File:S1e10 8-Bit Gravity Falls Animated.gifFile:S1e10 Circle Park Bird Eye.pngFile:S1e10 Circle Park Full.png
File:S1e10 Dipper and Robbie.pngFile:S1e10 Dipper looking at the start button.pngFile:S1e10 Dipper on the ground.png
File:S1e10 FIST...PUNCH...RAIN!!!.pngFile:S1e10 Gravity Falls Main Square.pngFile:S1e10 Grunkle Stan with a pair of high heels.png
File:S1e10 Mcgucket dancing 1.pngFile:S1e10 Mcgucket dancing 2.pngFile:S1e10 Old Man McGucket dancing.png
File:S1e10 Pac man.pngFile:S1e10 Pitt cola truck.pngFile:S1e10 Scout's Honor Sweater.png
File:S1e10 Ultimate Power Code.pngFile:S1e10 Water Tower Spray Paint Explosion Muffin.pngFile:S1e10 all you can eat.png
File:S1e10 almost killed him.pngFile:S1e10 amiable sidekick.pngFile:S1e10 aoshima storyboard.jpg
File:S1e10 arcade.pngFile:S1e10 back on tower.pngFile:S1e10 barrel company.png
File:S1e10 begin fight.pngFile:S1e10 blue fireball.pngFile:S1e10 bonus round.png
File:S1e10 bright light.pngFile:S1e10 broken phone.pngFile:S1e10 buffet.png
File:S1e10 button mashing.pngFile:S1e10 character select screen.pngFile:S1e10 cheating.png
File:S1e10 combo cloud.pngFile:S1e10 continue.pngFile:S1e10 corner.png
File:S1e10 credits soos eat.pngFile:S1e10 credits town.pngFile:S1e10 credits wendy choice.png
File:S1e10 creeper mabel.pngFile:S1e10 dangerous litter.pngFile:S1e10 dip.png
File:S1e10 dipper and robbie at park.pngFile:S1e10 dipper and rumble face to face.pngFile:S1e10 dipper and rumble talking.png
File:S1e10 dipper attack.pngFile:S1e10 dipper beaten.pngFile:S1e10 dipper blushing.png
File:S1e10 dipper challenges rumble.pngFile:S1e10 dipper changes stance.pngFile:S1e10 dipper climbs tree.png
File:S1e10 dipper confesses.pngFile:S1e10 dipper confronts robbie.pngFile:S1e10 dipper cramp.png
File:S1e10 dipper enters code.pngFile:S1e10 dipper excited.pngFile:S1e10 dipper face splash.png
File:S1e10 dipper fist.pngFile:S1e10 dipper giving rumble a taco.pngFile:S1e10 dipper hand hurts.png
File:S1e10 dipper hits start.pngFile:S1e10 dipper meets rumble.jpgFile:S1e10 dipper playing alone.png
File:S1e10 dipper robbie post battle.PNGFile:S1e10 dipper sees code.pngFile:S1e10 dipper selects.png
File:S1e10 dipper sheepish.pngFile:S1e10 dipper smile.pngFile:S1e10 dipper soos.png
File:S1e10 dipper start fight.pngFile:S1e10 dipper take that back.pngFile:S1e10 dipper talking to game.png
File:S1e10 dipper tells truth.pngFile:S1e10 dipper turns other cheek.pngFile:S1e10 dipper uppercut.png
File:S1e10 dipper wood.pngFile:S1e10 do what girls do.pngFile:S1e10 don't worry we're rich.png
File:S1e10 donkey kong parody.pngFile:S1e10 double cross back.pngFile:S1e10 dr karate.png
File:S1e10 drive away.pngFile:S1e10 enter robbie.pngFile:S1e10 equip taco.png
File:S1e10 ff game bg.gifFile:S1e10 fight.pngFile:S1e10 fight starts.png
File:S1e10 fighting machine.pngFile:S1e10 fireball.pngFile:S1e10 fridge.png
File:S1e10 game over.pngFile:S1e10 game play.pngFile:S1e10 game shuts down.png
File:S1e10 games.pngFile:S1e10 grunkle stan interrupts.pngFile:S1e10 guy playing nort.png
File:S1e10 here's an idea.pngFile:S1e10 high heels.pngFile:S1e10 ho down hero.png
File:S1e10 insert token.pngFile:S1e10 katana.pngFile:S1e10 kill father.png
File:S1e10 killed his father.pngFile:S1e10 kitchen mcskirmished.pngFile:S1e10 like girls.png
File:S1e10 mabel and stan on tower.pngFile:S1e10 mabel confused.pngFile:S1e10 mabel deducing.png
File:S1e10 mabel excited.pngFile:S1e10 mabel face.pngFile:S1e10 mabel gives stan gift.png
File:S1e10 mabel innocent.pngFile:S1e10 mabel meets rumble.pngFile:S1e10 mabel pacing.png
File:S1e10 mabel scared.pngFile:S1e10 mabel scares stan.pngFile:S1e10 mabel to test stan.png
File:S1e10 mabel upside down.pngFile:S1e10 mabel wins.pngFile:S1e10 mabel with clover sweater.png
File:S1e10 mackerel banner.pngFile:S1e10 mario reference.pngFile:S1e10 mystery shack from above.png
File:S1e10 noodle arms.pngFile:S1e10 nort.pngFile:S1e10 not sure you want to.png
File:S1e10 oh my car.pngFile:S1e10 oooh.pngFile:S1e10 pacman.png
File:S1e10 park inked.jpgFile:S1e10 perfect score.pngFile:S1e10 poker game.png
File:S1e10 poop and butts.pngFile:S1e10 poor change machine.pngFile:S1e10 posters pointing.png
File:S1e10 prefix.pngFile:S1e10 punch.pngFile:S1e10 punched an oil drum.png
File:S1e10 red hat man.pngFile:S1e10 rivals.pngFile:S1e10 robbie back.png
File:S1e10 robbie calls wendy.pngFile:S1e10 robbie cant punch.pngFile:S1e10 robbie challenges dipper.png
File:S1e10 robbie climbs tower.pngFile:S1e10 robbie escapes.pngFile:S1e10 robbie falling.png
File:S1e10 robbie going to punch.pngFile:S1e10 robbie jump barrel.pngFile:S1e10 robbie lands on jungle gym.png
File:S1e10 robbie mad.pngFile:S1e10 robbie meets rumble.pngFile:S1e10 robbie on bench.png
File:S1e10 robbie on tower.pngFile:S1e10 robbie on tree.pngFile:S1e10 robbie point dipper face.png
File:S1e10 robbie pointing.pngFile:S1e10 robbie pointing in park.pngFile:S1e10 robbie running.png
File:S1e10 robbie serenading.pngFile:S1e10 robbie slammed on ground.pngFile:S1e10 robbie throat.png
File:S1e10 robbie tossed.pngFile:S1e10 robbie will wet pants.pngFile:S1e10 rumble appears.png
File:S1e10 rumble attack.pngFile:S1e10 rumble back up.pngFile:S1e10 rumble breaks tower.png
File:S1e10 rumble brooding 01.pngFile:S1e10 rumble brooding 02.pngFile:S1e10 rumble brooding 03.png
File:S1e10 rumble cant look up.pngFile:S1e10 rumble challenges dipper.pngFile:S1e10 rumble combo.png
File:S1e10 rumble destroy things.pngFile:S1e10 rumble dipper high five.pngFile:S1e10 rumble eats.png
File:S1e10 rumble falls.pngFile:S1e10 rumble fart tattoo.pngFile:S1e10 rumble father killed.png
File:S1e10 rumble finish him.pngFile:S1e10 rumble fly.pngFile:S1e10 rumble kick.png
File:S1e10 rumble kneel.pngFile:S1e10 rumble looks up.pngFile:S1e10 rumble mcskirmish.png
File:S1e10 rumble picks up robbie.pngFile:S1e10 rumble point.pngFile:S1e10 rumble power up.png
File:S1e10 rumble power up fist.pngFile:S1e10 rumble punch poster.pngFile:S1e10 rumble rampage.png
File:S1e10 rumble says words.pngFile:S1e10 rumble special move.pngFile:S1e10 rumble wins.png
File:S1e10 rumble with barrel.pngFile:S1e10 scouts honor sweater.pngFile:S1e10 settle like men.png
File:S1e10 shack.pngFile:S1e10 sharing your feelings with your family.pngFile:S1e10 she doesn't knows what we're playing.png
File:S1e10 ship in bottle.pngFile:S1e10 show rumble robbie.pngFile:S1e10 smart money is on skinny jeans.png
File:S1e10 smokey joes sketch.jpgFile:S1e10 soos about to enter the game.pngFile:S1e10 soos arrives.png
File:S1e10 soos cant watch.pngFile:S1e10 soos ending sleeping.pngFile:S1e10 soos enters the game.png
File:S1e10 soos in nort.pngFile:S1e10 soos introducing arcade.pngFile:S1e10 soos playing nort.png
File:S1e10 soos tries to help.pngFile:S1e10 soos wondering.pngFile:S1e10 spray paint explosion muffin water tower wall.png
File:S1e10 stan accusing mabel.pngFile:S1e10 stan afraid of heights.pngFile:S1e10 stan cheering.png
File:S1e10 stan explaining.pngFile:S1e10 stan fell over.pngFile:S1e10 stan mabel tower.png
File:S1e10 stan napping.pngFile:S1e10 stan needs glue.pngFile:S1e10 stan on floor.png
File:S1e10 stan pointing with pitt cola.pngFile:S1e10 stan scared.pngFile:S1e10 stan won.png
File:S1e10 start button.pngFile:S1e10 street sign.pngFile:S1e10 the ceiling shacking.png
File:S1e10 third wheel.pngFile:S1e10 town destroyed.pngFile:S1e10 trio clinging.png
File:S1e10 tv show.pngFile:S1e10 tv skydive.pngFile:S1e10 ultimate power
File:S1e10 ultimate power code.pngFile:S1e10 view of town from tower.pngFile:S1e10 waddles eating mabel's sweater.png
File:S1e10 wanna go.pngFile:S1e10 wendy and dipper playing.pngFile:S1e10 wendy and robbie playing.png
File:S1e10 wendy hairbrush.pngFile:S1e10 wendy kiss.pngFile:S1e10 wendy returns.png
File:S1e10 wendy what happened.pngFile:S1e10 why is he blurry.pngFile:S1e10 why you ackin' so cray-cray.png
File:S1e10 will fight rumble.pngFile:S1e10 wimp it is.pngFile:S1e10 winners don't lose.png
File:S1e10 winners dont lose peace.pngFile:S1e10 wont pick on me.pngFile:S1e10 yes like girls.png
File:S1e10 you're not getting that easy.pngFile:S1e10 you fight like a girl.pngFile:S1e10 your funeral.png
File:S1e11-20 The code is different.pngFile:S1e11 3 Height Crystals Page.pngFile:S1e11 3 Maze Page.png
File:S1e11 Alpha twin Mabel.pngFile:S1e11 Bigger.pngFile:S1e11 Bud's Spit take.png
File:S1e11 Bud's face on the window.pngFile:S1e11 Bud's legs.pngFile:S1e11 Bud asks Gideon why he wants the Mystery Shack.png
File:S1e11 Dipper falls down the hill.pngFile:S1e11 Dipper in the crystal forest.pngFile:S1e11 Flashlight.gif
File:S1e11 Gleeful's.pngFile:S1e11 Grunkle Stan Without Fez.pngFile:S1e11 Hair so shiny.png
File:S1e11 He's so little.pngFile:S1e11 I'm gonna buy a butler.pngFile:S1e11 I'm not short.png
File:S1e11 I like the theme song.pngFile:S1e11 Lil' Gideon with Lazy Susan.pngFile:S1e11 Mabel and Grunkle Stan Laughing.png
File:S1e11 Mabel hugging Cheekums.pngFile:S1e11 Mabel is on fire.pngFile:S1e11 Mabel riding hamster.png
File:S1e11 Mabel says what transparent.pngFile:S1e11 Pitt cola.pngFile:S1e11 Smaller.png
File:S1e11 Soos Without Cap.pngFile:S1e11 The shack from a far.pngFile:S1e11 Unahappy.png
File:S1e11 Unnamed wife.pngFile:S1e11 You'll get your revenge some day.jpgFile:S1e11 a mystery.png
File:S1e11 air horn.pngFile:S1e11 alpha twin.pngFile:S1e11 angry gideon.png
File:S1e11 another growth spurt.pngFile:S1e11 as for you.pngFile:S1e11 awww.png
File:S1e11 back at the mystery shack.pngFile:S1e11 back in jar.pngFile:S1e11 back to back.png
File:S1e11 beam bounces.pngFile:S1e11 bedroom back.pngFile:S1e11 bedroom closet2.png
File:S1e11 bedroom shelf.pngFile:S1e11 better than mabel at everything.pngFile:S1e11 big head.png
File:S1e11 bigger.pngFile:S1e11 bill on window.pngFile:S1e11 book 2 front and back.png
File:S1e11 book in vest.pngFile:S1e11 bottom of hill.pngFile:S1e11 broken mirror.png
File:S1e11 butterfly knocks over tree.pngFile:S1e11 car possum.pngFile:S1e11 caterpiller cars.png
File:S1e11 change your mind.pngFile:S1e11 cheekums.pngFile:S1e11 cheekums belly poke.png
File:S1e11 chess.pngFile:S1e11 chess scores.pngFile:S1e11 closet mabel and invisible wizard.png
File:S1e11 cool.pngFile:S1e11 coupon.pngFile:S1e11 credits winner.png
File:S1e11 crystal broke.pngFile:S1e11 crystal pieces.pngFile:S1e11 crystals.png
File:S1e11 crystals in forest.pngFile:S1e11 curse the pines family.pngFile:S1e11 cutting teather.png
File:S1e11 decapitated.pngFile:S1e11 destroy crystal.pngFile:S1e11 did you read about it.png
File:S1e11 dipper and mabel released.pngFile:S1e11 dipper at the forest.pngFile:S1e11 dipper big.png
File:S1e11 dipper big head.pngFile:S1e11 dipper butterfly.pngFile:S1e11 dipper can't reach.png
File:S1e11 dipper flashlight.pngFile:S1e11 dipper has a crystal.pngFile:S1e11 dipper interrogation.png
File:S1e11 dipper leaves.pngFile:S1e11 dipper mabel gasp.png
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