File:S1e12 everyone stay quiet.pngFile:S1e12 eyes on soos.pngFile:S1e12 fear guy.png
File:S1e12 gang hiding.pngFile:S1e12 getting the car.pngFile:S1e12 go on without me Mabel!.png
File:S1e12 goodnight.pngFile:S1e12 gorney.pngFile:S1e12 gorney appears.png
File:S1e12 grabbing candy.pngFile:S1e12 grenda and candy.pngFile:S1e12 grenda headbutt.png
File:S1e12 group watches trickster leave.pngFile:S1e12 grunkle stan.pngFile:S1e12 guts.png
File:S1e12 hey gorney.pngFile:S1e12 hiding from the monster.pngFile:S1e12 houses inked.jpg
File:S1e12 houses sketched.jpgFile:S1e12 how about this for candy.pngFile:S1e12 in front of the trickster.png
File:S1e12 it was the monster.pngFile:S1e12 kids hiding.pngFile:S1e12 kids ready to fight.png
File:S1e12 kids watching the trickster.pngFile:S1e12 kitten video.pngFile:S1e12 knock knock.png
File:S1e12 knock on door.pngFile:S1e12 left jacket.pngFile:S1e12 licorice sticks.png
File:S1e12 lights out.pngFile:S1e12 listening.pngFile:S1e12 living.png
File:S1e12 living 2.pngFile:S1e12 looking at each other.pngFile:S1e12 looking at mabel.png
File:S1e12 looming trickster.pngFile:S1e12 loser candy.pngFile:S1e12 loser candy bowl.png
File:S1e12 mabel and dipper hide.pngFile:S1e12 mabel apologizes.pngFile:S1e12 mabel attacking.png
File:S1e12 mabel bandage.pngFile:S1e12 mabel costume.pngFile:S1e12 mabel coy.png
File:S1e12 mabel excited.pngFile:S1e12 mabel not happy.pngFile:S1e12 mabel sad.png
File:S1e12 mabel speech.pngFile:S1e12 mabel stare.pngFile:S1e12 mabel talks about no candy.png
File:S1e12 mabel upset.pngFile:S1e12 mabel with waddles.pngFile:S1e12 mabels bruise.png
File:S1e12 manly dan.pngFile:S1e12 meme1.pngFile:S1e12 meme2.png
File:S1e12 meme3.pngFile:S1e12 meme4.pngFile:S1e12 meme5.png
File:S1e12 meme6.pngFile:S1e12 meme7.pngFile:S1e12 meme8.png
File:S1e12 monster passing.pngFile:S1e12 more candy.pngFile:S1e12 mummykid.png
File:S1e12 neighborhood inked.jpgFile:S1e12 neighborhood sketched.jpgFile:S1e12 nightmare face.png
File:S1e12 nooo.pngFile:S1e12 nopeopenope.pngFile:S1e12 now youre worried.png
File:S1e12 of course not.pngFile:S1e12 off the hook.pngFile:S1e12 old man mcgucket.png
File:S1e12 on the car.pngFile:S1e12 pants caught in zipper.pngFile:S1e12 peanut butter and jelly.png
File:S1e12 pig in stomach.pngFile:S1e12 previewFile:S1e12 relief.png
File:S1e12 robbie's van.pngFile:S1e12 robbie ate a lollipop stick first.pngFile:S1e12 robbie van.png
File:S1e12 salt taffy.pngFile:S1e12 sand pop.pngFile:S1e12 scare crow.png
File:S1e12 scrapdoodle away.pngFile:S1e12 seatbelt check.pngFile:S1e12 soldierkid.png
File:S1e12 some bandages back at the shack.pngFile:S1e12 soos and skulls.pngFile:S1e12 soos driving into the trickster.png
File:S1e12 soos explaining summerween.pngFile:S1e12 soos no.pngFile:S1e12 soos saved us.png
File:S1e12 soos telling story.pngFile:S1e12 soos truck.pngFile:S1e12 soos trying to push.png
File:S1e12 stairway.pngFile:S1e12 stairway to kitchen.pngFile:S1e12 stairwaysummerween.png
File:S1e12 stan bucks.pngFile:S1e12 stan calender.pngFile:S1e12 stan flash bathroom.png
File:S1e12 stan freaked out.pngFile:S1e12 stan in costume.pngFile:S1e12 stans car.png
File:S1e12 summerween store.pngFile:S1e12 summerween store worker 2.pngFile:S1e12 summerween trickster at door.png
File:S1e12 summerween trickster sees dipper throwing candy.pngFile:S1e12 summerween trickster story.pngFile:S1e12 summerween trickster under light.png
File:S1e12 summerween worker.pngFile:S1e12 susan and cats.pngFile:S1e12 talking skull.png
File:S1e12 tambrys party.pngFile:S1e12 tearful biker.pngFile:S1e12 teepeed.png
File:S1e12 telling about robbie.pngFile:S1e12 thanks for the candy.pngFile:S1e12 thats not true.png
File:S1e12 thats why.pngFile:S1e12 the party was lame.pngFile:S1e12 third knock.png
File:S1e12 this is a mask.pngFile:S1e12 toby determined.pngFile:S1e12 trash can.png
File:S1e12 trick or treat.pngFile:S1e12 trick or treat or die.pngFile:S1e12 trick or treating.png
File:S1e12 trickster back.pngFile:S1e12 trickster coming.pngFile:S1e12 trickster enter.png
File:S1e12 trickster finger point.pngFile:S1e12 trickster first view.pngFile:S1e12 trickster getting together.png
File:S1e12 trickster grabbing mabel.pngFile:S1e12 trickster holding jack o melon.pngFile:S1e12 trickster knocked down.png
File:S1e12 trickster photo.pngFile:S1e12 trickster promo comparison.pngFile:S1e12 trickster roof.png
File:S1e12 trickster with dipper.pngFile:S1e12 tricksterreveal.pngFile:S1e12 twins.png
File:S1e12 twins costume dance.pngFile:S1e12 twins crash.pngFile:S1e12 twins goofing off.png
File:S1e12 twins grins.pngFile:S1e12 twins high five.pngFile:S1e12 uh guys.png
File:S1e12 uh oh.pngFile:S1e12 until the last jackomelon.pngFile:S1e12 waddles in costume.png
File:S1e12 waddles memes promoFile:S1e12 want some.pngFile:S1e12 wasted candy.png
File:S1e12 water tower.pngFile:S1e12 we're saved.pngFile:S1e12 we had all 500.png
File:S1e12 wendy and robbie party.pngFile:S1e12 wendy at the shack.pngFile:S1e12 wendy back at mystery shack.png
File:S1e12 wendy looking at dipper.pngFile:S1e12 wendy robbie dipper.pngFile:S1e12 wendy van.png
File:S1e12 what to tell mabel.pngFile:S1e12 where is my candy.pngFile:S1e12 which one.png
File:S1e12 whoa.pngFile:S1e12 with my sister.pngFile:S1e12 yadda yadda tick or treat blah blah or die.png
File:S1e12 zelda allusion.pngFile:S1e13 $300,000.pngFile:S1e13 300,000 dollars.png
File:S1e13 3 days 72 hours.pngFile:S1e13 A Giant Coin.pngFile:S1e13 A real mystery hunter.png
File:S1e13 Armed Dipper.pngFile:S1e13 Blind-fezed.pngFile:S1e13 Boss Mabel.png
File:S1e13 Bumper Stickers.pngFile:S1e13 But they taste just like chips.pngFile:S1e13 Car Sick.png
File:S1e13 Cash Wheel.pngFile:S1e13 Chipackerz ad.pngFile:S1e13 Collecting money.png
File:S1e13 Deals.pngFile:S1e13 Dipper falling.pngFile:S1e13 Dipper out.png
File:S1e13 Dipper realizes.pngFile:S1e13 DisGrunkled Stan.pngFile:S1e13 Doug.png
File:S1e13 Friends at work.pngFile:S1e13 GET BACK TO WORK please.pngFile:S1e13 GRUNKLE STAN!!.png
File:S1e13 Gremloblin Angry.pngFile:S1e13 Gremloblin with wings.pngFile:S1e13 Hackey sack.png
File:S1e13 Higher the better!.pngFile:S1e13 How'd he get out.pngFile:S1e13 I will get the camera.png
File:S1e13 Insane.pngFile:S1e13 It's unbearable!.pngFile:S1e13 Let in sunshine.png
File:S1e13 Losing Money for Repairs.pngFile:S1e13 Mabel's Idea.pngFile:S1e13 Mabel and Stan make a deal
File:S1e13 Mabel angry.pngFile:S1e13 Mabel being rude.pngFile:S1e13 Mabel frowning.png
File:S1e13 Mabel gives Waddles a dollar.pngFile:S1e13 Mabel gives a bumper sticker.pngFile:S1e13 Mabel with bumper sticker.png
File:S1e13 New attractions.pngFile:S1e13 O MY GOOOOOD SO CUTE.pngFile:S1e13 Only seven hours.png
File:S1e13 Orange shirt woman doppleganger.pngFile:S1e13 Pitt cola.pngFile:S1e13 Pitt cola animation is off.png
File:S1e13 Poor Soos.pngFile:S1e13 Positive and friendly.pngFile:S1e13 Random giving.png
File:S1e13 Rich.pngFile:S1e13 Royal order logo.pngFile:S1e13 Running away.png
File:S1e13 SELVES.pngFile:S1e13 Serious.pngFile:S1e13 Shut Your Yaps.png
File:S1e13 Soos' suit.pngFile:S1e13 Soos about to cry.pngFile:S1e13 Soos crying.png
File:S1e13 Soos enters.pngFile:S1e13 Soos stops crying.pngFile:S1e13 Soos tells of tourists.png
File:S1e13 Sort of an emplyee.....pngFile:S1e13 Stan's Office.pngFile:S1e13 Stan admits defeat.png
File:S1e13 Stan loses a fortune.pngFile:S1e13 Stan sets up clock.pngFile:S1e13 Stan talks to the audience.png
File:S1e13 Stan waiting.pngFile:S1e13 Stan with his arm up.pngFile:S1e13 Stan with stickers.png
File:S1e13 Strange unnamed creature.pngFile:S1e13 Stronger stage.pngFile:S1e13 Succeeding in management 1983.png
File:S1e13 Take a look!.pngFile:S1e13 Tambry drinking Pitt cola.pngFile:S1e13 Time cards 1.png
File:S1e13 Time cards 2.pngFile:S1e13 Time cards 3.pngFile:S1e13 Time to prove.png
File:S1e13 Two people gone insane.pngFile:S1e13 Uh oh.pngFile:S1e13 Use water....png
File:S1e13 Wallets with legs.pngFile:S1e13 We Put The Fun In No Refunds.pngFile:S1e13 Wendy I trusted you.png
File:S1e13 Wendy Thumbs Up transparent.pngFile:S1e13 a lot of cleaning.pngFile:S1e13 a shirt fit for losers.png
File:S1e13 awarded with star stickers.pngFile:S1e13 back to work dipper!.pngFile:S1e13 beavercorn.png
File:S1e13 behold.pngFile:S1e13 billy.pngFile:S1e13 brain in bottle.png
File:S1e13 bumper stickers.pngFile:S1e13 but then.pngFile:S1e13 cash weel.png
File:S1e13 cash wheel board.pngFile:S1e13 cash wheel host.pngFile:S1e13 cash wheel stage.png
File:S1e13 celebrating Stan losing.pngFile:S1e13 chanting cash wheel.pngFile:S1e13 check out this.png
File:S1e13 checking her notebook.pngFile:S1e13 cuckoo clock.pngFile:S1e13 dipper giving people a tour.png
File:S1e13 dipper presenting to the tour the question baby.pngFile:S1e13 dipper reminds mabel of the bet.pngFile:S1e13 dipper smiling.png
File:S1e13 doggy.pngFile:S1e13 donna.pngFile:S1e13 dunno de-meaning of that word.png
File:S1e13 eating hat.pngFile:S1e13 end credits cryptogram.pngFile:S1e13 fake heart attack.png
File:S1e13 fake heart attack~2.pngFile:S1e13 front of shack.pngFile:S1e13 getting money thrown at you is great.png
File:S1e13 giving back the fez.pngFile:S1e13 gompers.pngFile:S1e13 grabbing money.png
File:S1e13 gremgoblin through hole.pngFile:S1e13 grizzlycorn.pngFile:S1e13 have your picture taken with dipper.png
File:S1e13 high five.pngFile:S1e13 hmmmm that could use fixing.pngFile:S1e13 hole in wall.png
File:S1e13 horse riding a horse.pngFile:S1e13 how much did you get.pngFile:S1e13 human arm.png
File:S1e13 indie fuzz.pngFile:S1e13 it's free.pngFile:S1e13 jar slipped.png
File:S1e13 jar slipping.pngFile:S1e13 leadership poster.pngFile:S1e13 long cash weel line.png
File:S1e13 lost in the woods.pngFile:S1e13 mabel and dipper run.pngFile:S1e13 mabel angry transparent.png
File:S1e13 mabel as the boss.jpgFile:S1e13 mabel fixing postcard rack.pngFile:S1e13 mabel loses her temper.png
File:S1e13 mabel milk shakes.pngFile:S1e13 mabel saying stan is better at bossing people.pngFile:S1e13 mabel snaps.png
File:S1e13 mabel snaps pen.pngFile:S1e13 mabel transparent frown.pngFile:S1e13 mabel with some stickers.png
File:S1e13 making the shack sign glittery.pngFile:S1e13 mama mia this is like heaven.pngFile:S1e13 man in blue.png
File:S1e13 maybe thats why hes so mean.pngFile:S1e13 money shower.pngFile:S1e13 new management.png
File:S1e13 nice job stan.pngFile:S1e13 oh wait here they are!.pngFile:S1e13 one dollar.png
File:S1e13 penny machine.pngFile:S1e13 penny machine ooo.pngFile:S1e13 pleading for stan to stay in charge.png
File:S1e13 please.pngFile:S1e13 pointed nose woman.pngFile:S1e13 prepare yourself mabel.png
File:S1e13 previewFile:S1e13 put up your dukes you bald fiend!.pngFile:S1e13 questiony sketch.png
File:S1e13 rich and stan on tv.pngFile:S1e13 sad little boy.pngFile:S1e13 see your worst fears.png
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