File:S1e11 dipper not amused.pngFile:S1e11 dipper reading.pngFile:S1e11 dipper reading book.png
File:S1e11 dipper really.pngFile:S1e11 dipper screaming.pngFile:S1e11 dipper taller.png
File:S1e11 dipper using flashlight.pngFile:S1e11 dipper victory.pngFile:S1e11 doesn't matter.png
File:S1e11 doggie door.pngFile:S1e11 don't fall for it wife.pngFile:S1e11 dont know how to respond.png
File:S1e11 dont mind if i.pngFile:S1e11 ears always that big.pngFile:S1e11 eating check.png
File:S1e11 employee only door.pngFile:S1e11 end credits cryptogram.pngFile:S1e11 equal height.png
File:S1e11 escorting gideon out.pngFile:S1e11 extra millimeter.pngFile:S1e11 fat angel.png
File:S1e11 fiddleford.pngFile:S1e11 fighting over flashlight.pngFile:S1e11 flashlight.png
File:S1e11 flashlight on ground.pngFile:S1e11 floorroom.pngFile:S1e11 getting angry.png
File:S1e11 giant gideon laughing.pngFile:S1e11 gid looking around.pngFile:S1e11 gid nervous.png
File:S1e11 gideon's desk.pngFile:S1e11 gideon's id card.pngFile:S1e11 gideon's room.png
File:S1e11 gideon appears.pngFile:S1e11 gideon at mystery shack.pngFile:S1e11 gideon being tickled.png
File:S1e11 gideon chair.pngFile:S1e11 gideon close up.pngFile:S1e11 gideon cursing stan.png
File:S1e11 gideon dancing with a piece of paper.pngFile:S1e11 gideon desk.pngFile:S1e11 gideon disbelieving.png
File:S1e11 gideon drops flashlight.pngFile:S1e11 gideon evil laugh.pngFile:S1e11 gideon finger up.png
File:S1e11 gideon flashlight.pngFile:S1e11 gideon flashlight shrink stan.pngFile:S1e11 gideon hairbrush phone.png
File:S1e11 gideon hand raised.pngFile:S1e11 gideon has an idea.pngFile:S1e11 gideon has twins.png
File:S1e11 gideon hates being tickled.pngFile:S1e11 gideon holding dolls.pngFile:S1e11 gideon holding mabel.png
File:S1e11 gideon holds dolls.pngFile:S1e11 gideon ice cream.pngFile:S1e11 gideon is angry.png
File:S1e11 gideon laugh 01.pngFile:S1e11 gideon laughing.pngFile:S1e11 gideon laughing flashlight.png
File:S1e11 gideon licking hand.pngFile:S1e11 gideon mirror maze.pngFile:S1e11 gideon on bus.png
File:S1e11 gideon on floor.pngFile:S1e11 gideon on floor angry.pngFile:S1e11 gideon pacing.png
File:S1e11 gideon point light.pngFile:S1e11 gideon reading.pngFile:S1e11 gideon releases twins.png
File:S1e11 gideon screaming.pngFile:S1e11 gideon shocked by stan.pngFile:S1e11 gideon shrink twins.png
File:S1e11 gideon starts laughing.pngFile:S1e11 gideon termites.pngFile:S1e11 gideon testing flashlight.png
File:S1e11 gideon thinks he's gonna win.pngFile:S1e11 gideon throws his phone.pngFile:S1e11 gideon throws phone.png
File:S1e11 gideon too small.pngFile:S1e11 gideon wants shack.pngFile:S1e11 gideon worms eye view.png
File:S1e11 gideons mom.pngFile:S1e11 gift shop steps.pngFile:S1e11 giftshop entry.png
File:S1e11 giftshop slight overhead.pngFile:S1e11 gleeful residence.pngFile:S1e11 gleeful residence at night.png
File:S1e11 going for flashlight.pngFile:S1e11 growth spurt.pngFile:S1e11 guard them.png
File:S1e11 gummy koala in hair.pngFile:S1e11 hairspray.pngFile:S1e11 hangs up.png
File:S1e11 harm a hair on your head.pngFile:S1e11 he kinda soos'd that one up.pngFile:S1e11 hello.png
File:S1e11 herd of mini deer.pngFile:S1e11 hidden money.pngFile:S1e11 high five hard.png
File:S1e11 horsies.pngFile:S1e11 huge butterfly.pngFile:S1e11 huge caterpiller.png
File:S1e11 in art of war book.pngFile:S1e11 invisible wizard.pngFile:S1e11 is no laughing matter.png
File:S1e11 jar brains.pngFile:S1e11 jar escape.pngFile:S1e11 kept millimeter.png
File:S1e11 kitchen stan.pngFile:S1e11 lamp.pngFile:S1e11 lawyer.png
File:S1e11 lazy susan and gideon.pngFile:S1e11 lean closer.pngFile:S1e11 leave it to mabel.png
File:S1e11 light of my life.pngFile:S1e11 little brother.pngFile:S1e11 little dipper.png
File:S1e11 little ol me.pngFile:S1e11 long way down.pngFile:S1e11 mabel and soos.png
File:S1e11 mabel big.pngFile:S1e11 mabel closet.pngFile:S1e11 mabel eating.png
File:S1e11 mabel gummy koalas.pngFile:S1e11 mabel hand.pngFile:S1e11 mabel looking at dipper.png
File:S1e11 mabel raspberry.pngFile:S1e11 mabel steals flashlight.pngFile:S1e11 mabel still taller.png
File:S1e11 mabel tackles dipper.pngFile:S1e11 mabel tiny head.pngFile:S1e11 magic.png
File:S1e11 mask transparent.pngFile:S1e11 maybe he didn't know.pngFile:S1e11 measure dipper.png
File:S1e11 measure mabel.pngFile:S1e11 mini deer on dipper.pngFile:S1e11 mini eagle.png
File:S1e11 mirror maze.pngFile:S1e11 mirrors cost 500.pngFile:S1e11 money.png
File:S1e11 more ice cream.pngFile:S1e11 more short jokes.pngFile:S1e11 mountain lion.png
File:S1e11 mountain lion bite.pngFile:S1e11 mountain lion on tree.pngFile:S1e11 mouth breathing fool.png
File:S1e11 mr and mrs gleeful.pngFile:S1e11 mrs gleeful.pngFile:S1e11 mystery shack model.png
File:S1e11 never.pngFile:S1e11 no laughing matter.pngFile:S1e11 normal hand karate chop.png
File:S1e11 not speaking english.pngFile:S1e11 not taller.pngFile:S1e11 notice anything.png
File:S1e11 on dollar sign.pngFile:S1e11 perspective.pngFile:S1e11 put ur hands in the air if u just dont care!.png
File:S1e11 rope out of hair.pngFile:S1e11 same height.pngFile:S1e11 second door on left.png
File:S1e11 secret.pngFile:S1e11 shack.pngFile:S1e11 shack holds mysteries.png
File:S1e11 short term memory.pngFile:S1e11 shrinks soos.pngFile:S1e11 signed over mystery shack.png
File:S1e11 signing.pngFile:S1e11 sky high prices.pngFile:S1e11 small dipper mabel.png
File:S1e11 smaller.pngFile:S1e11 smash.pngFile:S1e11 smug gideon.png
File:S1e11 so shiny.pngFile:S1e11 soos.pngFile:S1e11 soos chip.png
File:S1e11 soos fall.pngFile:S1e11 soos fez.pngFile:S1e11 soos mirrors.png
File:S1e11 soos still small.pngFile:S1e11 sound of mockery.pngFile:S1e11 squash you.png
File:S1e11 stan consoling gideon.pngFile:S1e11 stan cornered.pngFile:S1e11 stan cornered 01.png
File:S1e11 stan cornered 02.pngFile:S1e11 stan holding phone.pngFile:S1e11 stan in mirror maze.png
File:S1e11 stan opens door.pngFile:S1e11 stan smiling.pngFile:S1e11 stan teases gideon.png
File:S1e11 stan teasing dipper.pngFile:S1e11 stan wants a pictures.pngFile:S1e11 suck a lemon.png
File:S1e11 superior sibling.pngFile:S1e11 tackle.pngFile:S1e11 talking horse.png
File:S1e11 tax collector.pngFile:S1e11 teasing dipper all day.pngFile:S1e11 termites eat bat.png
File:S1e11 termites jar open.pngFile:S1e11 termites on gideon's hair.pngFile:S1e11 text you a photo.png
File:S1e11 this is gideon.pngFile:S1e11 tiny cat.pngFile:S1e11 tiny twins.png
File:S1e11 to his armpit.pngFile:S1e11 too big.pngFile:S1e11 trying to escape from a glass prison.png
File:S1e11 turtle table.pngFile:S1e11 twins bickering.pngFile:S1e11 twins flying.png
File:S1e11 twins flying pigeons.pngFile:S1e11 twins get flashlight.pngFile:S1e11 twins in boot.png
File:S1e11 twins jar.pngFile:S1e11 twins laughing.pngFile:S1e11 twins playing checkers.png
File:S1e11 twins repelling.pngFile:S1e11 twins scared.pngFile:S1e11 twins see gideon leaving.png
File:S1e11 twins shrink.pngFile:S1e11 twins tickling.pngFile:S1e11 under car.png
File:S1e11 use them.pngFile:S1e11 vengeanceFile:S1e11 watching tv.png
File:S1e11 welcome.pngFile:S1e11 what's in the jar.pngFile:S1e11 what's that.png
File:S1e11 what.pngFile:S1e11 what happened.pngFile:S1e11 what is gideon doing.png
File:S1e11 which is the trap door.pngFile:S1e11 winner.pngFile:S1e11 wish i was a highway.png
File:S1e11 wizard in the closet.pngFile:S1e11 woodpecker.pngFile:S1e11 worst plan yet.png
File:S1e11 yoou.pngFile:S1e12 500 impossible.pngFile:S1e12 90's kids with Jack O' Melons.png
File:S1e12 90s Teenagers Dumb Candy.pngFile:S1e12 AAAAAH what a horrible...face...pngFile:S1e12 Candy Chiu and Grenda hiding.png
File:S1e12 Candy Haul.pngFile:S1e12 Creature in the coat snickers Soos candy.pngFile:S1e12 Dipper, Grenda, and Candy Chiu hide.jpeg
File:S1e12 Dipper Lying.pngFile:S1e12 Dipper Mabel hug.pngFile:S1e12 Dipper and Candy aghast at Summerween Trickster.png
File:S1e12 Dipper being stubborn.pngFile:S1e12 Dipper in peanut butter costume Mabel in strawberry jam costume.pngFile:S1e12 Dipper sees Wendy with Robbie.png
File:S1e12 Dipper vs Summerween Trickster.pngFile:S1e12 Grunkle Stan's Skeleton Mask.pngFile:S1e12 Grunkle Stan in the Summerween Store.png
File:S1e12 Grunkle Stan laughs.pngFile:S1e12 Grunkle Stan throws a smoke bomb.pngFile:S1e12 Grunkle Stan without shirt.png
File:S1e12 I was trick or treating.pngFile:S1e12 It's Been a Stressful Day.pngFile:S1e12 Mabel, Dipper, Soos, Grenda, and Candy Chiu asking for candy from Lazy Susan.png
File:S1e12 Mabel and Dipper captured.pngFile:S1e12 Mabel and Dipper get candy from a biker.pngFile:S1e12 Mabel talks to Dipper.png
File:S1e12 Mabel with Candy Chiu in a wheelbarrow with candy.pngFile:S1e12 Mummy kid and Solider kid scare Grunkle Stan.pngFile:S1e12 Mystery Shack Summerween.jpg
File:S1e12 No Candy.pngFile:S1e12 Robbie and Wendy in van.pngFile:S1e12 Scrap Book 3rd Grade.png
File:S1e12 Scrap Book 3yrs old.pngFile:S1e12 Scrap Book 6th Grade.pngFile:S1e12 Shocked.png
File:S1e12 Soos in Gorilla suit.pngFile:S1e12 Soos with The Creature in a coat.pngFile:S1e12 Soos with The Summerween Trickster.png
File:S1e12 Stan can't scare kids.pngFile:S1e12 Summerween Monster Hand.pngFile:S1e12 Summerween Trickster.png
File:S1e12 Summerween Trickster Sketches.jpgFile:S1e12 Summerween Trickster jumping.pngFile:S1e12 Summerween superstore inside pan1.png
File:S1e12 Summerween superstore pines family pan.pngFile:S1e12 Summerween superstore sir stop that pan.pngFile:S1e12 The Creature in the coat hangs on the lampost.png
File:S1e12 The Summerween Trickster in the dark.pngFile:S1e12 The Summerween Trickster on a roof.pngFile:S1e12 The Trickster lays down.png
File:S1e12 Trick or Treating Memories.pngFile:S1e12 Trickster drool.pngFile:S1e12 Trickster grabbing the kids.png
File:S1e12 Trickster pokes Candy.pngFile:S1e12 Waddles squealing.pngFile:S1e12 Waddles with candy in a bowl.png
File:S1e12 aaahh.pngFile:S1e12 already our last one.pngFile:S1e12 are you ok.png
File:S1e12 attack the monster.pngFile:S1e12 awkard silence.pngFile:S1e12 awww.png
File:S1e12 backstory time.pngFile:S1e12 bandage.pngFile:S1e12 bat-eries.png
File:S1e12 bath.pngFile:S1e12 blocking the exit.pngFile:S1e12 blubs durland.png
File:S1e12 break!.pngFile:S1e12 busted.pngFile:S1e12 cackling skull.png
File:S1e12 candy and dipper.pngFile:S1e12 candy and grenda scared.pngFile:S1e12 candy bags.png
File:S1e12 cashier hates summerween.pngFile:S1e12 cashier hears pines family.pngFile:S1e12 cashier looking at stan bucks.png
File:S1e12 celebrate pure evil.pngFile:S1e12 conflict.pngFile:S1e12 costume change.png
File:S1e12 cute face.pngFile:S1e12 delicious children.pngFile:S1e12 didnt pay.png
File:S1e12 dipper and mabel on the road.pngFile:S1e12 dipper answers again.pngFile:S1e12 dipper answers door.png
File:S1e12 dipper answers to trickster.pngFile:S1e12 dipper comes down stairs.pngFile:S1e12 dipper gags.png
File:S1e12 dipper not trick or treating.pngFile:S1e12 dipper sees mabel caught.pngFile:S1e12 dipper sick.png
File:S1e12 dipper still sick.pngFile:S1e12 dipper tells off trickster.pngFile:S1e12 dipper throws away candy.png
File:S1e12 disguise of some kind.pngFile:S1e12 dont blow the candle.pngFile:S1e12 dont you dare.png
File:S1e12 doomed.pngFile:S1e12 door open.pngFile:S1e12 dropped the jackomellon.png
File:S1e12 eject pines family.pngFile:S1e12 end credits.pngFile:S1e12 end credits cryptogram.png
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