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  • The magazines in Stan's trunk (e.g., Fully Clothed Women) are a reference to adult magazines such as Playboy.
  • In Stan's contraband box is a Tamagotchi and a Street Sharks doll.
  • Two songs on Mabel's karaoke machine ("We Built This Township on Rock and Roll" and "Danger Lane to Highway Town") are references to "We Built this City" by Starship and "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins.
  • MC Rapper is an obvious parody of MC Hammer. 
  • When Mabel blasted one of the zombies with a party cannon, it's a reference to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, specifically A Canterlot Wedding Part 2, where Pinkie Pie blasted one of the Changelings with a party cannon.
  • Agent Powers' claim to have no sense of humor is allusion to Men in Black wherein Agent K makes a very similar claim.

Into the Bunker

  • When the Shape Shifter reveals itself, it extends its neck and climbs a wall in the same fashion as the monster in the 1982 film The Thing.[1]
  • Using the symbol substitution cipher, one of the journal's pages says "ICE" "ICE" "BABY", which is a reference to a famous hip hop song from 1990 Ice Ice Baby by rapper Vanilla Ice.
  • Smez is a spoof of Pez candy.
  • Just before the shape shifter reveals itself, it's eyes are shown blinking sideways. This is in reference to the unlicensed cephalopoid, from Men in Black (1997) blinking it's gills because it was out of breath.

The Golf War



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