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File:Opening dead dipper.jpgFile:Opening destroyed town.jpgFile:Opening dipper finds skeleton.PNG
File:Opening dipper with candle frame 01.jpgFile:Opening dipper with candle frame 02.jpgFile:Opening dipper with candle frame 03.jpg
File:Opening dipper with candle frame 04.jpgFile:Opening dipper with candle frame 05.jpgFile:Opening dipper with candle frame 06.jpg
File:Opening dipper with candle frame 07.jpgFile:Opening dipper with candle frame 08.jpgFile:Opening dipper with candle frame 09.jpg
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File:Opening dipper with candle frame 13.jpgFile:Opening dipper with candle frame 14.jpgFile:Opening dipper with candle frame 15.jpg
File:Opening dipper with candle frame 17.jpgFile:Opening dipper with candle frame 18.jpgFile:Opening dipper with runes.PNG
File:Opening do not trust.jpgFile:Opening eyeball sale.pngFile:Opening footprint new hat.png
File:Opening forest by Ian Worrell and Elle Michalka.pngFile:Opening giant bat.pngFile:Opening gravity gone.png
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File:Opening pyramide.jpgFile:Opening red waterfall.pngFile:Opening ripped bill wheel.png
File:Opening stan, soos, mabel, dipper and wendy in forest.pngFile:Opening stan cash run new hat.pngFile:Opening stan mystery shack.png
File:Opening stan shack new hat.pngFile:Opening statue alive.jpgFile:Opening teeth.png
File:Opening twins arriving.pngFile:Opening water tower.pngFile:Opening waterfall.png
File:Opening weathervane.pngFile:Opening weirdmageddon bigfoot secret.pngFile:Outfit swap by thecheeseburger-d8lgga0.png
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File:PPWBU Ultramode!.pngFile:PPWBUlevel6.pngFile:PPWB Secret level secret code hidden.png
File:PPWB all costumes.pngFile:PPWB banner.jpgFile:PPWB level10.png
File:PPWB level5.pngFile:PPWB loading.pngFile:PPWB secret level lost.png
File:PPWB secret level start.pngFile:PPWB single star win.pngFile:PPWB stan mode.png
File:PQ Scene6.pngFile:PQ Scene7.pngFile:PQ Scene8.png
File:PacificaBox.pngFile:Pacifica Northwest appearance.pngFile:Pacifica asks for help.png
File:Pacifica friends appearance.pngFile:Pacifier appearance.pngFile:Pacifier concept art.jpg
File:Panoramic Dipper.pngFile:Paper Jam Dipper appearance.pngFile:Patrick Harpin.jpg
File:Patrick McHale staff image.pngFile:Patton Oswalt.jpgFile:Paul Robertson.jpg
File:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Dr Karate combo punch.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Dr Karate idle.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Dr Karate kick.gif
File:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Dr Karate victory.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Dr Karate walking.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble angry talk.gif
File:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble charging lightning.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble combo punch.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble contemplation angle.gif
File:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble contemplation profile.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble cutscene.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble down kick.gif
File:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble fire punch.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble flying fists.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble idle.gif
File:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble jump kick.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble laugh fullbody.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble laughing torso.gif
File:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble pipe attack.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble pointing.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble punch.gif
File:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble punch charging.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble running.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble smash.gif
File:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble super nuke fist.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble sword swipes.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble taunting.gif
File:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble victory.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters Rumble weak.gifFile:Paul Robertson Fight Fighters select character.gif
File:Paul Robertson s2e5 promo art.gifFile:Paul Scheer.pngFile:Percepshroom appearance.png
File:Peter Serafinowicz.jpgFile:Phil Rynda.jpgFile:Phil Rynda multi-bear concept 1.jpg
File:Phil Rynda multi-bear concept 2.jpgFile:Phil Rynda multi-bear concept 3.jpgFile:Photo.png
File:Picture 3.pngFile:Picture 5.pngFile:Picture 7 13.png
File:Pig Pig Waddles Bounce Ultra promoFile:Pig pig waddles bounce.jpgFile:Pilot AH GNOME.png
File:Pilot Ah, coming!.pngFile:Pilot Ah, there they are.pngFile:Pilot And you already have a Boyfriend.png
File:Pilot Angry Mabel.pngFile:Pilot Annoyed Stan.pngFile:Pilot Behold!.png
File:Pilot Blank stick!.pngFile:Pilot Booberry!.pngFile:Pilot Built Entirely From Freezy Pops.png
File:Pilot But now....pngFile:Pilot Clapping.pngFile:Pilot Confused Stan.png
File:Pilot Did Mabel's boyfriend look weird to you.pngFile:Pilot Dipper, Mabel.pngFile:Pilot Dipper Camcorder.png
File:Pilot Dipper and Mabel looking at each other.pngFile:Pilot Dipper and wendy.pngFile:Pilot Dipper looking through window.png
File:Pilot Dipper lying down.pngFile:Pilot Dipper reading 1.pngFile:Pilot Dipper reading 2.png
File:Pilot Dipper sucking on Freezy Pop.pngFile:Pilot Dipper takes Freezy Pop out of his mouth.pngFile:Pilot Dipper window.png
File:Pilot Disgusted Dipper.pngFile:Pilot Don't you wear diapers.pngFile:Pilot Dr. Crackpot's Book of the Damned.png
File:Pilot Dylan and Rowena.pngFile:Pilot Eating Freezy Pops.pngFile:Pilot Excited Mabel.png
File:Pilot Freezy Pop bridge breaks.pngFile:Pilot Golf Cart in midair.pngFile:Pilot Grunkle Stan.png
File:Pilot Hah, thats nothin'.pngFile:Pilot He's here!.pngFile:Pilot Here's a good one.png
File:Pilot His skin was falling off.pngFile:Pilot Hold it, Sis.pngFile:Pilot Hows about, Corpse-Melon.png
File:Pilot I'm thinking Cookies and Scream.pngFile:Pilot I've been in the mystery buisness since you were in diapers.pngFile:Pilot I've been seeing someone.png
File:Pilot I decided to enjoy some light reading.pngFile:Pilot I wonder who she dug up this time.pngFile:Pilot Im Gettin' Closer.png
File:Pilot In three, two, one.pngFile:Pilot Introducing Mystery Shack.pngFile:Pilot Irresistible Mabel.png
File:Pilot It's blank.pngFile:Pilot It's indistructi-.pngFile:Pilot Its obviously Booberry.png
File:Pilot Just like the real London Bridge.pngFile:Pilot Like a telephone ring... or.pngFile:Pilot Mabel Running.png
File:Pilot Mabel and 10 dollar bill.pngFile:Pilot Mabel and Norman on bench 1.pngFile:Pilot Mabel and Norman on bench 2.png
File:Pilot Mabel and Norman on bench 3.pngFile:Pilot Mabel eating Freezy Pop.pngFile:Pilot Mabel spills the beans.png
File:Pilot Mabel strokes 10 dollar bill.pngFile:Pilot Meet the Mattress Prince.pngFile:Pilot Mr. Mystery.png
File:Pilot My Favourite Twins.pngFile:Pilot Norman Undead page.pngFile:Pilot Norman Undead page 2.png
File:Pilot Olddipper.pngFile:Pilot Oregon.pngFile:Pilot Please, please, they're called Grampers.png
File:Pilot Pretty much the opposite.pngFile:Pilot Scale Model of London Bridge.pngFile:Pilot Screaming in golf cart.png
File:Pilot Shocked Dipper.pngFile:Pilot TEENAGERS!.pngFile:Pilot Take me with you.png
File:Pilot Teenagers all look like that.pngFile:Pilot The Mattress Prince.pngFile:Pilot The Sascrotch.png
File:Pilot The Unicat.pngFile:Pilot The answer is....pngFile:Pilot There we go.png
File:Pilot This didn't sound good.pngFile:Pilot Trees.pngFile:Pilot UFO.png
File:Pilot Undead page.pngFile:Pilot Undead page 2.pngFile:Pilot Watch, something terrible will happen.png
File:Pilot We're dead.pngFile:Pilot We're sleeping.pngFile:Pilot We've only been in town for a week.png
File:Pilot Well, time to spill the beans.pngFile:Pilot What is a ghost's favourite Ice Cream flavor.pngFile:Pilot Whatever That Thing Is.png
File:Pilot Who's here.pngFile:Pilot Yeah!.pngFile:Pilot You kids wanna eat 200 Freezy Pops.png
File:Pilot You say somethin'.pngFile:Pilot ZOMBIE!.pngFile:Pilot ah hm....png
File:Pilot ah summer break.pngFile:Pilot aliens amirite.pngFile:Pilot and taking it easy.png
File:Pilot arrow gnomes.pngFile:Pilot awkward sibling hug.pngFile:Pilot badass archer gnomes.png
File:Pilot bedroom overhead.pngFile:Pilot blood or ice cream i guess.pngFile:Pilot blushy dipper.png
File:Pilot bright eyed mabel.pngFile:Pilot broken s.pngFile:Pilot clips
File:Pilot cuties dipper and mabel.pngFile:Pilot defend yourselves.pngFile:Pilot deleted scene.jpg
File:Pilot dip and mabel scream.pngFile:Pilot dipper and mabel at home.pngFile:Pilot dipper and mabel explore gf.png
File:Pilot dipper and mabel explore gf2.pngFile:Pilot dipper and mabel reading magazines.pngFile:Pilot dipper and mabels room.png
File:Pilot dipper face.pngFile:Pilot dipper in a rush.pngFile:Pilot dipper looking at map.png
File:Pilot dipper ringing doorbell.pngFile:Pilot dipper running from something.pngFile:Pilot dipper swerve.png
File:Pilot dipper swerve2.pngFile:Pilot dipper wiping jar.pngFile:Pilot dipper worried.png
File:Pilot dripping jam.pngFile:Pilot face smash.pngFile:Pilot feeding birds.png
File:Pilot fishing boat.pngFile:Pilot floating chair.pngFile:Pilot getting ready to shoot.png
File:Pilot gnome attack.pngFile:Pilot gnome creepers.pngFile:Pilot gnome landing on cart.png
File:Pilot gnome rips roof.pngFile:Pilot gnome shot tree.pngFile:Pilot golf cart slideshow.png
File:Pilot gravity falls title card.pngFile:Pilot hand on rope.pngFile:Pilot here it comes norman.png
File:Pilot hi guys.pngFile:Pilot highlight reelFile:Pilot holding hands.png
File:Pilot holy mackerel it's a space saucer.pngFile:Pilot i mean this is probably normal in some kinds of context.pngFile:Pilot is that blood norman.png
File:Pilot it's normal-man.pngFile:Pilot kaboom.pngFile:Pilot lake monster.png
File:Pilot look at this.pngFile:Pilot lots of muscles.pngFile:Pilot mabel and stab biker.png
File:Pilot mabel kidnapped HQ.jpgFile:Pilot mabel throwing.pngFile:Pilot mabel weird raccoon cats.png
File:Pilot mabels been kidnapped by zomebies.pngFile:Pilot map gravity falls.pngFile:Pilot meet Norman
File:Pilot meet dipper pines.pngFile:Pilot meet grunkle stan.pngFile:Pilot meet mabel pines.png
File:Pilot meet the creature of unimaginable horror.pngFile:Pilot more creepin gnome.pngFile:Pilot mystery cart burst.png
File:Pilot mystery cart falling.pngFile:Pilot mystery shack.pngFile:Pilot mystery shack exterior.png
File:Pilot no refunds.pngFile:Pilot oh my.pngFile:Pilot oh ok well uh.png
File:Pilot oh um vulture.pngFile:Pilot oh well maybe that's a little weird.pngFile:Pilot playing frisbee.png
File:Pilot poor stan1.pngFile:Pilot poor stan2.pngFile:Pilot poor stan3.png
File:Pilot random dance party for no reason.pngFile:Pilot recreation.pngFile:Pilot regular spoon.png
File:Pilot rucksacks.pngFile:Pilot screaming dip.pngFile:Pilot show her your moves norman.png
File:Pilot smashin gnome faces.pngFile:Pilot snatch.pngFile:Pilot srsly gnome attack.png
File:Pilot srsly gnome gtfo.pngFile:Pilot stan brain freeze.pngFile:Pilot stan eating ice cream.png
File:Pilot stan sure likes Popsicle.pngFile:Pilot sunscreen.pngFile:Pilot those are some moves.png
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