File:S1e19 Craz and Xyler.pngFile:S1e19 Creepy old me.pngFile:S1e19 Dancing dream boys.png
File:S1e19 Deer.pngFile:S1e19 Dipper's memorie room.pngFile:S1e19 Dipper's showdown face 01.png
File:S1e19 Dipper's showdown face 02.pngFile:S1e19 Dipper does a choke hold on Stan.pngFile:S1e19 Dipper does the walk of shame.png
File:S1e19 Dipper gasps at the hole in him.pngFile:S1e19 Dipper gives up.pngFile:S1e19 Dipper going to face the bat.png
File:S1e19 Dipper has a hole in his heart.pngFile:S1e19 Dipper hugging Stan.pngFile:S1e19 Dipper puts he's foot down.png
File:S1e19 Dipper reading about Bill.pngFile:S1e19 Dipper takes a shoot.pngFile:S1e19 Dipper trying to cut wood.png
File:S1e19 Dipper we need to help stan.pngFile:S1e19 Dipper with blue eyes.pngFile:S1e19 Dipper with hole in his belly.png
File:S1e19 Don't summon Bill.pngFile:S1e19 Double Soos.pngFile:S1e19 Dragon fly.png
File:S1e19 Dream Boy High.pngFile:S1e19 Elle Michalka bg.jpgFile:S1e19 Elle Michalka bg2.jpg
File:S1e19 Entering the dream world.pngFile:S1e19 Episode 2 characters come back to help.pngFile:S1e19 Fat Stan.png
File:S1e19 Fighting back.pngFile:S1e19 Fist cats.pngFile:S1e19 Get off my property.png
File:S1e19 Giant bill fury.pngFile:S1e19 Gideon and doves.pngFile:S1e19 Gideon before Bill comes.png
File:S1e19 Gideon break's in.pngFile:S1e19 Gideon explaining to Stan his plan.pngFile:S1e19 Gideon give the usually bad guy talk.png
File:S1e19 Gideon has a plan.pngFile:S1e19 Gideon is mad.pngFile:S1e19 Gideon scared of Stan with the broom.png
File:S1e19 Gideon sign.pngFile:S1e19 Gideon trying to look evil.pngFile:S1e19 Gideon with 2.png
File:S1e19 Giedon has won the Shack.pngFile:S1e19 Go Soos lick that elbow.pngFile:S1e19 Gravity Falls Dreamscapers concept art.png
File:S1e19 Gravity Falls Dreamscapers concept art2.pngFile:S1e19 Gravity Falls Dreamscapers concept art3.pngFile:S1e19 Holy looking Bill.png
File:S1e19 Hot shot Mabel.pngFile:S1e19 Hotshot Bill.pngFile:S1e19 I don't know what to say.png
File:S1e19 In disguise.pngFile:S1e19 In my mind.pngFile:S1e19 It's inside 2....png
File:S1e19 It's not a Dream Dipper.pngFile:S1e19 It sucks..pngFile:S1e19 Jersey vultures.png
File:S1e19 Kid Stan.pngFile:S1e19 Lady Susan laghting.pngFile:S1e19 Laser eye Dipper.png
File:S1e19 Laugh at this with me.pngFile:S1e19 Look what I can do.pngFile:S1e19 Looking at Stan from above.png
File:S1e19 Mabel arm trone.pngFile:S1e19 Mabel confronting Bill.pngFile:S1e19 Mabel doesn't get how to play Confilt boat.png
File:S1e19 Mabel going to tackle Bill.pngFile:S1e19 Mabel look like she has a new animation.pngFile:S1e19 Mabel plays in hole.png
File:S1e19 Mabel reading 3 again.pngFile:S1e19 Mabel skin goof.pngFile:S1e19 Mabel talking to ''Bill''.png
File:S1e19 Mabel with blue eyes.pngFile:S1e19 Mad Stan face.pngFile:S1e19 Memory cinema.png
File:S1e19 Mystery Shack lawn from above.pngFile:S1e19 Nyarf gun.pngFile:S1e19 Only way out of a bad date.png
File:S1e19 Pan stitch Bill page.pngFile:S1e19 Pitt cola.pngFile:S1e19 Poor Dipper.png
File:S1e19 Question mark attack.pngFile:S1e19 Random playground.pngFile:S1e19 Running in a weird hallway.png
File:S1e19 Shack's back door.jpgFile:S1e19 Shadow Stan.pngFile:S1e19 Should we be worried about that.png
File:S1e19 Someone pinch me dude.pngFile:S1e19 Soos and Mabel scared of seeing Bill being summoned.pngFile:S1e19 Soos being weird.png
File:S1e19 Soos playing with Stan's mouth.pngFile:S1e19 Soos scared of a Bat.pngFile:S1e19 Soos scared of a bat close up a sweaty.png
File:S1e19 Soos the broom.pngFile:S1e19 Soos with blue eyes.pngFile:S1e19 Spirit circle.png
File:S1e19 Stan's deed.pngFile:S1e19 Stan's fear box.pngFile:S1e19 Stan's full tattoo.png
File:S1e19 Stan's safe.pngFile:S1e19 Stan's safe combo.pngFile:S1e19 Stan's showdown face 1.png
File:S1e19 Stan bat.pngFile:S1e19 Stan calls the kids.pngFile:S1e19 Stan crab.png
File:S1e19 Stan doen't take care of the bat.pngFile:S1e19 Stan hex.pngFile:S1e19 Stan hits Gideon with the broom.png
File:S1e19 Stan in the Colombian jail.pngFile:S1e19 Stan is bullied.pngFile:S1e19 Stan is not worried.png
File:S1e19 Stan is proud of Dipper.pngFile:S1e19 Stan locks his safe.pngFile:S1e19 Stan photo.png
File:S1e19 Stan photo is hit.pngFile:S1e19 Stan placing the deed.pngFile:S1e19 Stan pole.png
File:S1e19 Stan say he will take care of the bat.pngFile:S1e19 Stan scratching.pngFile:S1e19 Stan taunting.png
File:S1e19 Stan with blue eyes.pngFile:S1e19 Stan yells at Gideon.pngFile:S1e19 Sunset sweater.png
File:S1e19 Teen Stan.pngFile:S1e19 Teen boys back to life.pngFile:S1e19 That is very disturbing.png
File:S1e19 The Mystery Shack on tv.pngFile:S1e19 The Shack in Stan weird perception.pngFile:S1e19 The Soos imposter.png
File:S1e19 The broom.pngFile:S1e19 The combo is saved.pngFile:S1e19 The deal with Bill.png
File:S1e19 The gang before entering Stan's mind.pngFile:S1e19 The gang meets Bill.pngFile:S1e19 The human mind.png
File:S1e19 The real Bijou theater.pngFile:S1e19 The safe code.pngFile:S1e19 The shack's dream main door.png
File:S1e19 The tent of telepathy.pngFile:S1e19 The theif.pngFile:S1e19 The twin weirded out by the commercial.png
File:S1e19 Tick tock....pngFile:S1e19 To be continued 2.pngFile:S1e19 Triple hamster ball defense.png
File:S1e19 Triple team rescue.pngFile:S1e19 Tv fuzz Bill.pngFile:S1e19 Ugly Mabel.png
File:S1e19 Ultar Bill finishing this for good.pngFile:S1e19 Victory over Bill.pngFile:S1e19 Walking in a dreamy world.png
File:S1e19 Well dressed Dog.pngFile:S1e19 Wendy.pngFile:S1e19 Were going in.png
File:S1e19 Xyler.pngFile:S1e19 a dark day is coming.pngFile:S1e19 almost see the portal.png
File:S1e19 back of the negative 12 dollar bill.pngFile:S1e19 bby stan concept.jpgFile:S1e19 bill flame done deal.png
File:S1e19 bill in dip dream.jpgFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things.gifFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things.png
File:S1e19 bill knows lots of things10.pngFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things11.pngFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things12.png
File:S1e19 bill knows lots of things13.pngFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things14.pngFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things15.png
File:S1e19 bill knows lots of things16.pngFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things17.pngFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things18.png
File:S1e19 bill knows lots of things19.pngFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things2.pngFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things3.png
File:S1e19 bill knows lots of things4.pngFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things5.pngFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things6.png
File:S1e19 bill knows lots of things7.pngFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things8.pngFile:S1e19 bill knows lots of things9.png
File:S1e19 bill model sheet.jpgFile:S1e19 bill pose.pngFile:S1e19 bill snap.png
File:S1e19 bill thinking.pngFile:S1e19 blue expolsion.pngFile:S1e19 carla smooches stan.png
File:S1e19 deleted sceneFile:S1e19 dip and wendy bored.pngFile:S1e19 dip memories bg.jpg
File:S1e19 dipper angry about gideon cm.pngFile:S1e19 dipper keep out.pngFile:S1e19 disgusting dear teeth.png
File:S1e19 dream boy high.jpgFile:S1e19 dream boys.pngFile:S1e19 dream layout rough.jpg
File:S1e19 dream shack concept.jpgFile:S1e19 dream world concept.jpgFile:S1e19 dreamworld layout.jpg
File:S1e19 get to work Dipper.pngFile:S1e19 gideon before summoning Bill.pngFile:S1e19 gideon being chased.png
File:S1e19 gideon broke in.pngFile:S1e19 gideon hisses.pngFile:S1e19 gideon kicked out.png
File:S1e19 gideon marking his word.pngFile:S1e19 gideon on a bulldoser.pngFile:S1e19 gideon reading book 2.png
File:S1e19 gideon yells at stan.pngFile:S1e19 grandpa the kid.pngFile:S1e19 guess B5.png
File:S1e19 he always try to trick me.pngFile:S1e19 hit by laser.pngFile:S1e19 holy heck its bill.png
File:S1e19 i get tired during the day.pngFile:S1e19 ian worrel credits bg.jpgFile:S1e19 ian worrel mystery dream shack.jpg
File:S1e19 ian worrel outside dream shack.jpgFile:S1e19 just between u and me.pngFile:S1e19 little giddy to the eon.png
File:S1e19 memories in dreams concept.jpgFile:S1e19 new Gideon song.pngFile:S1e19 not playing this right.png
File:S1e19 old timey people celebrating violence.pngFile:S1e19 once i steal that deed.pngFile:S1e19 poor Stan.png
File:S1e19 posessed Stan 1.pngFile:S1e19 posessed Stan 2.pngFile:S1e19 posessed Stan 3.png
File:S1e19 posessed Stan 4.pngFile:S1e19 rainy shack.pngFile:S1e19 rainy what sign.png
File:S1e19 rough layout in dream.jpgFile:S1e19 stan's mindscape interior.pngFile:S1e19 stan pines....png
File:S1e19 stan punch.pngFile:S1e19 stan with the broom.pngFile:S1e19 staying in on a rainy day.png
File:S1e19 storyboard1.jpgFile:S1e19 storyboard10.jpgFile:S1e19 storyboard11.png
File:S1e19 storyboard2.jpgFile:S1e19 storyboard3.jpgFile:S1e19 storyboard4.jpg
File:S1e19 storyboard5.jpgFile:S1e19 storyboard6.jpgFile:S1e19 storyboard7.jpg
File:S1e19 storyboard8.jpgFile:S1e19 storyboard9.jpgFile:S1e19 tbc1.png
File:S1e19 tbc1b.pngFile:S1e19 tbc2.pngFile:S1e19 teen boys death.png
File:S1e19 the bad date.pngFile:S1e19 the fury of Bill.pngFile:S1e19 this is funny how dumb you are.png
File:S1e19 toad.pngFile:S1e19 uh gideon.pngFile:S1e19 unknown healing medicine.png
File:S1e19 various Stan memories 1.pngFile:S1e19 waiting on line.pngFile:S1e19 water tower.png
File:S1e19 wink.pngFile:S1e19 you'll never see the mystery shack.pngFile:S1e19 you can't lick it Soos.png
File:S1e1 - Wendy - Transparent - 04.pngFile:S1e1 3 book cursed doors.pngFile:S1e1 3 book floating eyeballs.png
File:S1e1 3 book gnomes.pngFile:S1e1 3 book introduction.pngFile:S1e1 3 book property of.png
File:S1e1 3 book the undead.pngFile:S1e1 3 book trust no one.pngFile:S1e1 3 undead other page too.png
File:S1e1 Book 3 eyepiece 2.pngFile:S1e1 Comparison meow wow sweater.pngFile:S1e1 DANCE DANCE DANCE.png
File:S1e1 Dip and Mabel in da shack.pngFile:S1e1 Dipper can't wait.pngFile:S1e1 Dipper four hands.png
File:S1e1 Dipper holding shovel confused.pngFile:S1e1 Dipper holding shovel moving gnome.pngFile:S1e1 Dipper to the rescue.png
File:S1e1 Dipper to the rescue2.pngFile:S1e1 Do the honors.pngFile:S1e1 Entering the shack.png
File:S1e1 First time with the new hat.pngFile:S1e1 Get in there.pngFile:S1e1 Giant's Ear.png
File:S1e1 Gnomes get busted.pngFile:S1e1 Griffin on wall.pngFile:S1e1 Grunkle Stan with mask.png
File:S1e1 How's it hanging.pngFile:S1e1 IRRESISTIBLLLLE.pngFile:S1e1 I agree to your hug.png
File:S1e1 I have to do it its my duty.pngFile:S1e1 Ill do it.pngFile:S1e1 Kiss me.png
File:S1e1 Let her go or else.pngFile:S1e1 Mabel and Dipper checking.pngFile:S1e1 Mabel and bobbleheads.png
File:S1e1 Mabel gets hit with cane.pngFile:S1e1 Mabel grossed out by gnome picture.pngFile:S1e1 Mabel looking at boy.png
File:S1e1 Mabel meets a boy.pngFile:S1e1 Mabel mocks Dipper.pngFile:S1e1 Mabel surprise.png
File:S1e1 Mabel you look sad.pngFile:S1e1 My arms are tired.pngFile:S1e1 Mystery Shack items for sale.png
File:S1e1 Norman frowning.pngFile:S1e1 Norman revealing identity to Mabel.pngFile:S1e1 Oh no a tree.png
File:S1e1 Original Gnome Page.jpgFile:S1e1 STAY BACK.pngFile:S1e1 Shack Main Floor Main.jpg
File:S1e1 So much gnomes.pngFile:S1e1 Soos heads for the mystery shack.pngFile:S1e1 Sorry bro bro.png
File:S1e1 Stan Pines; Man of Mystery.gifFile:S1e1 Stan entering the front door.pngFile:S1e1 Stan with money.png
File:S1e1 Sun.jpegFile:S1e1 That says bewarb.pngFile:S1e1 Thats for lying to me.png
File:S1e1 This is for messing with my brother.pngFile:S1e1 Way off.pngFile:S1e1 Where is Grunkle Stan when you need him.png
File:S1e1 Whoa Jeff look at your face.pngFile:S1e1 Wow look at this.pngFile:S1e1 You saved our butts back there.png
File:S1e1 You want some of this.pngFile:S1e1 about to enter the living room.pngFile:S1e1 absolutely!!!.png
File:S1e1 adorable twins.pngFile:S1e1 also not it.pngFile:S1e1 and then the pages just randomly stopped.png
File:S1e1 and then the pages just randomly stopped - transparent.pngFile:S1e1 angry gnome.pngFile:S1e1 are you actually not gonna show me.png
File:S1e1 attic floor1.pngFile:S1e1 awkward sibling hug.pngFile:S1e1 barf gnome code.png
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