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The following is a list of goofs, errors, and mistakes in the series Gravity Falls. Note: There is a difference between a goof and intentional gag shots.


Season One
Tourist TrappedThe Legend of the GobblewonkerHeadhuntersThe Hand That Rocks the MabelThe InconveniencingDipper vs. Manliness •Double DipperIrrational TreasureThe Time Traveler's PigFight FightersLittle Dipper • SummerweenBoss MabelBottomless Pit! • The Deep EndCarpet DiemBoyz Crazy



Season One

Unaired pilot

  • In the deleted scene where Stan, Mabel, and Dipper are falling into a pit, Mabel's headband mysteriously disappears.
  • In the deleted scene, Dipper's foot is above a background rock.

Tourist Trapped

File:S1e1 dipper error.png

Dipper eye error

  • When Mabel punches Dipper, she punches him in the cheek, but his eyes are black.
  • While Dipper was reading from 3, he spoke the word "studying" even though the book states "researching."
  • The book 3 that Dipper discovers has a hand symbol on the book cover that alternates between five and six fingers in several shots.
  • After Dipper and Mabel crash the Mystery Cart, its position moves several times throughout the scene.
  • When Dipper and Mabel are being chased, a rear shot of the back of the Mystery Cart shows that Dipper's hat is missing despite it being present in the preceding and following shots.
  • The leaf blower sucked Mabel's lips, but the "smooch mark" was on her cheek.
  • When you see the triangle stained window from the inside it is centered with a double ring, but from the outside it has a single ring.
  • When Mabel is responding to Jeff's proposal, Jeff's beard is red instead of brown.
  • When Wendy pulls up in the Mystery Cart there are four flaps across the top. But when Dipper goes to save Mabel, there are only three.
  • When Mabel is on the floor, her headband disappears.
  • In one of the clips that Dipper recorded, when he watches that Norman's hand falls off, the hand doesn't have a brown stick attach it, when Mabel sees that Norman is a bunch of gnomes the hand has one stick attached.
  • Dipper throws a shovel at the gnomes and is shown that it was left at the gnome hideout but later reappears when Dipper grabs it to throw at the giant gnome monster.
  • When Dipper throws the shovel at the gnomes, Dipper and Mabel are a few feet apart, but in the next camera angle they're holding each other.
  • When Dipper is looking through the window when Norman is about to give Mabel daisies, he screams. When he screams the window is a lot bigger, then returns to normal size.
  • Dipper says that Norman never blinks but Jeff does blink.
  • On the part it shows the map of Oregon, Corvallis is spelled Corvalis.
  • When Mabel shouts "Grappling Hook!" her lips move but doesn't say it.
  • At the end, Dipper spells journal like "journel".

The Legend of the Gobblewonker

  • When Mabel says "blah" after coughing on syrup, her mouth doesn't move.
  • Grunkle Stan's license plate reads "STNLYMBL" which is 8 characters long, but in the state of Oregon, the max number of characters allowed on a license plate is 6.
  • When Soos lost his shirt, it reappeared during one of the fishing pictures and disappeared again after the pictures.
  • When Old Man McGucket says "Aw, banjo polish!" when he was leaving the screen, his mouth didn't move.
  • Soos still had part of his shirt, but when he fell out of the boat, his shirt was completely gone. Also, he lost his life jacket, but it reappeared.
  • When Soos grabs Dipper by the top of the life-jacket when they are running away from the Gobblewonker, one shot shows Dipper wearing the life jacket, and it is raised up so you can see his stomach. However, when the shot pans out, Dipper's t-shirt that he is wearing under his life jacket covers up his stomach.
  • When Dipper's hat was shown in the picture, all of the letters were the same color, although the time his hat was first shown, it was different shades of blue and the first P was green.
  • Dipper's fishing hat lost the last two letters during the pictures, but later all the letters are back.
  • During Mabel's daydream with the hamster ball, both men had blue sunglasses, but then the glasses turn pink after Mabel talks to them.
  • In the pictures of Stan, Dipper, Mabel, and Soos the letters on Dipper's hat are all blue and the letters on Mabel's hat are all pink.
  • In the first picture Dipper took, Mabel's hat's name colors are the same, plus, before Dipper took the picture you can see Soos' arm, but in the picture you don't.
  • When Soos is throwing the cameras at the Gobblewonker, some cameras randomly appear in his hand.
  • When Dipper meets up with Stan he had his hat on, but when Mabel and Dipper put on his fishing hats, Dipper's hat disappears.
  • When Soos was throwing cameras at the Gobblewonker, he had about 9 or 10. But they only had 8 left.
  • When the trio first enters the cave, Soos lets go of the beaver and it lands onto the floor, but in the next scene, it disappears.
  • As Soos scoops fish food into the water, his arm disappears just before the boat drives off.
  • When the boat drives through the glass pane, the robot Gobblewonker disappears until Soos, Dipper, and Mabel are about to crash in the cave.


  • Wax Larry is first shown to be the same height as Wax Sherlock Holmes, but in the next scene he is much shorter.
  • Mabel's drawings of her sculpture ideas had color, but she was using a regular pencil.
  • When Deputy Durland and Sherieff Blubs are raiding Toby Determined's office, Deputy Durland says 'Derp' without moving his mouth.
  • Shandra Jimenez is not at the re-opening of the Wax Museum, but she is there when Mabel calls on her for questions.
  • When Grunkle Stan left to use the bathroom, the lights were on, but when he came back, the lights were off. However, the wax figures may have done this so they didn't melt or weren't caught.
  • When Mabel leaned forwards to say, "Even us!" the button on her disposable camera disappeared.
  • The footprints left holes in the shag carpet the pushed down into the carpet. If the shoe had a hole in it, the carpet fabric would push up into the shoe.
  • After the flashback of Manly Dan punching down the pole, the jar of eyeballs on the counter disappears.
  • Grunkle Stan's eyes are white when he says "Thank you all for coming". 
  • Some of the footprints that are supposed to have holes in them don't have holes.
  • When Blubs and Durland checked the axe for fingerprints, they would have found Soos, Dipper, and Mabel's prints because they each touched it earlier.
  • When the security footage of Toby is shown the first time it starts at 10:00 and the seconds are at 1. But the second time it is shown, the seconds are back at 0 and the clock still says 10:00.
  • All of the wax figures have the hole in their shoe on the right. The ones on the carpet show a hole on the left.
  • The wax figures say they come alive during a waxing moon, but the moon shown during the fight between Dipper and Wax Sherlock Holmes is waning.
  • Toby Determined had a picture of wax Grunkle Stan's head, despite it being missing at the time.
  • When Grunkle Stan leaves to use the bathroom, Wax Stan has a stand. Yet, when he is on the ground, the stand is missing.
  • Manly Dan's name is misspelled as "Manley Dan" in Dipper's list of suspects.
  • Wax Robin Hood's bow switches from having an arrow to nothing.
  • In the scene where Mabel says, "Are you saying you could outwit Duck-tective?", before she says her line, her eyebrows and eyelashes are missing. Even her headband is transparent.
  • In the flashback when Dipper explains why Toby Determined was the murderer, Toby's left shoe had the hole inside. But when they show the footprints, the hole was in the right shoe and earlier it was in the left shoe when they looked on the carpet.
  • In the flashback where Wax Sherlock Holmes decapitates Wax Stan, he appears to be sitting down because his legs are bent. When Wax Stan falls, he is standing up again.
  • Grunkle Stan says "Wax John Wilkes Booth, I'm looking at your direction!" although there is no wax figure of John Wilkes Booth. However, he may have just been joking around.
  • In the flashback where wax Sherlock Holmes decapitates wax Stan and he looks at the head, the design on the hat is missing the little triangle.

The Hand That Rocks the Mabel

Dipper with 2.

  • When 'Lil Gideon touches his amulet as he forces the crowd to stand, it doesn't glow like it does in all the other scenes of the episode when he touches it. This may have been to keep the amulet's powers a secret until later in the episode.
  • Before Mabel shows her makeover to Dipper, Dipper's book has a 2 instead of a 3. The book labeled 2 belongs to 'Lil Gideon, making this impossible.
  • When Mabel complains that Dipper never does girly stuff with her, we see the book he was reading resting on the arm of the chair, but when Soos shows up with the hot dogs, it disappears.
  • In the close-up when Mabel is playing a video game with Dipper, the collar on her sweater has stripes. In all the other shots, it did not.
  • When Dipper and Mabel are playing with Soos, Mabel is wearing a sea-foam green-colored headband, but when Dipper hears the phone ring, her headband changes to red, then back to sea-foam green.
  • When Mabel blinks, the "bezazzles" on her right eye fall off, but they later return.
  • When Mabel coughs up "bezazzles" on 'Lil Gideon's jacket, they stick to it. But in the next shot, the jewels are gone.
  • While Mabel is on the boat with Gideon, she is wearing a headband, but when she gets back home, she is wearing a hair clip.
  • When Grunkle Stan runs away with the clown picture, one of his legs is missing.
  • After Dipper and Mabel are sitting on the couch, when Grunkle Stan talks to them, the umbrella on Mabel's sweater is gone. In the next frame, you can see part of the umbrella.
  • During the end credits Soos, Mabel and Dipper are using a flashlight, but it did not cast a shadow.
  • Also during the end credits, when Soos spins to the side with no jewels on it, the wall still has the disco ball effect.
  • Again, during the end credits, the light reflections rotate in the opposite direction Soos is spinning.
  • Once again during the ends credits, you can clearly see the colored lights repeatedly cover Mabel's face but not Dipper's.
  • Again in the end credits, Mabel's 'bezazzling' gun is not shown.
  • Yet again in the end credits, the lights on the wall travel much slower than Soos is rotating
  • When 'Lil Gideon and Mabel are on the factory together, the factory switches between having an elevated roof in the background to have no elevated roof at all.
  • When 'Lil Gideon and Mabel are on their date, we never see Mabel's glass filled with water and yet when the waiter leaves, it is full of water.
    • Also, a few seconds before the waiter leaves, you can see the water full, but it has no bubbles.
  • Before we see Gideon and Mabel close-up on the boat, you can't see her headband.
  • When Mabel comes back from Gideon's dressing room with her makeover done. Mabel doesn't have any eyebrows in that scene.
  • At the "Club" restaurant, Mabel wears the same outfit she wore to the ballroom dance the previous night.
  • At one point, on the outside of the Mystery Shack the sign says "World Papov" instead of "World Famous."
  • At the 15:28 time frame, Mabel's headband is bluish-green in color. However at 15:33, it's pink.

The Inconveniencing

  • When Dipper is trying to climb over the fence, Lee is on the same side as everyone else, the same side as Dusk2Dawn, but before he pushes Dipper off, he seems to be climbing from the outermost side of the fence, as if he was going in.
  • If the store was actually condemned, it is unlikely there would still be food there. Also, Dipper saw a newspaper that was dated back to 1995, meaning all the food would be expired and unsafe to eat.
  • In the scene when the first arrive Dipper goes to get the newspaper, When the newspaper is on the stand,the title reads USA WEEK but when Dipper rubs of the dust, the title now says NEWZ.
  • If the store had been closed for years with the power off, then the ice they got from the freezer would have just been bags of water.
  • When the three teens' reflections are shown in the window as normal, Tambry is smiling instead of just staring.
    • In the same scene, Tambry's leggings disappear.
  • In the end credits, instead of listing Dipper's voice actor as Jason Ritter, he's listed as Jason Morgan.
  • Ma and Pa collapse from heart attacks by the window near the front door, but their bodies are chalked near the end of the store.

    Tambry is nowhere to be found.

  • In the chalk outline, Ma's arms are sprawled out but when they show her collapsed in the flashback her arms are on her chest.
  • Robbie was the only teen besides Wendy that did not get turned into anything and he vanished when Wendy and Dipper were lifted onto the ceiling, and appears again when the ghosts let them go.
  • When the two were lifted onto the ceiling, the hot dog machine was not turning the hot dogs.
  • One of the "normal teenage things" that causes the ghosts to get angry is texting, but in 1995, texting was not considered a "normal teenage thing."
  • Tambry is not spotted in the minivan when Thompson drives the "gang" to Dusk 2 Dawn, even when there was a seat next to Mabel and Dipper.
  • When Wendy is telling everyone about how Dipper saved them, the mud on her boots is at the top, but when it shows her again the mud is on the bottom of her boots. In the same scene, Dipper has a peach-colored nose instead of a red one. 
  • Thompson parks the minivan outside the fence when they arrive, but when Pa (speaking through Mabel) opens the doors, the minivan is inside the fence. When they get out, the minivan is outside the fence again.
  • In the scene when Dipper is opening the vent to get inside, Tambry's leggings briefly vanish again.
  • The open and closed sign changes from open to closed many times in different scenes.
  • When Dipper does the Lamby Lamby Dance, Ma's name tag is on her shirt, but when he finishes, it is gone.
  • When Thompson was trapped in Dancy Pants Revolution, all the arrows that pierced him did not go to their proper color.
  • Early in the episode Mabel calls Dipper's dance "The Lamby Dance", but later on, Dipper calls it "The Lamby Lamby Dance".
  • When Dipper is seen with his clipboard from far away, his pen is in his left hand. Shortly after, it switches to his right, and then back to his left in the next shot.
  • The Smile Dip package shows the Smile Dip dogs, with one wearing a blue collar, the other wearing a purple collar. But in Mabel's hullucination, both dogs wear purple collars.
  • When Mabel and Dipper are in the van and Mabel is saying "This is going to blow someone's mind!", the pine tree on Dipper's hat is outlined in black.

Dipper vs. Manliness

  • When Sheriff Blubs is eating pancakes, he is almost done, but when it shows the number of pancakes then back the Sheriff Blubs, it starts from top again.
  • When Dipper is first seen walking down the street, the fire hydrant was fine and Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland weren't anywhere around it.
  • When Mabel thinks Grunkle Stan has a fear of heights, Mabel has Waddles. But she wins Waddles in The Time Traveler's Pig. Mabel could've won Waddles before this episode aired, but Dipper vs. Manliness was the 6th episode and The Time Traveler's Pig was the ninth.
  • Dipper's beef jerky is also nowhere to be seen, but later appears in his hand.
  • When the animals are running away in the forest Dipper's hat disappears then appears in the next scene.
  • Mabel couldn't have seen Dipper's chest hair because his shirt would have covered it.
  • When Soos runs out the door, the door moves a little and then stops, but the style of the door and its position could not let it do that.
  • When Mabel gets an idea Soos's shirt is pink but when Mabel gets up his shirt is back to normal.
  • In the background of the diner, at one point the sign on the manliness test is misspelled as "manliess". It goes back to normal by the next scene.
  • In the hot tub scene, when Dipper thanks the Manotaurs for teaching him to be a man, there are two manotaurs in the back round but they disappear when one of the manotaurs tells him of his last task.

Double Dipper

  • When Stan answers Soos' question about whose birthday it is, his bow-tie disappears.
  • Dipper says the first thing on his list is to talk with Wendy, but later it shows "smile" instead of talking.
  • Dipper says he has to follow steps 1-11, even though there are 20 steps.
  • Some of the people from inside of the party reappear in the the line by the ticket stand.

Missing arms.

  • In the line when kids start waving around their arms to pay in cash to Wendy, one of kids near the front doesn't. As consequence, he has missing arms.
  • When Pacifica Northwest comes out of the bathroom, her colors are faded.
  • In several of the shots, the writing on Dipper's Plan is gone.
  • When Dipper and Wendy cheer, Dipper picks up his soda on the floor but he did not bring a soda in the hallway in the first place. Also, when the cup was on the ground before Wendy and Dipper cheer, nothing spilled so there was no soda. When the clones confronted Dipper, he dropped the cup and soda spills out.

Wait - shouldn't Pacifica be in the bathroom?

  • When Dipper is talking to Wendy outside the bathroom, Wendy says "that guy" would be the leader of the island. They cut to a shot of "that guy" and Pacifica is near him on the dance floor. Moments later, she emerges from the bathroom.
  • Dipper sets off the fire sprinklers with smoke from a party popper. However, fire sprinklers are activated by heat, not smoke.
  • The red spreader stick in the crackers and cheese snack is not visible in the package, but it appears in Dipper's hand later.
  • When Mabel was dancing, there was a chair next to Candy Chiu but in the next scene, when she sat down to drink water, the chair disappeared.
  • When Mabel sprays her silly string at Dipper in the copier room, the string comes out of the side instead of the nozzle.
  • When Dipper drops his spray deodorant, the appearance of the can changes.
  • When Wendy tells Dipper she and Robbie are sitting on the couch his bow tie is missing, and later it reappears.
  • In the part where Dipper is reaching for his body spray, there is no blue jar on the case. Later, a blue can appears.
  • Soos said Robbie's dirt bike was being stolen, though it was actually a regular bike.
  • When the Dipper clones confront "Dipper Classic" while Wendy was in the bathroom, the copies of "Wendy Plan B" are the same as the first plan.
  • In the scene where Tyrone and Dipper says "We blew it man." Wendy is out on the couch with Robbie. But, we should have seen her exit the bathroom from when she entered it, or at least react to the Dipper clones.
  • Right before Dipper and Tyrone say "We blew it man," Tyrone's hand is a frame early for several frames, causing his hand to be severed.
  • When Dipper spills soda on the copied arm, it only covers half the arm but in the next scene all of it is covered.
  • The "Wendy Mix" plays way too early before Dipper 10 puts it in.
  • When Mabel was singing, one of the people cheering her on did not have an ending to their left sleeve and it covered his whole hand.
  • Tyrone's can has the Pitt Cola sign, a peach, and red stripes. But Dipper's can only has the Pitt Cola sign, and the peach.
  • When Paper Jam Dipper emerges from the paper, part of his shoe is missing in a frame.
  • When Dipper hands Wendy his soda to reveal his birthmark, Wendy's holding her soda and Dipper's is on the floor.
  • After the battle for the party crown begun and Mable is dancing, she is missing her braces.

Irrational Treasure

  • When Grunkle Stan says "I will break you, Little Man!" to Toby Determined, the line between his eyes (part of his glasses) disappears.
  • When Sheriff Blubs is speaking into the microphone saying that the speech will begin, the microphone is there. When it zooms in a little bit, it is gone. But in the next scene where Pacifica is speaking, the microphone reappears.
  • When the statue of Nathaniel Northwest is first seen, it is in front of a church. However, when Dipper is reading the book, there is a group of trees behind the statue.
  • Pacifica pulls the pen and paper out of nowhere when she hands it to Stan.
  • The pen in Grunkle Stan's mouth disappears after Pacifica reads the note he wrote.
  • When the twins exit the museum, the right hand door is open, however when the officers leave, the other door is the only one open.
  • When Dipper is going through the slides in the library, one is entitled "Numerology", but contains astrological symbols.
  • Mabel's mouth doesn't move when she laughs when Dipper says to look out for "booby traps".
  • In the video, they cover the picture of Quentin Trembley with a picture of William Henry Harrison. Above Trembley's picture it says "8th President" even though he succeeded the 8th president. The picture shows above that he is the 9th president when the video is about to end.
  • In the top secret document that reveals Quentin Trembley as the founder of Gravity Falls, in the second paragraph, the "Falls" in "Gravity Falls" isn't capitalized.
  • In the document, it says there are 6 babies, but on-screen, there are only 4.
  • While watching the video, Mabel's eyebrows raise in surprise at the revelation that Quentin Trembley was once president. Her expression then shifts to confusion and her left eyebrow curves down onto her eye, but the surprised eyebrow is still on her face, giving her three eyebrows.
  • When the twins and Trembley climb the ladder to the top of the train, they are in the rear car. However, when they emerge on the top of the train, there are more train cars behind them.
  • While Dipper and Mabel read about the conspiracy in front of the statue, the bottom of Dipper's shoes change from white to black.
  • When Quentin Trembley is inside the block of peanut brittle, his expression changes throughout different scenes.
  • When Dipper is running towards Pacifica to tell her about Quentin Trembley, Mabel's headband disappears.

The Time Traveler's Pig

  • Blendin Blandin's watch switches hands when he is confronted by Mabel and Dipper.
  • Dipper's question mark corn dog disappears when Robbie shows up.
  • The caramel apple Mabel feeds Waddles disappears after she drops it.
  • The flash of light caused by Blendin's time machine in the credits during the events of "Headhunters" is not featured in the actual episode.
  • In the second to last reality, Mabel looked at the pictures of her and Waddles. However since she lost Waddles in a different reality she could have never have been able to take the pictures.
  • When Blendin's "position was compromised" after he failed to hide, his watch switched from his left hand to his right hand.
  • After Mabel hands Blendin tickets to the fair and he leaves, Mabel turns to the side, and her flower has vanished.
  • When Mabel loses her flower, it is on the other side on her head.
  • When Waddles is dressed as a doctor and follows Mabel to Blendin, his clothes disappear.
  • When Blendin walks to the barrel ride, the time machine is not on his belt. When the camera zooms in, it is.
  • The first time Dipper plays the ball toss, Robbie comes 10 or 20 seconds after Wendy gets a black eye, but many times while Dipper "do-overs" with the time machine Robbie comes earlier or right away sometimes even coming at a different direction.
  • In one of the scenes where Dipper and Mabel are talking to Blendin, Mabel's eyebrows disappear.

Robbie's teeth error.

  • When Robbie talks to Wendy in Dipper's final do-over, there is a frame in which his teeth are skin-color as opposed to white.
  • When Dundgren is talking to Blendin, there is a frame in which his pupil is colored light green instead of black.
  • When Dipper and Mabel travel back in time to the episode "Headhunters", you see the pizza shirt guy wearing a green shirt, but in the actual episode, his shirt is red.
  • When Mabel is riding the ferris wheel with Waddles the ticket booth in front of the ferris wheel is facing to the right. In all the other "do-overs," it is facing toward the front.
  • When Wendy first sees the stuffed animals, they are seated on a board, but when they walk up, and the rest of the time, they appear to be dangling.
  • When Dipper goes back in time to get Waddles back for Mabel, she remembers everything that happened even though she did not travel back in time with him.
  • In the final reality, Blendin confronts Mabel and Dipper, but he didn't go with them and wouldn't remember it.
  • When Grunkle Stan laughs at Robbie, his finger leaves the border of the dunk tank.
  • When Mabel sat on the Test Your Strength game, the marker did not move when she got off, but it should have gone to 0 since it is impossible for Mabel to weigh 0 pounds.
  • Mabel's eyes are off-model, in one scene her eyes are parted in the middle. 
  • When Soos tells Blendin to take of his belt because of "tools", the only thing it holds is his time machine.
  • When Mabel was playing with "Doctor Waddles", his nose color briefly changes.
  • In one scene, Robbie's teeth are pink.
  • When Dipper and Mabel high-five each other in the Mystery Shack, Mabel is seen without braces.

Fight Fighters

  • When Wendy and Robbie were playing the game they were moving the joy stick and pressing the buttons, but in the next scene, if you look closely, there is nothing happening in the game.
  • When Rumble McSkirmish came out of the video game he slammed his fist down causing cracks in the ground, but in the next shot, they were gone.
  • When Mabel wins the crackers in the card game, nobody else had any. However, in the next scene, Dipper and Grunkle Stan both have more crackers.
  • When Robbie pushes Dipper down and then walks away, the trash cans and Dipper's hat disappear. They then reappear when Grunkle Stan comes out.
  • Also when Robbie walks away, his cellphone and amp are gone.
  • When Mabel puts on her 'scout's honor' sweater, her skirt and headband turn blue.
  • When Robbie was on the Water Tower, Rumble looked up at him to see where he was, but when Dipper was on top of a tree, Rumble said he didn't have "a looking-up animation", even though he looked up at Robbie a few scenes back.
  • Rumble said that he couldn't stay still, but when Mabel meets him, she hands him the paper with words for him to say, and he stays perfectly still and constantly stays still when talking to Dipper.
  • When Dipper is following the instructions "to unleash ultimate power", he only presses the punch button twice.
  • When Grunkle Stan falls backwards away from the TV, he falls on the floor. However, the wall is supposed to be closer to the dinosaur skull than it was in the aforementioned scene.
  • When Dipper is at the arcade and looks at the posters of Robbie, his watch disappears, but then later reappears.
  • When Rumble is on the floor, his eye patch keeps changing which eye it covers.
  • When Dipper was fighting Rumble, he shot a blue orb. In the scene right after, it's red.
  • In some scenes Robbie has five fingers while in others he has four.
  • When Rumble and Robbie are fighting, a poster for Robbie's band appears on the tree behind Dipper and Rumble, after Rumble wins.
  • As Grunkle Stan complains that, "[Mabel] doesn't even know what [they're] playing", Mabel's mouth closes without any animation.
  • As Dipper and Rumble are walking through the streets, a barber shop appears in the background during the start of the scene. As Rumble acquires a pipe, a poultry shop is visible behind him. When the camera zooms out, the barber shop from the scene's start appears in place of the poultry shop.

Little Dipper

  • The Gummy Koala candy bag had a net weight of 5.29, but later, it reads that the net weight is 6.29.
  • When Gideon grabs the contract, the front of it is faced towards Stan. In the next scene, the paper switches to the other side without Gideon moving his hand.
  • When Grunkle Stan knocks the jar of termites out of Gideon's hands, it falls on the porch. When Gideon runs away, it is in the doorway.
  • Dipper grows the pawn while it is on the chess board, but later, it is shown in the background, out-of-place.
  • When Dipper and Mabel are fighting over the flashlight, the caterpillar ran over a couple of cars but when Dipper and Mabel drop the flashlight the cars are gone.
  • The Mystery Shack model is on the left side of Gideon's desk in the beginning. Later, Gideon closes his book and it is on the right side of his desk.
  • The photo of Gideon on his ID card shows him with only four fingers per hand.
  • When Mabel charges into her room, the closet door is open. But when she suspects a wizard made Dipper taller, she looks in the closet and has to open the door even though it was open and not tampered with when she arrived.
  • When Dipper and Mabel tickle Gideon, the pine tree on Dipper's hat is missing.
  • When Dipper shrunk, his hat shrunk with him. But when Soos shrunk, the fez hat doesn't shrink with him.
  • When Mabel was in the bag Gideon put her in gummy koalas it showed Mabel without a headband. Later it came out in the bag.
  • When Gideon was playing with the flashlight before he shrunk the twins, it's hard to notice but it was making the grow sound effect.
  • When Gideon is running away from the termites, he leaves the jar they were in at the shack. However, when he shrunk Dipper and Mabel, he has the jar again.
  • Dipper and Mabel are not visible in the jar when he turns to face his dad.
  • During the flashlight duel, Mabel and Dipper do not flick the crystal, but the beams change.
  • When Mabel and Dipper are playing chess, Mabel moves a black pawn and Dipper says it's not her color (implying her color's white). He then uses a white pawn to take out the black king.


  • When Stan pulls up to the Summerween Superstore, he parks in front of a handicap parking sign. However, the sign is facing away from the parking spot instead of toward it.

The sign is facing the wrong way

  • When Mabel opens the door for the Summerween Trickster, Dipper was standing near. However the door never hit Dipper, nor was he there after, but appears later on.
  • In Mabel and Dipper's music number for Halloween at the biker's house, the treat bag disappears. When he gives them the candy, after it ended, it reappears in their hands.
  • During a few frames, the strawberry on Mabel's costume leaned in a different direction.
  • When Soos' truck was recklessly driving through town, it had a blanket draped on the back end of the car. After the car crashed into the store, it disappears.
  • When Soos hits the Summerween Trickster with his truck, Gorney can not be seen. But in the store when Soos is eating out of the Summerween Trickster, Gorney comes out.
  • In the Summerween Superstore, the skulls in the bowls are in different areas when they first get there and when Soos crashes his truck into the store.
  • When Candy says she took a picture of the Summerween Trickster, she never pulls her phone out when she first met him.
  • Waddles has a light brown/tan spot on his left eye rather than his right eye.
  • When you first see children Trick-or-Treating, Waddles is with a random child, Candy and Grenda walking by themselves, and Gorney appearing on the top-left even when he was eaten.
  • The Summerween Trickster's eyes are peppermints, but after when Soos was eating him and he was screaming in pain and he fell on the ground his eyes are just yellow dots.
  • When Dipper is shocked to see Wendy with Robbie, he drops some candy from the bowl on the ground. When Wendy comes in the Mystery Shack with Robbie to get her jacket, no candy is seen on the floor.
  • In the promo for this episode, the Summerween Trickster is bright purple, but in the actual episode, he is dark purple.
  • When the Summerween Trickster is talking about "every discarded bar of chocolate with that white, powdery stuff" he's explaining it with both hands, even though he only had one free hand.
  • The Summerween Trickster said Dipper, Mabel, Candy, and Grenda had until the last jack-o-melon goes out to get 500 pieces of candy. Yet when the Summerween Trickster came to get his candy, Stan's jack-o-melon was still lit.
  • Twice in the episode, the Summerween Trickster shows its mouth: when he eats Gorney and when he is searching for Dipper, Mabel, Candy, Grenda, and Soos. However, when the Trickster reveals his full face, his mouth was under his mask.
  • When the Summerween Trickster first goes into the store for the kids, he tears the door off of Soos's car. When it shows the kids running around behind the Trickster, the car still has the door.
  • Dipper's watch disappears when he first opens the door to the Summerween Trickster then re-appears when Dipper closes the door.
  • Waddles's light brown/tan spot has been replaced with pink spots instead of light brown/tan spots, when he's eating the candy in a bowl.
  • Waddles' fake suit is stiff when he first appears; but later it folds when he goes to eat candy.
  • When a person is seen eating candy with a wrapper, they don't take the candy out of the wrapper.

Boss Mabel

  • When Gompers neighs when a tourist bus pulls up to the Mystery Shack, his mouth does not move.
  • At the end of the episode, when Dipper put his cap again his arranged hair changes, but in the next scene when he is counting money his hair is arranged again.
  • When Soos is in the Mystery Shack, trying to talk to someone, his Questiony the Question Mark costume is reversed.
  • When Mabel gets something from the vending machine, the bag drops off without her pressing the button. She presses the place where she inserted the money instead.
  • When Mabel is holding the Questiony the Question Mark costume, it is normal. When it shows the costume from the other side, it still looks normal, though it should be reversed.
  • When Dipper took out his fake wolf teeth his hand is up, but in the next scene his hand is down.
  • After Dipper grabs the mace and leaps out the window the window is left open. But in the closeup shot of Wendy, the window is closed.
  • When Dipper is counting the money at the end of the episode, Mabel does not have Stan's hat on. But when Stan comes in and talks to them, she does.
  • When Mabel first enters the gift shop with Soos, Dipper and Wendy, the jar has a red line on it. Later, after Dipper leaves, Mabel draws the red line and claims that they will fill the jar with "one hundred billion dollars".
  • When Mabel is yelling at Soos and Wendy, Wendy's legs are cut off. 

Bottomless Pit!

  • Stan's tax forms say 2012. However, they should say the previous year, not the current year.[1]
  • When the bouncer is talking to Dipper, his tattoos are black in the front and back. When the camera goes to the back, the tattoos are colorful. When it goes back to the front, they are all black.
  • When the bouncer talks to the people from the bar, his belt is way up. When he is chasing Dipper, his belt is in a normal place.
  • Despite the pit being a wormhole, and spitting them out after no time passes, none of the things they throw into it are spat out. Also, when Stan falls in at the end, he didn't come up right away. Again, no time should have passed.
  • The image at the end of the theme song that shows up for a frame still has Stan's old fez design.
  • When Soos wakes up after hitting himself in his eye, his black eye disappears.
  • Dipper puts the screw behind himself. But when he says "Soos, are you out of your..." the screw disappears.
  • When Dipper asks where his spaghetti is, the spaghetti plate has a fork. But when Grunkle Stan spins around, the fork is gone.
  • When Grunkle Stan tries to do a card trick, the Ace of Spades is red.
  • Despite Dipper claiming no time has passed, the storm which knocked them into the pit in the first place is gone when they emerge from the pit.
  • When Soos wins the pinball game, it somehow knew his name without Soos typing anything in.

The Deep End

  • Soos doesn't have his towel when Grunkle Stan was talking about the perfect lawn chair.
  • When the ship found Mermando, there is nothing behind Earl. But in the next scene, a mountain appears behind him.
  • One water balloon fired off the screen was blue. However when it hit the cooler, the balloon was red.
  • In the shot where Mr. Poolcheck is telling everyone that the Pool's closing, Gideon can be seen relaxing on a lawn chair that doesn't have a tree hanging over it.

Carpet Diem

  • Mabel's eyebrows are gone until the scene of her brushing her hair with her hand.
  • When Dipper realizes that Mabel is having a sleepover, you can see that there are sleeping bags for Candy and Grenda already in the room. When they enter the room, they are holding sleeping bags.
  • In some scenes, Dipper (in Mabel's body) and Mabel in hers body's eyelashes are missing.
  • For a split second, when Dipper and Mabel are walking through the room, Mabel's blush pink spots gain black lines.
  • Before Dipper reads "Experiment 78" the tag with that sentence is on the center of the carpet, as he reads it the tag is on the border. But in the close-up of the tag with electricity around it the tag is on the center again. Later as Dipper reads all the entire tag it was on the border again.
  • When Mabel (in Dipper's body) barfs into the toilet, it sounds like Dipper.
  • For a split second, when Dipper (in Mabel's body) was screaming while looking at the mirror, one of his eyebrows disappear.
  • When the twins are discussing about the body swap, their reflections are not seen in the mirror.
  • When Dipper (in Mabel's body) enters the kitchen to first give Stan the rock sandwich, the cereal box is missing until he pours it over himself.
  • Although Dipper calls Grunkle Stan while he is in Mabel's body, Grunkle Stan would think Dipper said that as he cannot see Dipper.
  • When Grenda puts lipstick on Mabel (in Dipper's body), she puts it around the lips. But when she and Candy finish put make-up on her and when Mabel and Dipper swap bodies the lipstick is all over the lips. Also, the lipstick changes size and lining.
  • When Dipper (in Deputy Durland's body) and Mabel are fighting, Dipper makes a sound but Keith Ferguson (Deputy Durland) is heard instead.
  • Soos wasn't seen biting part of the door until the close-up of him is showing.
  • The arrows on the Electron Carpet switch from counter-clockwise to clockwise at some points.
  • When Waddles (in Soos's body) is eating the tissues, a tissue is seen on the corner of the table. Then when Grunkle Stan calls him the tissue disappears.
  • Throughout the episode, whenever it's showing Waddles (in Soos's body) it lacrimals are light purple rather than white.
  • When Old Man McGucket corners Soos (in Waddles's body), the puddle of mud disappears.
  • Before Candy says "Boys make me think about kissing!", the pillow Grenda throws at her is pink, but when Grenda does throw the pillow, it's green.
  • When Dipper first lies down outside, he is far from the totem pole. In the next shot, Dipper's pillow is up against the totem pole.
  • When Dipper says that the carpet switches minds, his eyebrows are gone.
  • When Mabel and Dipper are tackling each other in their room, the mini Eiffel Tower that Grenda broke at the beginning of the episode is perfectly fine. 
  • When Dipper first enter the room he read the back of the carpet's tag which says "Experiment 78." After switching bodies the back of the tag says "Electron Carpet."
  • When Candy is taped to the wall you see that the mini Eiffel Tower is perfectly fine but when Dipper comes back in and asked what happened Mabel said Grenda broke it but if anyone broke it it would have been Candy.

Boyz Crazy

  • For a second, the symbol on one of the Pitt Cola cans is incorrect.
  • When Stan turns to tell Dipper a story about music the design on his fez is different for a split second.
  • When the camera zooms in after Stan puts the CD in the record machine then out again Stan appears to be on the same side of the table as Dipper but earlier they were on opposite sides.
  • The music producer steps on a flower Soos was watering. Later, when the goat is eating his license plate, the flower disappears. 
  • When Mabel is blocking the door her headband is gone, then from the back of her head it appears again.
  • There is a part in which Grenda is shown without any lip-gloss on her lips, but then some lip-gloss appears on her lips.
  • When Wendy wears a coat, she zips up it, but in next scene she has unbuttoned coat.
  • When Grunkle Stan threatens to rewind Robbie's face, the speed is at 16.5. But when Dipper rewinds the record, the speed is just above 45.
  • The license plate on Bratzman's car says '2013' when he first pulls up, but when Gompers chews on it after he drives away it says '2012.'
  • In the introductory shot of Thistle Downe, the shot wasn't cropped properly, so the edge of the Pitt Cola poster ends off oddly.
  • When Grenda says 'It's Grenda time." and kisses the poster she still has the lipstick, but the eyeshadow is gone.