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[[ru:Зелёные существа]]
[[ru:Маленькие зелёные существа]]
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[[Category:Articles with conjectural titles]]

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Little green men were the creatures that were controlling the Lefty robot.


Short4 the real Lefty

Little Green Men in the Lefty Robot

During the short "Lefty" of Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained, they are controlling a robot so no one would find out about them. During the third test when Dipper tries to see Lefty Robot's right side, Dipper finds out about the little green men control the robot.

Upon discovery, they consume small, red, glowing cubes while screaming, "The time has come!". One said that he couldn't fulfill the pact because he "had a family", to which his friend replied, "You took the oath!". They commit suicide by swallowing the red cubes, falling out of the robot, and then disappearing after they die. Then the robot self destructs. The reason as to why is not stated, but one can assume this was left a mystery due to the fact that most of the shorts in the series these take place in are left unsolved.


They are small, gelatinous, green creatures wearing gloves and a belt with a lightning bolt on the buckle. They have relatively large eyes and prominent lips.




  • There are a total of 16 creatures shown.

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