File:S1e17 wendy transparent.pngFile:S1e17 west side story ref.pngFile:S1e17 what's that doing in our song.png
File:S1e17 what are you doing.pngFile:S1e17 what is wrong with you!.pngFile:S1e17 yes mabel-dog.png
File:S1e17 yo rosanna how u been girl.pngFile:S1e17 yo what up girl.pngFile:S1e17 you'd do that for us beef?.png
File:S1e17 you'd never lie to us.pngFile:S1e17 your darn right.pngFile:S1e18Mabel mimicking Dipper.png
File:S1e18 - Dipper - Transparent.pngFile:S1e18 - Mabel - Transparent.pngFile:S1e18 - Twins - Transparent - 01.png
File:S1e18 - Waddles - Transparent .pngFile:S1e18 10 babies.pngFile:S1e18 AAAAAAAH!!!!!.png
File:S1e18 A bad plan.PNGFile:S1e18 A lost sense of smell.pngFile:S1e18 A real dinosaur tooth!.png
File:S1e18 A tumble off the bridge.pngFile:S1e18 Above the church.pngFile:S1e18 Another lane.png
File:S1e18 Awkward silence.pngFile:S1e18 Aww.pngFile:S1e18 BFFS.png
File:S1e18 BF forever.pngFile:S1e18 BROS..pngFile:S1e18 BROS BEFORE DINOS!!!.png
File:S1e18 Bad Dinosaur, bad!.pngFile:S1e18 Bad Waddles.pngFile:S1e18 Be like me and Dipper!.png
File:S1e18 Beat up Stan.pngFile:S1e18 Blurry Dino Image.pngFile:S1e18 Bobby Renzobbi.png
File:S1e18 Boosh!.pngFile:S1e18 Camera.pngFile:S1e18 Camera C.png
File:S1e18 Can't take a hint.pngFile:S1e18 Cancel the order!.pngFile:S1e18 Check it out!.png
File:S1e18 Claws.pngFile:S1e18 Cornicorn!.pngFile:S1e18 Crying in reality.PNG
File:S1e18 Crying in the story.PNGFile:S1e18 Cute Waddles.pngFile:S1e18 Defeated..png
File:S1e18 Dinosaur falls.pngFile:S1e18 Dipper getting angry.pngFile:S1e18 Dipper worried about Soos.png
File:S1e18 Don't argue!.pngFile:S1e18 Don't look at me like that.pngFile:S1e18 Dumbest thing ever done.png
File:S1e18 Durland with maze game.pngFile:S1e18 Epic face off.pngFile:S1e18 Everyone's angry....png
File:S1e18 Everyone's angry again....pngFile:S1e18 Everyone's okay.pngFile:S1e18 Fail.png
File:S1e18 Feeding time.pngFile:S1e18 Follow this here trail.PNGFile:S1e18 Funny Stan.png
File:S1e18 Gasp.pngFile:S1e18 Go to bathroom.pngFile:S1e18 Gompers.png
File:S1e18 Goodbye.pngFile:S1e18 Grunkle Stan turn around!!!.pngFile:S1e18 Guilty Stan.png
File:S1e18 Hatching baby dino.pngFile:S1e18 He's okay!.pngFile:S1e18 Heh heh..png
File:S1e18 Here we go.pngFile:S1e18 Hey you!.pngFile:S1e18 High five!.png
File:S1e18 Holding hands.pngFile:S1e18 Huggy Wuvvy Tummy Bundle.pngFile:S1e18 Human gone.png
File:S1e18 I got my eye on you.pngFile:S1e18 I wonder what it was chasing....PNGFile:S1e18 Im not hearing a no.png
File:S1e18 Innocent.pngFile:S1e18 It's working.pngFile:S1e18 It escaped....PNG
File:S1e18 Kicking out.pngFile:S1e18 Kids talking to me....pngFile:S1e18 Look!.png
File:S1e18 Look out!.pngFile:S1e18 Looking at Stan.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel, Stan and Waddles Sleeping.png
File:S1e18 Mabel Dancing.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel Nooo!.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel and Waddles acting cool.jpg
File:S1e18 Mabel and Waddles acting cool.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel and Waddles cuddling.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel and Waddles dancing.png
File:S1e18 Mabel and Waddles dancing on the counter.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel and Waddles posing.jpgFile:S1e18 Mabel and Waddles posing.png
File:S1e18 Mabel and Waddles side step on the counter.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel and Waddles taking a picture.jpgFile:S1e18 Mabel and Waddles taking a picture.png
File:S1e18 Mabel being a pig.jpgFile:S1e18 Mabel being a pig.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel bumping Waddles.png
File:S1e18 Mabel eating a phone book.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel exclaims Waddles.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel exclaims Waddles again.png
File:S1e18 Mabel finds Waddles.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel getting angry.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel intro cuddling.png
File:S1e18 Mabel leaves an angry Stan.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel on her knees.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel on the floor.png
File:S1e18 Mabel owl sweater.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel playing with Waddles.pngFile:S1e18 Mabel screaming yes.png
File:S1e18 Mabel turns up the volume.pngFile:S1e18 Matching sweaters!.pngFile:S1e18 McGucket I'm ok.png
File:S1e18 Mister Pines!.pngFile:S1e18 Mushroom bounce.pngFile:S1e18 NO DICE, COWBOY..png
File:S1e18 Nervous Stan.pngFile:S1e18 New convertible.pngFile:S1e18 Nope..png
File:S1e18 Oh Grunkle Staaaaan!.pngFile:S1e18 Old Man McGucket says hi.pngFile:S1e18 On duty cops.jpg
File:S1e18 On duty cops.pngFile:S1e18 Other than Mabel notice.pngFile:S1e18 Out of the mine.png
File:S1e18 Peeking.PNGFile:S1e18 People freeze.pngFile:S1e18 Picture of Dino.png
File:S1e18 Pig Dance Party.jpgFile:S1e18 Pig Dance Party.pngFile:S1e18 Playin' dirty.png
File:S1e18 Please.jpgFile:S1e18 Please.pngFile:S1e18 Preparing.png
File:S1e18 Protect the pig, Stan!!.pngFile:S1e18 Pterodactyl bros.pngFile:S1e18 Punch! Punch!.png
File:S1e18 Punching in the face.pngFile:S1e18 Raptor.pngFile:S1e18 Relieved.png
File:S1e18 Rest in peace.pngFile:S1e18 Ride over.pngFile:S1e18 Ripped.png
File:S1e18 Security breach.pngFile:S1e18 Shooting out.pngFile:S1e18 Sight merging.png
File:S1e18 Smash.pngFile:S1e18 So I said....pngFile:S1e18 Soos ruins the photo.png
File:S1e18 Spending time with you.pngFile:S1e18 Stab you.pngFile:S1e18 Staircase entryway.png
File:S1e18 Stan, ATTACK!.pngFile:S1e18 Stan ANGRY!!!.pngFile:S1e18 Stan and Waddles duck.png
File:S1e18 Stan and Waddles hiding.pngFile:S1e18 Stan and Waddles in mud.pngFile:S1e18 Stan series punch.png
File:S1e18 Steak.pngFile:S1e18 Sticky Mabel and Stan.pngFile:S1e18 Sticky stuff.png
File:S1e18 Stolen Pig!.pngFile:S1e18 Take me instead!!!!.pngFile:S1e18 Talk to the back.jpg
File:S1e18 Talk to the back.pngFile:S1e18 Tenderly nursing.pngFile:S1e18 Thanks Stan.png
File:S1e18 That's Waddles.jpgFile:S1e18 That's my girl.pngFile:S1e18 That dumb thing must be hungry.png
File:S1e18 That thing destroyed my vest!.pngFile:S1e18 Thats Waddles.pngFile:S1e18 The creature found us.png
File:S1e18 The dino approaches.pngFile:S1e18 The egg hatches.pngFile:S1e18 The newborn is adorable.png
File:S1e18 The ride.pngFile:S1e18 They did it!.pngFile:S1e18 Too fast.png
File:S1e18 Trapped in sap.PNGFile:S1e18 Treasure.pngFile:S1e18 WHAT IS THAT.png
File:S1e18 WHY.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles Mabel reunion.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles above Stan.png
File:S1e18 Waddles and Mabel peep.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles behind Stan.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles being a pig.jpg
File:S1e18 Waddles being a pig.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles eating a book.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles freaks out.png
File:S1e18 Waddles has been stolen.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles head tilt.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles is taken.png
File:S1e18 Waddles kicked out.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles licking Mabel's hand.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles looking around.png
File:S1e18 Waddles no objection.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles oinks Mabel.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles runs.png
File:S1e18 Waddles slow motion.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles stare.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles superstar transparent.PNG
File:S1e18 Waddles waiting.pngFile:S1e18 Waddles you see.pngFile:S1e18 Walking on the counter.png
File:S1e18 We have to.pngFile:S1e18 Wet Mabel and Waddles.pngFile:S1e18 What an awesome bike.png
File:S1e18 What are you looking at.pngFile:S1e18 When all of a sudden.pngFile:S1e18 Who actually buys this stuff..png
File:S1e18 Who cares about.pngFile:S1e18 Wizard pig.pngFile:S1e18 Works for pigs.png
File:S1e18 Yee-haw!.pngFile:S1e18 You devil.pngFile:S1e18 You have glasses on....png
File:S1e18 You tried to guilt me.pngFile:S1e18 Your my favourite pig in the whole world.pngFile:S1e18 a lot of dead miners.png
File:S1e18 a sudden gust of wind.pngFile:S1e18 abandoned church.pngFile:S1e18 abandoned church and soos truck.png
File:S1e18 abandoned mines.pngFile:S1e18 adorable Dipper face.pngFile:S1e18 ahhhh.png
File:S1e18 articles.pngFile:S1e18 camera trip wires.pngFile:S1e18 closed sign.png
File:S1e18 come on man.pngFile:S1e18 cornicorn.pngFile:S1e18 crystal ball.png
File:S1e18 cute Mabel.pngFile:S1e18 cute mabel transparent.pngFile:S1e18 dead miner.png
File:S1e18 did u see that.pngFile:S1e18 dinosaurs.pngFile:S1e18 dipper abandoned mines plant.png
File:S1e18 eats a fly.pngFile:S1e18 ever notice stan's tattoo?.pngFile:S1e18 fairy.png
File:S1e18 inside the church.pngFile:S1e18 land before swine dino.pngFile:S1e18 lets do this.png
File:S1e18 looking at files.pngFile:S1e18 looking in fear.pngFile:S1e18 mabel defending waddles.png
File:S1e18 mabel flamingo sweater.pngFile:S1e18 mabel in dipper hat.pngFile:S1e18 mabel mimicking dipper.png
File:S1e18 mirror.pngFile:S1e18 mosquito.pngFile:S1e18 no....png
File:S1e18 no don't go.pngFile:S1e18 open sign.pngFile:S1e18 open window.png
File:S1e18 out house.pngFile:S1e18 porch.pngFile:S1e18 preview
File:S1e18 run.pngFile:S1e18 screaming.pngFile:S1e18 setting the trap
File:S1e18 shack.pngFile:S1e18 something big.pngFile:S1e18 soos abandoned mines plant.png
File:S1e18 speeding in red car.pngFile:S1e18 stan bribing waddles.pngFile:S1e18 stan getting mad.png
File:S1e18 stan getting mad2.pngFile:S1e18 stan goof.pngFile:S1e18 stan guiding tourists.png
File:S1e18 stan stunned.pngFile:S1e18 stan without glasses.pngFile:S1e18 sticky high five.png
File:S1e18 t-rex.pngFile:S1e18 t-rex amber.pngFile:S1e18 the creature.png
File:S1e18 totem pole.pngFile:S1e18 trees with soos and dip.pngFile:S1e18 waddles tethered.png
File:S1e18 walking in cave.pngFile:S1e18 way out.pngFile:S1e18 well....png
File:S1e18 what's that.pngFile:S1e18 what happened?.pngFile:S1e18 wow Stan.png
File:S1e18being cute and adorable.pngFile:S1e18tripping on Mabel and Waddles.pngFile:S1e19 A gross gift.png
File:S1e19 A mutual bond.pngFile:S1e19 A wounded Dipper.pngFile:S1e19 All dark Bill.png
File:S1e19 Are belovide Shack.pngFile:S1e19 Arrival in Stan's mind.pngFile:S1e19 Backwards magic.png
File:S1e19 Bat beats Dipper up.pngFile:S1e19 Big Stan head.pngFile:S1e19 Bijou theater.png
File:S1e19 Bill's back up close.pngFile:S1e19 Bill's creature page.pngFile:S1e19 Bill's laser gun attack.png
File:S1e19 Bill's mode of communication.pngFile:S1e19 Bill 618.gifFile:S1e19 Bill Wheel.gif
File:S1e19 Bill before entering Stan.pngFile:S1e19 Bill before using powers.pngFile:S1e19 Bill eye symbol 1.png
File:S1e19 Bill eye symbol 2.pngFile:S1e19 Bill eye symbol 3.pngFile:S1e19 Bill eye symbol 4.png
File:S1e19 Bill eye symbol 5.pngFile:S1e19 Bill eye symbol 6.pngFile:S1e19 Bill floating.png
File:S1e19 Bill gets a taste of his own medicine.pngFile:S1e19 Bill gun.pngFile:S1e19 Bill has the combination.png
File:S1e19 Bill is watching.pngFile:S1e19 Bill page.pngFile:S1e19 Bill portal.png
File:S1e19 Bill portal without eye.pngFile:S1e19 Bill star power.pngFile:S1e19 Bill with arms down.png
File:S1e19 Bill with arms up.pngFile:S1e19 Bill without his hat.pngFile:S1e19 Black and white Bill.png
File:S1e19 Black and white sky.pngFile:S1e19 Boop.pngFile:S1e19 Bring out 2.png
File:S1e19 Bud looks a bit ugly.pngFile:S1e19 Burrito Bites.pngFile:S1e19 Carla needs help.png
File:S1e19 Cat fists.pngFile:S1e19 Cats licking Mabel.pngFile:S1e19 Conflict Boat.png
File:S1e19 Cracked Bill.pngFile:S1e19 Cracking Bill.pngFile:S1e19 Craz.png
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