File:S1e13 sees Stan enter.pngFile:S1e13 shmipper and female farmer.pngFile:S1e13 shooing them away.png
File:S1e13 shredder.pngFile:S1e13 singin salmon.pngFile:S1e13 six pack a lope.png
File:S1e13 snow globes.pngFile:S1e13 soos and his questiony sketch.pngFile:S1e13 soos points at stan.png
File:S1e13 soos the question baby.pngFile:S1e13 stan betting.pngFile:S1e13 stan briefly accepts his fate.png
File:S1e13 stan complements dipper.pngFile:S1e13 stan hugging the twins.pngFile:S1e13 stan is happy.png
File:S1e13 stan is not liking the idea.pngFile:S1e13 stan ready to play.pngFile:S1e13 stan runs for his dignity.png
File:S1e13 stan strip.pngFile:S1e13 stan talking.pngFile:S1e13 stan with 300,000 dollars.png
File:S1e13 stan wrong dance.gifFile:S1e13 stickers.pngFile:S1e13 that price is unbelievably cheap.png
File:S1e13 the twins surprised.pngFile:S1e13 there we go profits are fixed.pngFile:S1e13 thumbs up.png
File:S1e13 time is up.pngFile:S1e13 touring.pngFile:S1e13 touring2.png
File:S1e13 two thumbs up for Boss Mabel.pngFile:S1e13 waddles holding mabel's calls.pngFile:S1e13 wallet people.png
File:S1e13 watching tv as a family.pngFile:S1e13 wendy transparent.pngFile:S1e13 what mabel became.png
File:S1e13 what you afriad of.pngFile:S1e13 whole busload of em.pngFile:S1e13 wolf boy says come on.png
File:S1e13 wolfboy dip.pngFile:S1e13 wolfboy dip2.pngFile:S1e13 words cannot express my feelings right now.png
File:S1e13 your face is RUINED.pngFile:S1e14 - Stan - Transparent - 02.pngFile:S1e14 3 under Dippers bed.png
File:S1e14 A flattered Blubs.pngFile:S1e14 Almost hitting Gompers.pngFile:S1e14 Back to the Shack!.png
File:S1e14 Back to the top of the pit.pngFile:S1e14 Ballway games.pngFile:S1e14 Bear chews seatbelt.png
File:S1e14 Bear driving Stanley Mobile.pngFile:S1e14 Blubs asking for an explanation.pngFile:S1e14 Blubs drop his coffee.png
File:S1e14 Bottomless Pit.pngFile:S1e14 Bottomless fez.pngFile:S1e14 Bulbs takes out the cuffs.png
File:S1e14 But no one will believe us.pngFile:S1e14 Card trick.pngFile:S1e14 Clap clap.PNG
File:S1e14 Code.pngFile:S1e14 DIE,DIE!.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper's new voice transparent.png
File:S1e14 Dipper Blushing-1-.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper about to cry.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper about to show his new voice.png
File:S1e14 Dipper and Mabel Cheer.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper and Mabel out of the pit.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper and Mabel shocked.png
File:S1e14 Dipper can't handle it.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper crying.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper drifting.png
File:S1e14 Dipper falling.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper gets mad at the gang.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper has to choose.png
File:S1e14 Dipper in fear.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper jumps.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper mad at Stan.png
File:S1e14 Dipper screams.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper shreading up the Taxes.pngFile:S1e14 Dipper walking in a nice background.png
File:S1e14 Doctor Medicine.pngFile:S1e14 Done.pngFile:S1e14 Escape !.png
File:S1e14 Footbot dancing.pngFile:S1e14 Footbot standing.pngFile:S1e14 Gift Shop Entrance with Stans car.png
File:S1e14 Good morning Dipper.pngFile:S1e14 Guess we'll never know.pngFile:S1e14 Hey I know you.png
File:S1e14 Hey guys.pngFile:S1e14 I'll back after these messages.pngFile:S1e14 I'll save you from this body switching warlock.png
File:S1e14 I'll tell you a story.PNGFile:S1e14 I'll tell you a story.pngFile:S1e14 I'm grunkle Stan.png
File:S1e14 I have neww voice.pngFile:S1e14 Invisible Force.pngFile:S1e14 Is it bottomless.png
File:S1e14 It was a cool voice wasnt it.pngFile:S1e14 Knocking down Stan.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel, Wendy, and Soos laughing.png
File:S1e14 Mabel Aah.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel and Waddles.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel blocking the light.png
File:S1e14 Mabel bounce 1.jpgFile:S1e14 Mabel bounce 2.jpgFile:S1e14 Mabel happy.png
File:S1e14 Mabel happy1.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel holding Waddles.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel is mad at Stan.png
File:S1e14 Mabel lays on the floor.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel lies.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel looking worried.png
File:S1e14 Mabel no like.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel not looking happy.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel opening with drama.png
File:S1e14 Mabel pushing the box.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel screams.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel shaking with fear.png
File:S1e14 Mabel shuts the door.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel squshing her cheeks.pngFile:S1e14 Mabel with Dipper's book.png
File:S1e14 Mabels side.pngFile:S1e14 Me and my gloating friends.pngFile:S1e14 Opening with a possible Manly Dan van.png
File:S1e14 Pig lands on Stan.pngFile:S1e14 Pitt cola in the air.pngFile:S1e14 Power button.png
File:S1e14 Ready.pngFile:S1e14 Removing Stans teeth.pngFile:S1e14 Scariest Pinball Machine.png
File:S1e14 Scary Voice.pngFile:S1e14 Sheriff Blubs mad.pngFile:S1e14 Soos, Dipper, and Mabel freed.png
File:S1e14 Soos attacks.pngFile:S1e14 Soos getting rid of his shoes.pngFile:S1e14 Soos screams.png
File:S1e14 Sound awesome.pngFile:S1e14 Spin the Pig.pngFile:S1e14 Spin the pig again!.png
File:S1e14 Squeaky puberty voice.pngFile:S1e14 Stan's cards are gone.pngFile:S1e14 Stan, Dipper, and Mabel watch Manly Dan wrestle a bear.png
File:S1e14 Stan - Transparent - 01.pngFile:S1e14 Stan Explaining to Blubs.pngFile:S1e14 Stan and Football Players.png
File:S1e14 Stan eats Dipper's spaghetti.pngFile:S1e14 Stan explaining his tax fraud.pngFile:S1e14 Stan falls back in the pit.png
File:S1e14 Stan gets a touch down.pngFile:S1e14 Stan getting rid of papers.pngFile:S1e14 Stan give himself up.png
File:S1e14 Stan looking for his girdle.pngFile:S1e14 Stan making fun of a man.pngFile:S1e14 Stan mocks Dipper.png
File:S1e14 Stan pointing.pngFile:S1e14 Stan reading newspaper.pngFile:S1e14 Stan screams.png
File:S1e14 Stan talking.pngFile:S1e14 Stan telling the truth to the police.pngFile:S1e14 Stan the card master.png
File:S1e14 Stan unhappy.pngFile:S1e14 Stan woke up.pngFile:S1e14 Stans fantasy.png
File:S1e14 Stans fantasy1.pngFile:S1e14 Stans fantasy2.pngFile:S1e14 Stans new teeth.png
File:S1e14 Stans turn for a story.pngFile:S1e14 Swifting Dipper.pngFile:S1e14 Tax Fraud.png
File:S1e14 Thank you beautiful woman.pngFile:S1e14 The Bear driving away.pngFile:S1e14 The box falls in the pit.png
File:S1e14 The burning skull.pngFile:S1e14 The permanent voice.pngFile:S1e14 The stadium.png
File:S1e14 The teeth swap.pngFile:S1e14 To drive.pngFile:S1e14 Truth ache.png
File:S1e14 Twin are gross out by Stan not washing his hands.pngFile:S1e14 UFO newspaper.pngFile:S1e14 Under the game.png
File:S1e14 Waddles is a genius.pngFile:S1e14 Walking to the Pit.pngFile:S1e14 Well that's the trick.png
File:S1e14 Which you can see here is Bottomless.pngFile:S1e14 Why did you spit on your hand.pngFile:S1e14 Yeah Dipper is back.png
File:S1e14 alex clown.pngFile:S1e14 angry bouncer.pngFile:S1e14 ariel hirsch pics.jpg
File:S1e14 ariel hirsch pics2.jpgFile:S1e14 bottomless pit sign.pngFile:S1e14 bouncer is angry.png
File:S1e14 car lab.pngFile:S1e14 considering letting Dipper and Mabel die.pngFile:S1e14 creepy love letters from Gideon.png
File:S1e14 dance to remix.pngFile:S1e14 dipper been snaked bit.pngFile:S1e14 dipper pillow.png
File:S1e14 dipper spin.pngFile:S1e14 dipper wake up.pngFile:S1e14 dipper waking mabel.png
File:S1e14 dippers side.pngFile:S1e14 driving the cart.pngFile:S1e14 el diablo.png
File:S1e14 escape pinball.pngFile:S1e14 falling into the pit.pngFile:S1e14 falling with the truth teeth.png
File:S1e14 front look.pngFile:S1e14 full terrain of the game.pngFile:S1e14 getting pulled into bottomless pit.png
File:S1e14 glowstick.pngFile:S1e14 gold nuggets.pngFile:S1e14 gompers.png
File:S1e14 goodbye forever!.pngFile:S1e14 helicopter hat kid.pngFile:S1e14 honeypants storyboard.jpg
File:S1e14 if you survive.pngFile:S1e14 indiana jones ref.pngFile:S1e14 introduction to the bottomless pit
File:S1e14 is this the end of trooth ache or the begining of the episode.pngFile:S1e14 keeping the story to ourselves.pngFile:S1e14 look at the bear.png
File:S1e14 looking at mabel.pngFile:S1e14 mabel earmuffs.pngFile:S1e14 mabel just keeps smiling.png
File:S1e14 mabel lifts waddles with her feet.pngFile:S1e14 mabel you stopped being mad the last episode.pngFile:S1e14 make the pig talk!.png
File:S1e14 mcgucket and chickens dance.pngFile:S1e14 monkey paw.pngFile:S1e14 mystery shack opening.jpg
File:S1e14 native american mabel.pngFile:S1e14 no TAX FRAUD.pngFile:S1e14 old Stan goof.png
File:S1e14 out of the pit.pngFile:S1e14 over the shoulder and through the woods.pngFile:S1e14 parked cart.png
File:S1e14 peanuts.pngFile:S1e14 pinball barrel 618.pngFile:S1e14 pit.png
File:S1e14 pit exit.pngFile:S1e14 poor ugly guy.pngFile:S1e14 portraits on wall.png
File:S1e14 prank calls.pngFile:S1e14 promo.jpgFile:S1e14 retrieved teeth.png
File:S1e14 shack.pngFile:S1e14 side table closer.pngFile:S1e14 sign backwards.png
File:S1e14 skull fracture.pngFile:S1e14 skull fracture inside.pngFile:S1e14 skull fracture stitch.png
File:S1e14 sleeping stan.pngFile:S1e14 someone noticed Blubs weight loss.pngFile:S1e14 something about a pit.png
File:S1e14 soos 500.pngFile:S1e14 soos and mabel watching tv.pngFile:S1e14 soos planning his elaborate plan.png
File:S1e14 soos playing.pngFile:S1e14 soos playing2.pngFile:S1e14 soos really great pinball story.png
File:S1e14 stan asleep.pngFile:S1e14 stan voice laugh.pngFile:S1e14 stans car.png
File:S1e14 stans room.pngFile:S1e14 such adorable twins.pngFile:S1e14 teeth shine.png
File:S1e14 the begining of Soos' really great yadda yadda yadda.pngFile:S1e14 the cops at the window.pngFile:S1e14 the first voice.png
File:S1e14 this is a dark day.pngFile:S1e14 this is impossible.pngFile:S1e14 this should be halarious!.png
File:S1e14 top scorers.pngFile:S1e14 truth telling teeth.pngFile:S1e14 tumbleweed terror game.png
File:S1e14 ugly guy.pngFile:S1e14 voice over.pngFile:S1e14 washing machine and boiler.png
File:S1e14 water tower.pngFile:S1e14 yay soos!.pngFile:S1e14 yellow means go.png
File:S1e14 your plan is to teach this bear to drive.pngFile:S1e14that plot twist.pngFile:S1e15 ...a Merman.....png
File:S1e15 ASSISTANT lifeguard.pngFile:S1e15 A good lifeguard assistant.pngFile:S1e15 Angry Stan.png
File:S1e15 BLACKMAIL.pngFile:S1e15 Breaking in.pngFile:S1e15 Breaking into the pool.png
File:S1e15 CAN YOU HANDLE THIS!!!!!.pngFile:S1e15 Cart chase.pngFile:S1e15 Covered it in glue last night!.png
File:S1e15 Dipper's coming.pngFile:S1e15 Dipper - Mermando the merman.pngFile:S1e15 Dipper Blushing.png
File:S1e15 Dipper being tested.pngFile:S1e15 Dipper catches Mabel.pngFile:S1e15 Dipper got the job.png
File:S1e15 Don't wind up in solitary.pngFile:S1e15 Go home, Soos.pngFile:S1e15 Going after her.png
File:S1e15 Going to go break rules somehwere else.pngFile:S1e15 Good plan, Stan!.pngFile:S1e15 Gravity Falls Pool.png
File:S1e15 Grunkle Stan sneaked in!.pngFile:S1e15 HEY THERE!!!!!.pngFile:S1e15 I'm upset...yet intigued....PNG
File:S1e15 I am.....pngFile:S1e15 I hate this!.pngFile:S1e15 I must go....png
File:S1e15 I understand.....PNGFile:S1e15 In the name of pool law!.pngFile:S1e15 Incoming.png
File:S1e15 Inflatable Ducks Unite!.png .pngFile:S1e15 Into the river.pngFile:S1e15 It's up to Wendy.png
File:S1e15 Jumping out of the cart.pngFile:S1e15 Lifeguard Dipper.pngFile:S1e15 Locked up.png
File:S1e15 Long explanation short.pngFile:S1e15 Mabel escapes!.pngFile:S1e15 Mabel foot on pedal.png
File:S1e15 Mabel trying to talk to a guy.pngFile:S1e15 Mcgucket lotioning uggggh.pngFile:S1e15 Mermando fail.png
File:S1e15 Mermando lying down.jpgFile:S1e15 Mermando on land.pngFile:S1e15 Mermando resurfaces.png
File:S1e15 Mind if I....pngFile:S1e15 Mr. Poolcheck.pngFile:S1e15 No.png
File:S1e15 Of course Mabel needs a cooler.pngFile:S1e15 PINES HERE NOW.pngFile:S1e15 Pitt cola.png
File:S1e15 Pitt cola machine.pngFile:S1e15 Quick, hide me!.pngFile:S1e15 SUCKAH!.png
File:S1e15 Sneaky about the rulebreaking.pngFile:S1e15 Soos' pool toy.pngFile:S1e15 Soos confused.png
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