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  • The numbers reflected on Stan's face while he is turning on the portal are not mirrored.
  • Agents Powers and Trigger switch seats during the scene where they locate the source of the "readings."
  • When Wendy enters the shack at the announcement of the after-party, she is wearing her name tag. However, when she is leaving with the crowd, her name tag is not seen.
  • When Dipper and Mabel are in the attic, the rind on Mabel's sweater disappears, and when Mabel is claiming that there is nothing left to discover about the Journal, there are only watermelon seeds on the neck and sleeves of her sweater; the front of the sweater is completely missing the watermelon seeds.
  • In the shot where Dipper says he doesn't know why he tells Mabel things, his nose isn't properly colored.
  • Grenda smashes the Stañatas and the mess is all over the floor; however, it disappears in the shot where Candy, Grenda and Mabel are dancing.
  • When Lee, Nate, Tambry, and Thompson arrive at the party, Lee is wearing a sleeveless shirt. In the next shot, it has short sleeves.  When all four are seen dancing, he is sleeveless again.
  • In the shot of the teens dancing, Tambry is wearing her regular day wear instead of the party outfit shown earlier.
  • Lazy Susan's lipstick is missing when she enters the Mystery Shack during the party. Later, her lipstick reappears during the scene when the zombies emerge from the ground, but disappears again in the next shot.
  • When entering the Mystery Shack with the pie, Lazy Susan also clips out of the scene a frame early.
  • In the journal, the incantation's second line reads "Diablo Dominium," but Dipper reads it as "Diablo Dominus."
  • The karaoke machine changes places, and even disappears, many times when the zombies are starting to attack the shack.
  • There are some colored lights hanging around the Mystery Shack in a shot behind Soos when he starts approaching the twins with the zombies. The lights are not present in any of the other shots.
  • In the shot where Dipper and Mabel are backing away from the zombies, the flower in Mabel's hair disappears, then reappears in the next scene.
  • The symbol on Stan Pines' desk in the Underground laboratory is different than it was in "Gideon Rises."
  • When Stan sees himself in the reflection of Journal 1's hand, the reflection is not reversed.
  • During "Taking Over Midnight," when the three are singing "We're queens of the disco!", Dipper steps up, followed by Mabel and then Stan, but when the camera zooms out, the order changes to Dipper, Stan, and then Mabel.
  • After singing "Taking Over Midnight," Stan's fez appears while yelling "Deal with it, zombie idiots!" It then disappears again in the next shot.
  • At the end of "Taking Over Midnight", when a zombie tries to attack Dipper, all of the microphones are suddenly gone.
  • Stan activated the Universe portal in "Gideon Rises" by pushing the lever in front of it to the left. But during a full shot of the portal room at the beginning of this episode, the lever is seen facing the right.

Into the Bunker

  • Wendy briefly has two left arms when she reaches for some popcorn.
  • In the same scene, in one frame, Dipper's mouth is completely displaced from his face.
  • When Wendy first notices the map of Gravity Falls that covers the tunnel entrance, the map is only about a square foot in area. In the next shot, the map is at least twice that size.
  • In the scene in which Dipper is going to find another way out of the bunker, he grabs Wendy's right hand. In the following shot, he is holding her left hand.
  • When the Shape Shifter drops Journal 3, Dipper walks up to the Journal and picks it up. In one frame, the Journal lifts itself closer into Dipper's hands without Dipper touching it yet.
  • When Wendy tears off one of her jacket's sleeves, she tears off at least a foot of cloth. When she puts her jacket back on at the end of the episode, the torn sleeve is only a few centimeters shorter than the untorn one.
  • At the end of the episode, Dipper and Mabel are sitting in the middle of the log, but when Soos sits down, they are suddenly on the far right of the log.

The Golf War

  • After Soos draws the w-neck, the marker he used disappears from his hand.
  • When Dipper explains Mabel's talent in mini-golf, Stan is snacking on his Stan-cake while holding the fry pan. The pan disappears in the following shots.
  • As everyone enthusiastically rises to go to the golf course, Waddles is sitting on the floor. But after the shot of Soos joining in, Waddles is sitting on the couch.
  • In one frame, when Dipper is trying to hit the ball, his mouth disappears.
  • When Mabel runs over to the end of the eighteenth hole to see if her ball went in, she does not have her putter with her. In the next shot, she suddenly has her putter, which she angrily throws down. The putter disappears again in the next shot, only to reappear when Pacifica approaches the Pines.
  • When Pacifica insults the Pines family, Dipper does not have a putter, but in the next shot, he is leaning on a putter.
  • When the golf course manager announces that the course is closed, one of the wings on the golf cart he is driving passes through a pole.
  • Dipper does not have a golf club with him during the scene where Mabel is practicing the eighteenth hole, but suddenly has one after he notices a noise inside the windmill.
  • When Dipper first hears noise coming from inside the windmill, the wood covering has a design on it. When he approaches with Mabel to tear it off, the design is gone.
  • When Dipper takes off the panel of the windmill, he's to the left of Mabel. In the next shot, he is to the right of her.
  • The map of the course is not an accurate representation. For example, the windmill and the pirate ship are close together, but in the map they are widely separated.
  • The pirate captain's eye patch covers his left eye when he uses the spyglass, while in other shots it covers his right eye.
  • When Pacifica and Sergei enter the course at night, the part in Mabel's hair is on her left, but changes to the right in the next shot, then changes back the left in the shot after that.
  • When Dipper, Mabel and Pacifica have escaped the Lilliputtians and the golf cart collapses outside of the golf course, one of its wings is undamaged. However, in the next shot, both wings are torn off.
  • When Mabel is apologizing to Pacifica, in one frame, her braces are visible over her mouth when it is closed.
  • During his appearance at the golf course, the color scheme of the Unnamed mustache man in red is a night palette during daytime. Said color scheme corresponds to his appearance when he appears in Mabel's Scrapbook: Heist Movie.

Sock Opera

  • When Mabel is playing the keyboard in the scene where Dipper, Mabel, Soos and Wendy are making puppets, the bottom half of her leg is cut off.
  • After Bill tells Dipper he's been keeping an eye on him, Dipper's eyebrows and eyes continuously appear and disappear.
  • Before Bill forms the screaming head, his hand is cut off for one frame.
  • When Gabe visits the Mystery Shack, Mabel's braces disappear when she laughs nervously.
  • In the scene in the attic where Bill offers to unlock the laptop, the password bar on the laptop disappears for a shot, then reappears in the next shot.
  • When Bill drinks a can of Pitt Soda, the cap is already off before he opens it.
  • While Bill is speaking to Soos outside the Mystery Shack, Bill's right pupil disappear in one frame.
  • In the theater, Wendy and Bill are sitting in the same seat at first, with exactly one free seat to their right. In the next shot, they are sitting in two separate seats and there is still a free seat to their right.
  • Wendy, Soos and Stan are sitting in the front row, with Bill's empty seat between Wendy and Soos. When Gabe sits down, they're not seen in the front nor the second row, but when the show is about to begin, they're sitting in the second row, in places previously occupied by other people. Wendy is 2 seats away from the aisle and there's no empty seat beween her and Soos. Later, when Gabe is watching the show, Stan, Soos and Wendy aren't where they were in the previous shot. The location of several people around them varies between all these shots, like the woman with the red handkerchief on her head, or the man with the strapped blue overall.
  • When Gabe meets Mabel in her dressing room, he is carrying some flowers. In the next shot, he has his puppets on both of his hands and the flowers are nowhere to be seen.
  • After the intermission, the guy in the blue overall is sitting in front of Wendy and at least 4 seats away from the aisle, with a woman with glasses sitting at his right. Gabe is not seen. But when "Bipper" is pulling Mabel up, Gabe is in the front row right next to the aisle, with the second seat free, the man in the overall sitting in the third one and the woman with glasses isn't there. Wendy, Soos and Stan aren't behind them, and many other people change places too. These kind of changes continue for the rest of the episode.
  • When "Bipper" is chasing Mabel around the stage, the front row is empty.
  • Sometimes there's an aisle in the middle of the theatre, dividing the seats, but sometimes there are aisles only in the sides.

Soos and the Real Girl

  • When Soos is playing "First Person Puncher," the whole shot is pixelated for a few frames.
  • When dyeing Abuelita's hair, the foil is originally silver, but when she walks away it is bright orange.
  • The unnamed man in red appears in the mall once in one area and then another place in a fraction of a second.
  • When the door to Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree closes, it is covered in pits before it is hit by any skee-balls.
  • When Soos runs into the gaming store, the box he finds Romance Academy 7 in isn't visible.
  • The note on the back of Romance Academy 7 disappears for a shot, then reappears in the next shot.
  • When Mabel suggests Soos see some real girls, there are cans of Pitt Cola on the floor that weren't there in the previous shots.
  • During the scene where Mabel and Dipper drag Soos away from his room, Mabel's cheeks have outlines on them for two frames that flicker back and fourth.
  • The "HE's GOT ATTI-CUBE!" poster in the door of Soos' room shows a prominent COOLCUBE logo in the upper right corner. When Soos takes the Romance Academy 7 disc and leaves for his date with Melody, the COOLCUBE logo is missing.
  • When Soos is talking to Melody for the first time, despite the fact that she's in the foreground in one shot, Soos's arm moves over her hair.
  • In the scene where Soos and the others are hiding behind the toppled arcade cabinet, the character peeking over the fortress wall on the side of the cabinet changes from a peach color to red in one short scene.
  • In Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree, the graphics for Star Battle appear on the unit for First-Person Puncher.

Little Gift Shop of Horrors

  • While Stan is attempting to get the traveler to come into the Mystery Shack, his mouth overlaps his nose for a frame.
  • When Stan is attempting to get the traveler come inside, his mouth disappears for one frame.
  • When the Pines first approach the Hand Witch's table, the stall in the background says "Lots O Pots." Later, it changes to "Pots Aplenty."
  • When Stan mocks Dipper's concern about a curse, the stalls in the background change. Instead of Lazy Susan and Old Man McGucket's stalls, Pots Aplenty and Cheep Cheep Tires appear. Additionally, they are transposed (Pots Aplenty is on the right of Cheep Cheep Tires next to the witch's stand).
  • When Stan drops his oven mitt and pan to reveal his missing hands, Mabel is missing her braces for a frame.
  • When Waddles shows Dipper and Mabel the What-the-heck-ahedron, the computer and cup of coffee he knocked over a few shots earlier are gone.
  • When Waddles shows Mabel the Smarticle Accelerator, the ladder Dipper was standing on is gone, and Dipper is standing in mid-air. In the next shot, he is suddenly on the ground, and the ladder has reappeared.
  • In the shot where Waddles starts the Smarticle Accelerator, Dipper's pose changes from standing straight to having his hands in his pockets without any animation.

Society of the Blind Eye

  • McGucket appears out of nowhere when Susan shooes him out from under the table.
  • Lazy Susan's purse strap turns from purple to yellow when she sees the gnomes taking her pie.
  • The picture of McGucket becomes much larger when Dipper places it over the silhouette with the question mark.
  • The stain on Lazy Susan's apron switches from her left to her right in the scene where her memory is erased.
  • When Mabel grabs the memory erasing gun, the bottom of the red glass section vanishes.
  • Robbie's memory tube disappears from the insertion slot in the shot after Dipper puts it in.
  • When McGucket spots the tube with his memories, the label is on the side facing towards him. When he grabs it, the label is on the opposite side of the tube. It is later shown that the tube is only labeled on one side.
  • In the shot where Mabel is entering "SUMMER ROMANCE" into the memory gun, her hand is not turning the dial.
  • All of the members of the Society of the Blind Eye are the same height until they reveal who they are.
  • Blind Ivan has a large section of his forehead labeled "KNOWLEDGE." However, whenever he is seen from from afar, this part of his forehead is divided into smaller sections.
  • When Dipper and Mabel confess to each other while tied to the pillar, they move their arms around despite their arms being tied down.
  • When McGucket walks towards Blind Ivan, his arm goes through his hat multiple times.

Blendin's Game

  • The date in this episode is shown to be July 13th, Soos' birthday. However, in Journal 3, this episode is said to take place sometime between July 29th and August 22nd.
  • The candy that Soos takes out of the vending machine is not seen in the machine.
  • In the first shot of Soos' driver's license, his signature has three stars above it and a lightning bolt to the right. In the next shot, there is only one star and the lightning bolt is to the left of the signature.
  • The bandage on Stan's hand is missing in every shot except for when he enters the front yard at Soos' birthday party.
  • In the first wide shot of Mr. Zzz's Mattresses, the man at the far right of the shot has two left arms.
  • When Dipper and Mabel hide under a mattress, the Tape measure time machine is missing. It suddenly appears next to the mattress after Lolph and Dundgren leave.
  • When at the Heart-A-Tap Dance Studio, Toby Determined's reflection in the mirror shows him much closer to the wall than he actually is. In addition, his mouth is misplaced and the railing in front of him is not reflected.
  • When Abuelita has a plate of cookies, they are shaped like dinosaurs. Later, when Soos has the cookies in his room, they are shaped like circles.
  • When the twins and Blendin are taunting each other just before beginning Globnar, Lolph is at first on Blendin's right and Dundgren is on his left. In the next shot, they have switched places. They switch to their original positions in the following shot.
  • In the images of Blendin chasing the twins on a giant clock and of the wheel barrow race, Mabel is missing her braces.
  • When Time Baby asks Dipper and Mabel to choose Blendin's fate, Blendin suddenly has handcuffs on, which were not present in the previous shot.
  • Dipper and Mabel only tell Soos that they "got caught up in [...] time travel," that there was a time cyclops and a time race, and that they think they know how to fix his birthday. In the same dialogue, Soos knows more than what he should: he says that they battled through time and space in gladiatorial combat just to get him a wish.

The Love God

  • The plug jack of the phone Wendy uses to explain Woodstick is see-through.
  • When Dipper, Mabel and the teens find Robbie in the grave, the pine tree on Dipper's hat is missing in the bird's eye shot.
  • When Stan is sewing the rainbow wig onto the taxidermy gorilla, the can of Pitt cola is gray. It turns pink in the next shot.
  • In the shot where Stan is aiming his crossbow, the bandage on his hand is colored black.
  • When Stan grabs his crossbow and aims it at the hot air balloons there are other weapons in his toolbox. But when he talks to Soos, the toolbox is empty.
  • The picture of Robbie as a little kid is different from how he was shown in "Blendin's Game."
  • When the teens are congratulating Dipper for thinking of taping snacks to Thompson, Wendy says "Well done!" without moving her mouth.
  • When the teens are in Thompson's garage, Dipper, Tambry and Wendy are sitting on boxes arranged in a semicircle. When Lee picks up Dipper, the boxes are in a straight line. They then shift back to their previous positions in the next shot.
  • When Tambry sits down in the booth at the diner, she puts her purse on the ground next to her, but in the next shot, it is gone.
  • When the Love God enters the diner, there are a few frames where he has two chins.
  • When Tambry eats the love potion, her hair is pointed to her left instead of the usual right.
  • When Robbie and Tambry leave Greasy's Diner, Robbie's black belt turns blue.
  • When Mabel shows the teens her happiness chart after Robbie and Tambry fall in love, the drawing of Lee is not fully drawn for a frame.
  • Nate's mouth disappears for a frame after he hears about Tambry dating Robbie.
  • When Mabel is looking through Love God's potion belt, the order and color of the potions changes. Mabel then takes the black anti-love potion, but it's still in the belt when Love God starts running.
  • When Stan is looking at the drawing of the Stan balloon, his bandage is missing.
  • When Stan's hot air balloon rises, it has no basket, but in subsequent shots, it does.
  • The blanket Charlie and his mother are sitting on disappears when the shot widens to show the Stan balloon looming towards them.
  • When the Love God is holding the anti-love potion, the bottle it's in is much larger than the rest of his bottles, even though the bottles were all the same size when Mabel took the anti-love potion.
  • The species of badger that is seen fighting with a snake and then turned into a couple with the same snake (The Snadger) is a European Badger. These badgers are common in Europe and in The United Kingdom, but are not native in America and so don't live or should appear in the United States.

Northwest Mansion Mystery

  • The appearance of the Northwest Manor is different than when it was seen in "The Golf War."
  • When sitting in the recliner watching TV, there is a pizza box next to Dipper, but in the next shot it's gone, replaced by a can of Pitt Cola.
  • When Dipper answers the door when Pacifica arrives, he is wearing his socks. When he agrees to help her, he's wearing his shoes.
  • Grenda has two ponytails for a few frames before she makes the truce with Candy and Mabel.
  • When the ghost laughs and his beard blazes before he tricks Dipper into releasing him from the silver mirror, his mouth overlaps his nose.
  • Candy drips cheese onto the pastries, but later, when she is talking to Mabel, there is no trail of cheese near the fountain or on the pastries. Also, the pastries' appearance has changed.
  • The ghost of Archibald Corduroy tells Dipper that they were asked to build the mansion that same day, 150 years ago, but the curse —which says he will return in 150 years— was cast years later, after the mansion was finished. This means that either the ghost returned before 150 years had passed from his death (when he cast the curse), or the lumberjacks were asked by the Northwests to build the mansion more than 150 years ago.
  • When Grenda tells Marius von Fundshausehe has something on his shirt and he looks down, a yellow stain appears on his shirt, and vanishes again when she flicks his nose.
  • Only a few people are holding glasses of apple cider before Preston Northwest gives a toast, but after Preston's glass breaks, everyone is holding a glass.
  • The wooden people change positions several times.
  • When Dipper is turned into wood, his bow tie isn't tied. Later, when Pacifica looks at him, his bow tie is tied. When he turns back to normal, his bow tie is untied again.

Not What He Seems

  • When Stan insists on being included in the fireworks party, Dipper and Mabel switch places from one shot to the next.
  • When Dipper takes a popsicle out of the cooler on the roof, the cooler lid is closed.
  • When the Pines are admiring the fireworks Mabel set off, the cooler disappears for a few frames.
  • Throughout the scene wherein the Pines are playing with fireworks and water balloons, Stan's jacket is buttoned and unbuttoned from shot to shot.
  • When Agent Powers is telling Dipper and Mabel about the doomsday device, Dipper and Mabel switch places from one shot to the next.
  • Stan's bandage disappears for a few frames when he hands the taxi driver money, then reappears in the following frames.
  • Journals 1 and 2 switch places when Dipper is theorizing about Stan having stolen the journals from the author.
  • While assembling the Universe portal blueprint with the journals, Dipper opens Journal 1, but the portals pages shown inside are Journal 3's. (Journal 1 has the bottom part of the plans, while Journal 3 has the top left.) After reading the blacklight warnings on the blueprints, Dipper flips through the bottom Journal, which, as the shot wherein Dipper arranges the blueprints would indicate, is Journal 3. However, the pages through which he flips are not present in Journal 3.
  • When Dipper reads the black light messages in the portal's pages in the journals, he says "I was deceived, and now it is too late." This line is not one of the messages seen.
  • During the entire climax sequence in the underground portal room, the door from the lab to the portal changes between open and closed multiple times.

A Tale of Two Stans

  • In "Not What He Seems," the left sleeve of Stan's coat is ripped by a tree branch. However, in this episode, the tear isn't seen.
  • Stan's bandage disappears after Ford punches him. It only reappears after Ford questions him about who knows about the portal.
  • In Anomalous Phenomena, the book of anomalies that Ford reads in college, the pages with the two-headed ducks and cats call the condition "polycephany," when it is supposed to be spelled "polycephaly."
  • When Stan crosses off states he's been banned from, New Jersey isn't crossed off, despite it being the first state he was banned in.
  • When Dipper screams excitedly when Ford mentions writing the Journals, Stan has a cleft chin like Ford's.
  • When Stan lights his match to burn Journal 1, it is facing Ford. In the next shot, it is facing Stan.
  • Ford deceives the recently memory-wiped agents, Trigger and Powers, using a few of Mabel's drawings as decoy paperwork. While doing so, the crayon text "What hath science wrought?" on Mabel's self portrait vanishes and reappears.

Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons

  • When Dipper explains the rules of Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons to Mabel, Mabel's sweater collar turns purple for a shot.
  • Many other errors occur during Mabel's letter writing. After Mabel writes, "Just yesterday, gravity reversed itself, almost destroying the universe and totally wrecking the whole town!" it cuts to the TV. When it cuts back to Mabel, that portion of the text has disappeared and Mabel is writing, "But the coolest part of the summer was when Grunkle Stan's twin brother came out of this portal thingy" in the place the text was previously. In addition, Mabel says "Now we have two Grunkles for the price of one!" but doesn't actually write it down, but when in cuts to her picture, it is written next to it. Furthermore, the ink that the pen uses is clearly shown to be purple, until it zooms in on her picture, where the pen writes in blue ink instead.
  • When Stan staples the turkey head onto the beaver's body, his burn mark is on the left side of his back.
  • When Stan is showing Mabel his taxidermy of Duck-tective, he has a cleft chin for a shot.
  • In the scene wherein Dipper and Mabel are in the attic at night and Dipper is designing his dungeon, Mabel is wearing a headband, which disappears for a shot, reappearing in the next shot.
  • When Mabel, Stan, and Grenda find Dipper and Ford playing Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons in the TV room, Ford only has 5 fingers on each hand.
  • When the wizard breaks a hole in the Mystery Shack wall, Grenda and Mabel have their Ducktective hats. But after the pause of the break neither are wearing the hats but are standing in the same spot.

The Stanchurian Candidate

  • Tyler and Sprott throw their hats into the ring, but in the next shot, they are both wearing their hats.
  • At the mayoral replacement meeting, Bud Gleeful punches in the picture of the Mystery Shack on the Gravity Falls map, but in the next shots, the map is intact.
  • Robbie is seen sitting with his parents and Tad Strange at the back of the town hall during the meeting, when everyone starts yelling "election!" Robbie is suddenly up at the front row sitting with the Pizza Guy and Lazy Susan.
  • Soos wears a blue suit at the beginning of the radio interview scene, but when the telephone rings, he is wearing his normal attire.
  • When Soos falls to his knees after Mabel uses the mind control ties on him, the word "STAFF" on the back of his shirt is missing.
  • When Dipper reveals to Stan that the ties were made to control him, both ties are exactly the same.
  • Before Mabel gives Stan the "OUR HERO" sash, there is a mug on top of the fish tank. After Stan takes the sash, there is a shrunken head in place of the mug.
  • Stan puts on the sash Mabel knitted for him upside down, but once it's on him he's wearing it right side up.
  • During the whole episode Bats Biker has a bluish color scheme, which corresponds to the scheme when he was inside the Skull Fracture in "Headhunters", this wouln't be a problem when he was listening the radio with his friends at the bar, but when the people boo Stan during his speech, he still keeps that bluish color scheme.

The Last Mabelcorn

  • When Mabel jumps off her chair after Ford tells her that he needs unicorn hair, a second pair of her legs are still shown on the chair.
  • At the end of the scene where Ford shows Dipper his study, the switch on top of the Project Mentem helmet is silver. In the following scenes, it is black.
  • When Dipper puts on the helmet on Ford's head, the repeat of the thought "I miss Dimension 52" is misspelled as "I miss Dimention 52."
  • Grenda's mole disappears when she is wearing a jacket and sunglasses as she hands the dealer his jar of butterflies.
  • When the girls begin battling the unicorns, Mabel's braces are missing.
  • When Ford and Bill are talking at the end of Ford's flashback, Ford says, "just call me, a friend". When he says, "just call me" he is shown shaking hands with Bill using his left hand, but when he says, "a friend" he is shaking with his right hand.
  • When Dipper and Ford are talking after Dipper tries to erase Bill out of Ford's mind, Ford only has five fingers on his left hand when he tells Dipper that he would have done great were Bill really there.
  • A symbol in the cryptogram is misplaced on the ancient wall Ford finds, making the word decode to "FOOJISH."
  • When Ford grabs Dipper, he drops the Rift and the Memory Gun on the floor, but in the next scene both the Rift and Gun are no longer on the floor.
  • When the girls return to the shack with the unicorn hair, Wendy's left eye is swollen from fighting the unicorns, but when Ford says to Mabel that she's a good person, her right eye is swollen instead. When Stan runs in, her left eye is swollen again.

Roadside Attraction

  • When Soos says "That was a fun 78 hours" while tying bags to the top of the RV, his mouth disappears for a frame.
  • In one of the pictures in Dipper's box of Wendy pictures, the pine tree on Dipper's hat is missing.
  • When Dipper wonders whether it is bad to flirt with multiple girls at once, he goes up to his neck in the hot tub. In the next shot where Stan tells him not to worry, Dipper is only up to his thoracic cavity in the tub.
  • When Stan and Dipper are in the hot tub, Stan opens a can of Pitt Cola and Dipper's hands are empty. In the next shot, Dipper has a can of Pitt Cola in his hand.
  • When Candy tells Mabel and Grenda that she likes Dipper, the hair below her neck is missing for a shot.
  • In one frame when Mabel eats a handful of marshmallows, another set of teeth appears overlapping her top row of teeth.
  • In the first shot of the Mystery Shack after it has been pranked, one of the grafittis of "You Stink" is in neon green, but in a later shot, it is brown.

Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future

  • When Wendy grabs Mabel and tells her that TV lied, Mabel's backpack turns blue for a few frames before reverting to its original color. 
  • Lee and Nate change the board outside of the school by rearranging the letters in "SAWDUST INHALATION DRILL- 8:00 GO FIGHTING BEAVERS!" to "NO ESCAPE." However there is no "C" or "P" in the former message, so they wouldn't have all the letters needed to write "NO ESCAPE."
  • In one shot, Dipper and Ford are shown to be beneath the cliffs, but when Ford holds up his spacecraft keychain, the perspective shifts to one that is higher than the cliffs.
  • When Dipper climbs out of the trench made by the droid, he picks up his walkie talkie off the ground. Scattered next to it are a flashlight, a pen, and a small notebook. In the next shot, the three objects are gone.
  • After releasing the rift, Bill, while possessing Blendin, removes Blendin's goggles to reveal his eyes and then collapses as he leaves the body. However, in the next shot, Blendin is again wearing his goggles.
  • When Bill leaves Blendin's body, Blendin's body falls and lands on top of the broken pieces of the glass orb that used to hold the rift. The next shot shows Blendin's body laying beside the glass orb's remnants.
  • When the citizens of Gravity Falls notice the arrival of Bill, Lazy Susan has both eyes open, which can't be done without her holding her lazy eye open with her hand.

Weirdmageddon Part 1

  • When introduced Amorphous Shape's aura is white, same when he climbs Bill's car, but during the rest of the episode, his aura is cyan.
  • Nate is seen twice in the crowd that runs from Bill after he disfigures Preston Northwest.
  • After Gompers eats a part of Stan's hat, Stan drops his hammer and yells at Gompers. After the weirdness wave causes Gompers to grow into a giant, the hammer is gone.
  • When Stan starts yelling and running away from Gompers, his yells do not sync up. His mouth is closed when a yell is heard.
  • After Gompers eats out a part of the prison, the pictures on Gideon's finger painting are in different positions than before, and the word "Love" is no longer present.
  • Dipper's hat disappears when he leaves the bell tower before Bill confronts Ford.
  • When Bill quickly moves up to Dipper after freezing Ford, the "3" on the cover of Journal 3 disappears for a frame.
  • Several darts are impaled in Toby's arms, but when he falls over, the darts on his arms are gone, and he only has darts on his head.
  • Gideon only has four fingers on each hand during the scene at the Auto Mart and during the scene in front of the prison bubble. In all other scenes, he has five fingers on each hand.
  • After Dipper and Wendy find Soos, Dipper picks up his hat off the ground. However, the hat was in the car and was never on the ground.
  • When Soos checks Wendy to see if she's hurt from the crash, her right-hand glove disappears for a shot.
  • When the Discount Auto Mart Warriors surround Dipper, Wendy, and Soos, and in all other scenes, one of the prisoners is riding a motorcycle, making for six vehicles in total. However, when Gideon rallies the prisoners against the Eye-Bats and they drive off, there are only five vehicles, with the motorcycle vanishing.
  • When Bill introduces Ford to the Henchmaniacs, Hectorgon's arms are missing

Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality

  • A few scenes before the Henchmaniacs attempt to bring their chaos worldwide, there are Eye-Bats, 8 Ball, the Creature with 88 different faces, Amorphous Shape, and the Lava lamp shaped creature present. In the next scene, the shot is zoomed in, but the Lava lamp shaped creature is still visible with the other Henchmaniacs (alongside Teeth). When the Henchmaniacs leave the Fearamid, the Fearamid appears to be completely void with the exception of Bill, with the Eye-Bats, the Creature with 88 different faces, 8 Ball, Teeth, Amorphous Shape, and the Lava lamp shaped creature apparently vanishing.
  • In the end of "Weirdmageddon Part 1," Soos is wearing a black poncho and is not covered in dirt. At the beginning of this episode, Soos' poncho is gone, and he is covered in dust.
  • When Dippy Fresh high-fives Soos, the former is wearing a skateboarding helmet, which is not present in any other shot in the scene, not even when he is actually skateboarding.
  • In the initial shot of the flashback to school picture day, a leaf falling from a tree blows to the right, but a nearby flag is blowing to the left, which should not be possible.
  • In picture day, Dipper is seen suffering from an allergy and Mabel is seen completely healthy. This is despite him stating in Weirdmageddon Part 1 that their allergies act up at the same time.
  • Dipper's birthmark is missing when he shaves off his front hair with a razor.
  • When the Multi-Bear exits the bathroom and says his line, Stan's neck is white.
  • Despite disappearing in the previous episode, Blendin Blandin could be seen in Bill's throne.
  • During the whole episode Teeth, Amorphous Shape, Hectorgon and Lava lamp shaped creature doesn't have their auras, they lack them.
  • During the whole episode Keyhole lacks his shades around his eyes.
  • During the whole episode Teeth's arms come directly from his mouth, when in the previous episode, we saw them coming from behind his mouth.

Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls

  • Just before Stan hugs Dipper and Mabel when they arrive at the Shack, a squiggled line appears on his fez for a frame.
  • When Stan rushes to close the door against the Eye-Bat, his sash reads "CHIFE" for a moment.
  • When Dipper and Mabel rally the refugees, Toby is both in the crowd standing and lying down on the couch.
  • When Old Man McGucket, Soos, Wendy, Dipper and Mabel are huddled up to discuss their plan, Mabel's mouth doesn't move, yet she is heard talking.
  • Right after Wendy is seen in a huddle with Old Man McGucket, Soos, Dipper and Mabel, she has somehow teleported behind Stan while he watches the characters huddle from afar.
  • When McGucket explains his plan to rescue Ford, Wendy is among the crowd huddled around him. In the next shot, Wendy is shown to be standing behind Stan.
  • When Pacifica first wears her llama sweater, her hair clips through the sweater.
  • When Bill orders his Henchmaniacs to attack the Shacktron, Keyhole's keyhole is blue instead of black.
  • When Wendy defeats 8 Ball using an Eye-Bat, 8 Ball's nails, stomach, and cuff turn dark green like the rest of his body.
  • McGucket is first shown controlling the Gobblewonker head from an enclosed room with numerous computer screens. In a later shot, he is seen near the window, with no computer screens anywhere near him.
  • When Dipper uses the height-altering crystals on a snowglobe, the purple light makes the snowglobe bigger, but in "Little Dipper," the purple light was shown to make things smaller.
  • When Wendy reunites with her family, two of her younger brothers have the appearance of two other background kids seen in previous episodes.
  • When the crowd claps for Blubs' and Durland's reunion, Lazy Susan is not wearing lipstick, but she is wearing lipstick in all other shots.
  • When we see an overheard shot of the Zodiac when most of the roles are filled, Pacifica is in the llama section. But she's later seen entering that section after McGucket enters his section.
  • When Pacifica's parents tells her to "touch the hillbilly," Robbie is seen behind them, even though he should be in his section in the Zodiac.
  • When Ford uses the spray paint can to draw the Zodiac, the can is black, but when Mabel sprays paint into Bill's eye, the can is brown.
  • When Ford corrects Stan's grammar ("Between him and me. Grammar, Stanley") Ford's grammar is off, too. The correct grammar is "Between him and I".
  • When Bill ties the Pines brothers, Ford's head doesn't have a light streak.
  • When Teeth eats Shmebulock he becomes sightly larger.
  • When Soos is trying to figure out who the question mark on the Zodiac is, his shirt turns a light teal color
  • In Stan's mindscape, the tapestry for The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel is miscolored.
  • When Soos holds up the stuffed monkey-fish, its mouth is open. In a subsequent shot, its mouth is closed.
  • While at Dipper and Mabel's birthday party, Toby wears his "Bodacious T" outfit. However, in the final shot before cutting to evening, Toby is wearing his original outfit.
  • Thompson's name is misspelled as "Thomson" on the "See you next summer" note.


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