S1e2 Old man dance 1.png
File:S1e2 Old man dance 2.pngFile:S1e2 Old man dance 3.pngFile:S1e2 Old man dance 4.png
File:S1e2 Pop-pop, I just wealized that, I wuv you....pngFile:S1e2 Reginald.pngFile:S1e2 Rosanna in tears.png
File:S1e2 Scuttlebutt island sign.pngFile:S1e2 Sean Jimenez fisherman.pngFile:S1e2 Skuttlebutt Island McGucket.png
File:S1e2 Soos and Mabel jump in the boat.pngFile:S1e2 Stan is thinking.pngFile:S1e2 Stan notices honesty.png
File:S1e2 Stan returns to shore.pngFile:S1e2 Stan suspects them.pngFile:S1e2 Stan with twins.jpg
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