File:S1e16 hallway pan.pngFile:S1e16 hidden room birdseye.pngFile:S1e16 hole 12.png
File:S1e16 hole 3.pngFile:S1e16 hole 4.pngFile:S1e16 how that keep you up.png
File:S1e16 i'll still eatcha.pngFile:S1e16 i'm gonna wreck it.pngFile:S1e16 i am a boy now!.png
File:S1e16 i don't think i can do this anymore.pngFile:S1e16 i don't think i can do this anymore 2.pngFile:S1e16 is this some kinda tactic.png
File:S1e16 it's mabel.pngFile:S1e16 kaboom.pngFile:S1e16 kissing the invisable wizard.png
File:S1e16 kissy face.pngFile:S1e16 kissy face hug.pngFile:S1e16 knocking wakes her up.png
File:S1e16 lady.pngFile:S1e16 lady confused.pngFile:S1e16 lady portrait.png
File:S1e16 let's grow some mustaches!.pngFile:S1e16 like tetris.pngFile:S1e16 looking at their new bodies.png
File:S1e16 loud bang.pngFile:S1e16 mabel's the party gurl!.pngFile:S1e16 mabel chasing girls.png
File:S1e16 mabel commenting on book.pngFile:S1e16 mabel golf.pngFile:S1e16 mabel hand shake.png
File:S1e16 mabel has plans.pngFile:S1e16 mabel misses dipper.pngFile:S1e16 mabel pig.png
File:S1e16 mabel pillow on head.pngFile:S1e16 mabel scream.pngFile:S1e16 mabel sucks up more.png
File:S1e16 mabel throwing up.pngFile:S1e16 mabel traumatized.pngFile:S1e16 mabel trips.png
File:S1e16 mabel wakes.pngFile:S1e16 mabel wants it.pngFile:S1e16 mabel worried.png
File:S1e16 mabel would lose.pngFile:S1e16 magic money pants.pngFile:S1e16 magic money pants mabel.png
File:S1e16 main street.pngFile:S1e16 mcgucket candy.pngFile:S1e16 mcgucket chase soos.png
File:S1e16 meow meow meow.pngFile:S1e16 moment of contact in 3 2 1.pngFile:S1e16 mood swings.png
File:S1e16 more likeable.pngFile:S1e16 mouth hates me.pngFile:S1e16 mowing lawn.png
File:S1e16 need directions.pngFile:S1e16 no boys allowed.pngFile:S1e16 no boys girls boys allowed.png
File:S1e16 no choice.pngFile:S1e16 no summer reading.pngFile:S1e16 not going to suck up.png
File:S1e16 not in the mood.pngFile:S1e16 oh Waddles you scamp.pngFile:S1e16 omelette.png
File:S1e16 only 2 rooms.pngFile:S1e16 ooo mabel.pngFile:S1e16 out on the town.png
File:S1e16 out the window.pngFile:S1e16 owl eat tongue.pngFile:S1e16 pen click.png
File:S1e16 pig brain.pngFile:S1e16 pig dipper.pngFile:S1e16 pig mind soos.png
File:S1e16 pizza with glitter.pngFile:S1e16 preparing to hit.pngFile:S1e16 preparing to strike.png
File:S1e16 promotional poster.jpgFile:S1e16 puddle.pngFile:S1e16 punch gut.png
File:S1e16 regular rocks.pngFile:S1e16 ricochet.pngFile:S1e16 rock sandwich.png
File:S1e16 rom coms.pngFile:S1e16 room view.pngFile:S1e16 room wrecked.png
File:S1e16 sabotage.pngFile:S1e16 salivating mcgucket.pngFile:S1e16 second hole in window.png
File:S1e16 separate rooms.pngFile:S1e16 shack at dusk.pngFile:S1e16 shack at night.png
File:S1e16 shingles.pngFile:S1e16 shut up old man.pngFile:S1e16 sibling brothers.png
File:S1e16 skirt and hat.pngFile:S1e16 sleepover again.pngFile:S1e16 so crazy.png
File:S1e16 sobbing lady.pngFile:S1e16 someone doesn't look happy.pngFile:S1e16 something about you.png
File:S1e16 soos' warning.pngFile:S1e16 soos and mcgucket.pngFile:S1e16 soos as waddles.png
File:S1e16 soos burned.pngFile:S1e16 soos confused.pngFile:S1e16 soos finds door.png
File:S1e16 soos grenda.pngFile:S1e16 soos waddles transfer.pngFile:S1e16 stan chanting fight.png
File:S1e16 stan eating omelette.pngFile:S1e16 stan leaves.pngFile:S1e16 stan shot.png
File:S1e16 stans a good uncle.pngFile:S1e16 static.pngFile:S1e16 sweaty and awkward.png
File:S1e16 take that.pngFile:S1e16 take that old man!.pngFile:S1e16 taking cover.png
File:S1e16 the action in the room.pngFile:S1e16 the electric switchback.pngFile:S1e16 the horoscope didnt mention this.png
File:S1e16 the pig and old man run in.pngFile:S1e16 the prize.pngFile:S1e16 the talk.png
File:S1e16 the wolf is on a diet.pngFile:S1e16 those are stan's glasses.pngFile:S1e16 throwing up.png
File:S1e16 tie shoe.pngFile:S1e16 totem at night.pngFile:S1e16 transfer.png
File:S1e16 trying too hard.pngFile:S1e16 trying way too hard.pngFile:S1e16 tv knows what stan wants.png
File:S1e16 twin pile up.pngFile:S1e16 twins decide.pngFile:S1e16 twins fighting.png
File:S1e16 twins smile.pngFile:S1e16 twins watching dipper's ball.pngFile:S1e16 under the stars.png
File:S1e16 use of the room.pngFile:S1e16 waddles as soos.pngFile:S1e16 waddles eating scorecard.png
File:S1e16 waddles faces on glass.pngFile:S1e16 waddles glass lick.pngFile:S1e16 waddles hungry.png
File:S1e16 waddles leaves.pngFile:S1e16 waddles like a cat.pngFile:S1e16 waddles on ground.png
File:S1e16 waddles snacks.pngFile:S1e16 want to have a sleep over.pngFile:S1e16 was gonna give to mabel.png
File:S1e16 watsup bro.pngFile:S1e16 weathervane dawn.pngFile:S1e16 weathervane night.png
File:S1e16 wendy leaves.pngFile:S1e16 wendy sees soos.pngFile:S1e16 wendy sees waddles in soos.png
File:S1e16 what's up bro.pngFile:S1e16 what a scary makeover.pngFile:S1e16 what are Stan's glasses in the secret room.....hmm....png
File:S1e16 what did you say.pngFile:S1e16 why am i sweaty 2.pngFile:S1e16 yelling for stan.png
File:S1e17 BUY MORE KEYCHAINS.pngFile:S1e17 Behold! My Butt!.pngFile:S1e17 Candy's scream.png
File:S1e17 Candy and Waddles.pngFile:S1e17 Candy tackled.pngFile:S1e17 Civic Center.png
File:S1e17 Creggy kissing a tree.pngFile:S1e17 Dipper happy.jpgFile:S1e17 Dipper happy.png
File:S1e17 Dipper hugs Waddles 3.pngFile:S1e17 Dipper joyfully hugging Waddles.pngFile:S1e17 Dipper running.png
File:S1e17 Everyone...even a fan!.jpgFile:S1e17 Everyone...even a fan.pngFile:S1e17 Grenda's scream.png
File:S1e17 Im okay.pngFile:S1e17 Mabel's feeling cool!.pngFile:S1e17 Mabel Girl.png
File:S1e17 Mabel excited.pngFile:S1e17 McGucket's scream.pngFile:S1e17 OMG.png
File:S1e17 Robbie Singing.pngFile:S1e17 Robbie and Wendy.pngFile:S1e17 Robbie annoyed.png
File:S1e17 Sev'ral Timez.pngFile:S1e17 Sev'ral Timez1.pngFile:S1e17 Sev'ral Timez2.png
File:S1e17 Sev'ral Timez3.pngFile:S1e17 Sev'ral Timez4.pngFile:S1e17 Sev'ral Timez5.png
File:S1e17 Sev'ral Timez is comingFile:S1e17 Stan's car in the air.pngFile:S1e17 Stan tells Dipper.png
File:S1e17 THIS IS GRENDA TIME!!!.pngFile:S1e17 They're Not Going Anywhere.pngFile:S1e17 Wendy Mad At Dipper.png
File:S1e17 Wendy and Robbie.pngFile:S1e17 What did you just say, Dipper?.jpegFile:S1e17 apologies.png
File:S1e17 apology smile.pngFile:S1e17 are u kidding me.pngFile:S1e17 back of calendar.png
File:S1e17 back up.pngFile:S1e17 backstage.pngFile:S1e17 band leaving.png
File:S1e17 board of love.pngFile:S1e17 box error.pngFile:S1e17 boyband racing.png
File:S1e17 braid train.pngFile:S1e17 brain bout to explode.pngFile:S1e17 bratsman.png
File:S1e17 cackling evily.pngFile:S1e17 carla and the hippie.pngFile:S1e17 chubby z staring down the sun.png
File:S1e17 clones.pngFile:S1e17 clones more.pngFile:S1e17 clones underwear.jpg
File:S1e17 cloning tubes.pngFile:S1e17 cray cray.pngFile:S1e17 cute couple.png
File:S1e17 deer.pngFile:S1e17 dip and stan sharing colas.pngFile:S1e17 dipper ashamed.png
File:S1e17 dippers really happy.pngFile:S1e17 employees only.pngFile:S1e17 end 1.png
File:S1e17 end 2.pngFile:S1e17 end 3.pngFile:S1e17 end 4.png
File:S1e17 fans.pngFile:S1e17 fans leaving.pngFile:S1e17 favorite 1950's 1970's diner.png
File:S1e17 get to the bottom of this brown meat.pngFile:S1e17 giggling school girls.pngFile:S1e17 girls disappointed.png
File:S1e17 girls disappointed2.pngFile:S1e17 git im!.pngFile:S1e17 gold record scrath.png
File:S1e17 gompers chewing 2012 license plate.pngFile:S1e17 good...taste.pngFile:S1e17 good look.png
File:S1e17 goodbye.pngFile:S1e17 greatest day of my life.pngFile:S1e17 grenda and candy are no good.png
File:S1e17 grenda and candy judging you.pngFile:S1e17 grenda hun too much.pngFile:S1e17 group hug.png
File:S1e17 guys only think of themselves.pngFile:S1e17 hamster cage.pngFile:S1e17 he says he loves us.png
File:S1e17 hippie dude.pngFile:S1e17 hotpants turned bellbottoms.pngFile:S1e17 how could they resist.png
File:S1e17 how many times am i gonna love ya.pngFile:S1e17 how to drink water.pngFile:S1e17 how to drink water hmm....png
File:S1e17 how to drink water uh.pngFile:S1e17 i don't care about the messages.pngFile:S1e17 juke joint.png
File:S1e17 kitchen.pngFile:S1e17 mabel's gone boy crazy.pngFile:S1e17 mabel's our girl.png
File:S1e17 mabel's so cute tho.pngFile:S1e17 mabel and dip's bedroom door.pngFile:S1e17 mabel girl we trust you.png
File:S1e17 mabel mouth gone.pngFile:S1e17 mabel relaxing.pngFile:S1e17 mabel thinking dishonestly.png
File:S1e17 main door.pngFile:S1e17 makeout point.pngFile:S1e17 makeout point2.png
File:S1e17 manager.pngFile:S1e17 mcgucket.pngFile:S1e17 moneybags magazine.png
File:S1e17 moneybags magazine close up.pngFile:S1e17 my treat no touch.pngFile:S1e17 no she loves him.png
File:S1e17 no touchy.pngFile:S1e17 not how cds work.pngFile:S1e17 not sure about this relationship.png
File:S1e17 ooh mama.pngFile:S1e17 pitt cola.pngFile:S1e17 planning.png
File:S1e17 pose as a team.pngFile:S1e17 pretty boy rooting through trash.pngFile:S1e17 preview
File:S1e17 puppy pout.pngFile:S1e17 rainbow burst.pngFile:S1e17 replaceable clones.png
File:S1e17 robbie being a jerk.pngFile:S1e17 robbie crying.pngFile:S1e17 robbie dancing like a dork.png
File:S1e17 room side view.pngFile:S1e17 seen any perfect boys.pngFile:S1e17 shandra.png
File:S1e17 she looks mad.pngFile:S1e17 she loves him.pngFile:S1e17 show end.png
File:S1e17 smooch.pngFile:S1e17 snapping.pngFile:S1e17 sold out.png
File:S1e17 sold out2.pngFile:S1e17 soos gompers and that guy.pngFile:S1e17 sorry but his butt.png
File:S1e17 spit take.pngFile:S1e17 st on stange.pngFile:S1e17 stage door.png
File:S1e17 staircase entryway.pngFile:S1e17 stairs to from attic.pngFile:S1e17 stan's car.png
File:S1e17 stan and carla.pngFile:S1e17 stan and carla dance closeup.pngFile:S1e17 stan and carla dancin.png
File:S1e17 stan and carla dancin1.pngFile:S1e17 stan and carla dancin2.pngFile:S1e17 stan cam.png
File:S1e17 stan diner waitress.pngFile:S1e17 stan disappointed.pngFile:S1e17 stan hangin out.png
File:S1e17 stan shocked.pngFile:S1e17 staring at love board.pngFile:S1e17 step off.png
File:S1e17 stocking up for apocalypse.pngFile:S1e17 sup junior.pngFile:S1e17 suspicious cd.png
File:S1e17 tape is food.pngFile:S1e17 tapeman.pngFile:S1e17 the brown meat.png
File:S1e17 the goat did it.pngFile:S1e17 the real reason is you.pngFile:S1e17 this is fun.png
File:S1e17 threatening.pngFile:S1e17 ticket guy.pngFile:S1e17 uh oh robbie.png
File:S1e17 wait did u just call me beef?.pngFile:S1e17 we're clones!.pngFile:S1e17 we're criminals we'll cut you.png
File:S1e17 we meant to do that.pngFile:S1e17 wendy and dip laugh at mabel.pngFile:S1e17 wendy headin out with robbie.png
File:S1e17 wendy holding a CHIPS chip.pngFile:S1e17 wendy judging you.pngFile:S1e17 wendy thinking wtf.png
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