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Little green men are creatures who control at least one Gravity Falls resident, the Lefty robot. They appear to commit suicide once they are discovered.


Little Green Men in the Lefty Robot

During the short "Lefty" of Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained, they control the Lefty robot, so it can only be seen from the left side so no one would find out about them. During the third test, when Dipper tries to see the Lefty Robot's right side, he finds the little men controlling it.

Upon discovery, they swallow small, glowing, red cubic pills, while yelling "the time has come!" They subsequently collapse one by one and vanish in flashes of red light. One of them says that he can't fulfill the pact because "[he has] a family", to which his partner replies "you signed the oath!" They then swallow the red cubes, fall out of the robot and disappear. The robot then self-destructs, which sets the sprinklers off. 


Little green man appearance.png

They are small cylindrical and gelatinous green creatures, with a round top and two humanoid arms. They wear black gloves and a black belt with a lightning bolt on the buckle. They have relatively large eyes with red pupils and prominent dark green lips.




"We're blown, shut it down! Shut it down!"
—Little green man.[source]

"- The time has come, brother!
- I can't! I have a family!
- You signed the oath!
—Two little green men, before eating red cubes.[source]


  • There are a total of 16 creatures shown in the short.
  • Judging from Journal 3, which states that some specimens may have escaped and are hiding in the town disguised as humans, Tad Strange may be similar to the Lefty robot because of his overall demeanor.

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