What follows is a list of dimensions that are named and/or have characters from them appear but are too minor to have their own pages in the journal


Appeared/Mentioned in Journal #3

Confirmed Names

  • Dimension Rodentus 7: Dimension inhabited by hairless gopher people.
  • Land of the Blind Dimension: Dimension home to a population exclusively blind people, excluding their one-eyed king.
  • The Unremarkable Dimension: Home of Blandalf the Boring.
  • Finger Dimension: Dimension in which it's people are obsessed with fingers. Ford was briefly made king of it until a 7-fingered being showed up and took his status.
  • The M Dimension: Dimension in which everything is based upon the letter M.
  • The Symbol Dimension: Dimension in which things are based around symbols in some way, it's denizens are quite rude and unfriendly in the opinion of Stanford.
  • The Do-Over Dimension (Also known as the Yo-Yo Dimension or the Go Insane Because Nothing Gets Done Dimension): Dimension in which time fluxes and loops in unpredictable ways.
  • Lottocron Nine (Also known as the Gambling Dimension): Dimension in which almost everything is up to chance.
  • The Two-Dimensional Dimension (Also known as Exwhylia): Dimension in which everything is 2D instead of 3D.
  • Dimension 52: Home of the Oracle.
  • Paradox Dimension: Unknown.

Conjectural Names

  • Dimensions in which dinosaurs never died and remained as the prominent species.
  • Dimensions in which humans evolved from dolphins instead of primates.
  • Dimension in which all music is just screaming.
  • Dimension in which tennis balls chase dogs.
  • Dimension in which everyone is a baby.
  • Dimension in which Stanley listened to Stanford and took Journal 1 away from Gravity Falls.
  • Dangerous "alternate earth" dimension visited by the Fiddleford from the above dimension.

Appears in Lost Legends