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File:GRAVITY FALLS 2014 Comic Con Complete VersionFile:GRAVITY FALLS THE COMPLETE SERIES BOX SET.jpgFile:Gabe Bensen appearance.png
File:Gagreelshow.pngFile:Game-Mystery Tour Ride cart dusk 2 dawn.pngFile:Game-Mystery Tour Ride cart gnome monster.png
File:Game-Mystery Tour Ride graveyard.pngFile:Game-Rumble's Revenge Manly Dan.pngFile:Game-Rumble's Revenge Pitt cola machine.png
File:Game-Rumble's Revenge UFO.pngFile:Game- Li'l Gideon Shrinks Back ending.pngFile:Game- Mystery Tour Ride UFO ship.png
File:Game- Mystery Tour Ride water tower.pngFile:Game- Rumble's Revenge Blendin.pngFile:Game- Rumble's Revenge Gompers.png
File:Game- Rumble's Revenge Shembulock.pngFile:Game- Rumble's Revenge crystals.pngFile:Game - PinesQuest - Mystery Shack.png
File:Game - PinesQuest - Plushie Quest Room.pngFile:Game Li'l Gideon Shrinks Back caterpillar from episode 11.pngFile:Game Li'l Gideon Shrinks Back crystals.png
File:Game Li'l Gideon Shrinks Back intro.pngFile:Game MSM The Royal Order.pngFile:Game Rumble's Revenge Soos next to cart.png
File:Game The Twin Mystery Vortex of Doom Play.jpgFile:Game The Twin Mystery Vortex of Doom book 3 with stars.pngFile:Game The Twin Mystery Vortex of Doom crystal page.png
File:Game fright night bottomless pit.PNGFile:Game fright night giant spiders.PNGFile:Game fright night skull bat close up.png
File:Game lil gideon shrinks back.jpgFile:Game mabel's sweater designer start.PNGFile:Game mystery shack mystery end screen.PNG
File:Game mystery shack mystery fortune1.pngFile:Game mystery shack mystery fortune10.pngFile:Game mystery shack mystery fortune11.png
File:Game mystery shack mystery fortune12.pngFile:Game mystery shack mystery fortune13.pngFile:Game mystery shack mystery fortune14.png
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File:Game mystery shack mystery fortune18.pngFile:Game mystery shack mystery fortune19.pngFile:Game mystery shack mystery fortune2.png
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File:Game mystery shack mystery fortune23.pngFile:Game mystery shack mystery fortune3.pngFile:Game mystery shack mystery fortune4.png
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File:Game mystery shack mystery fortune8.pngFile:Game mystery shack mystery fortune9.pngFile:Game mystery shack mystery play.jpg
File:Game mystery shack mystery shmebulock.pngFile:Game mystery shack mystery start menu.pngFile:Game mystery tour ride.png
File:Game mystery tour ride arrow instructions.pngFile:Game mystery tour ride crashing into logs.pngFile:Game mystery tour ride dipper with keys.png
File:Game mystery tour ride dipper with keys2.pngFile:Game mystery tour ride floating in use.pngFile:Game mystery tour ride floating powerup.png
File:Game mystery tour ride golf cart in forest.pngFile:Game mystery tour ride invincibility in use.pngFile:Game mystery tour ride invincibility powerup.png
File:Game mystery tour ride nine levels.pngFile:Game mystery tour ride play.jpgFile:Game mystery tour ride start menu.png
File:Game mystery tour ride trophy and powerup menu.pngFile:Game mystery tour ride you made it.pngFile:Game mystery tour ride you made it2.png
File:Game postcard creator dipper's bed.pngFile:Game postcard creator forest.jpgFile:Game postcard creator gift shop.png
File:Game postcard creator start menu.pngFile:Game postcard creator town.pngFile:Game rumble's revenge beating rumble.PNG
File:Game rumble's revenge challenge begins.PNGFile:Game rumble's revenge cursed door.PNGFile:Game rumble's revenge enter game.PNG
File:Game the twin mystery vortex of doom start menu.pngFile:Game twin mystery vortex of doom half star.PNGFile:Game twin mystery vortex of doom jump.png
File:Game twin mystery vortex of doom level 1.pngFile:Game twin mystery vortex of doom level 5.PNGFile:Game twin mystery vortex of doom level 6.PNG
File:Game twin mystery vortex of doom loading.pngFile:Game twin mystery vortex of doom spikes.pngFile:Gameplay mystery tour ride.png
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File:Gravity Falls - 5 Unusual Facts About WeirdmageddonFile:Gravity Falls - A Tale of Two Stans - PreviewFile:Gravity Falls - A Tale of Two Stans - Teaser
File:Gravity Falls - Alex Hirsch at New York Comic Con 2015File:Gravity Falls - Animatic - GlobnarFile:Gravity Falls - Behind the Scenes - Brad Breeck's Inspiration
File:Gravity Falls - Behind the Scenes - Disney Channel Japan InterviewFile:Gravity Falls - Behind the Scenes - Series Finale FeaturetteFile:Gravity Falls - Between the Pines.png
File:Gravity Falls - Between the Pines - Post Finale EditionFile:Gravity Falls - Crime is Bad - HDFile:Gravity Falls - Deleted Scenes - Unicorn Fight
File:Gravity Falls - Diggity Dungeons & All ThatFile:Gravity Falls - Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained - The MailboxFile:Gravity Falls - Dipper and Mabel vs The Future - Monday is Coming
File:Gravity Falls - Dipper and Mabel vs The Future - PreviewFile:Gravity Falls - Dipper and Mabel vs The Future - TeaserFile:Gravity Falls - Disney Channel Finale
File:Gravity Falls - Doing Good Deeds - HDFile:Gravity Falls - Dreamscaperers - PreviewFile:Gravity Falls - Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons - Teaser
File:Gravity Falls - Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons - TrailerFile:Gravity Falls - Escape From Reality - EncoreFile:Gravity Falls - Fright Night Marathon
File:Gravity Falls - Full End Picture Photo.pngFile:Gravity Falls - Gravity Alls MarathonFile:Gravity Falls - Grunkle Stan's Lost Mystery Shack Interviews - Preview
File:Gravity Falls - Legend of the Gnome Gemulets - 3DS Launch TrailerFile:Gravity Falls - Legend of the Gnome Gemulets 3DS TrailerFile:Gravity Falls - Mabel's Favorite Sweaters
File:Gravity Falls - Magic of StorytellingFile:Gravity Falls - Marius Von Fundshauser sceneFile:Gravity Falls - Roadside Attraction - Preview
File:Gravity Falls - Roadside Attraction - TeaserFile:Gravity Falls - SDCC 2015 - Look AheadFile:Gravity Falls - September 7th - Teaser
File:Gravity Falls - Six Strange Tales Holy Matrignomy ClipFile:Gravity Falls - Soos' Fan Fiction 1File:Gravity Falls - Soos' Fan Fiction 2
File:Gravity Falls - Soos' Fan Fiction 3File:Gravity Falls - Stop Motion by Alex HirschFile:Gravity Falls - Take Back The Falls - Fight Back
File:Gravity Falls - Take Back The Falls - In 5 Days short promoFile:Gravity Falls - Take Back The Falls - Series FinaleFile:Gravity Falls - Take Back the Falls - Gameisode
File:Gravity Falls - The Cast Sing the Theme Song - HDFile:Gravity Falls - The Last Mabelcorn - PreviewFile:Gravity Falls - The Manliness Tester - Official Disney XD UK HD
File:Gravity Falls - The Stanchurian Candidate - TeaserFile:Gravity Falls - This is The EndFile:Gravity Falls - Tourist Trapped - Table Read
File:Gravity Falls - We'll Meet AgainFile:Gravity Falls - Weirdmageddon Opening Theme Song - HDFile:Gravity Falls - Weirdmageddon Special Event
File:Gravity Falls App Spot - DXDFile:Gravity Falls Bonus Features GlitchFile:Gravity Falls Cast Reads From The First Episode
File:Gravity Falls Cinestory Comic.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Cinestory Shorts 1.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Cinestory Shorts 2.jpg
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File:Gravity Falls Cinestory V3.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Cinestory V4.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Comic-Con poster.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Complete Series Collector's Edition - Official Trailer (HD)File:Gravity Falls Complete Series Collector's Edition - Unboxing (HD)File:Gravity Falls DVD Camapign.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained promo.pngFile:Gravity Falls Dipper And Mabel Pic.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Dipper and Barfing Gnome toy.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Dipper and Barfing Gnome toy packaging.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Don't Color This Book cover.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Full Unaired Pilot
File:Gravity Falls Golden Wolf Sketchbook Disney XDFile:Gravity Falls Golden Wolf Sketchbook Disney XD.gifFile:Gravity Falls Graphic Novel cover.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Ident.PNGFile:Gravity Falls Journal 3 Infomercial Oh My DisneyFile:Gravity Falls Kid's Choice Awards 2016.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Legend of the Gnome Gemulets cover.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Logo.pngFile:Gravity Falls Lost Legends cover.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Mabel.pngFile:Gravity Falls Mabel and Waddles toys.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Mabel and Waddles toys packaging.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Main Title ThemeFile:Gravity Falls Main Title Theme animaticFile:Gravity Falls Main Title Theme animatic and final comparison
File:Gravity Falls PinesQuest Sound Tracks.oggFile:Gravity Falls Pines family sketch.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Reference Map.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Saw Game walkthrough (Cooming Soon)File:Gravity Falls Season 1 - Soundtrack Excerpts Vol1.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Season 1 - Soundtrack Excerpts Vol2.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Season 1 - Soundtrack Excerpts Vol3.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Season 1 Full Scores.pngFile:Gravity Falls Season 2 End Cryptograms.png
File:Gravity Falls Season 2 Full Scores.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Season 2 Mysterious Symbol.pngFile:Gravity Falls Season 2 Mystery Shack area3.png
File:Gravity Falls Season 2 Mystery Shack area4.pngFile:Gravity Falls Season 2 Mystery Shack living room in some mysterious glow.pngFile:Gravity Falls Season 2 Promo.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Season 2 Stan's room.pngFile:Gravity Falls Season 2 conceptual art.pngFile:Gravity Falls Season 2 poster.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Shorts Cinestory 1 preview1.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Shorts Cinestory 1 preview2.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Shorts Cinestory 1 preview3.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Shorts Cinestory 1 preview4.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Shorts Cinestory 2 preview2.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Shorts Cinestory 2 preview3.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Shorts Cinestory 2 preview4.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Six Toy Pack Dipper Mabel Stan Soos Wendy Gideon12.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Six Toy Pack Dipper Mabel Stan Soos Wendy Gideon packaging.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Stan and Bill Cipher toys.jpgFile:Gravity Falls The Complete Series (Collector's Edition).jpgFile:Gravity Falls Vinylmation Angry Dipper Variant.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Vinylmation Bill Cipher.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Vinylmation Business Waddles Variant.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Vinylmation Mabel Pines.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Vinylmation Mabel Pines2.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Vinylmation Mabel Variant.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Vinylmation Mabel Variant (Set).jpg
File:Gravity Falls Vinylmation set.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Vol 1 Digital Download.jpgFile:Gravity Falls Vol 3 Digital Download.jpg
File:Gravity Falls Voxels havealoveday still1.pngFile:Gravity Falls Voxels havealoveday still2.pngFile:Gravity Falls logo.PNG
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