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Linda Edna Cardellini (born on June 25, 1975) is an American television, film, and voice actress. She is known for her roles as CJ from Regular Show, high school student Lindsay Weir , on Freaks and Geeks, Velma Dinkley in the live-action Scooby-Doo films, Samantha Taggart on ER, and voices Hot Dog Water in the Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated TV series. She was also in the The Twilight Zone as Allison "Ali" Warner, Sylvia Rosen in Mad Men, Abby Day in New Girl, Chutney Windham from Legally Blonde, and in video games like Gladius and Lollipop Chainsaw. She voiced the character Wendy Corduroy on Gravity Falls.

Early life

Cardellini was born in Redwood City, California, the daughter of Lorraine (née Hernan) and Wayne David Cardellini. She made her first public appearance at the age of 10, when she sang in a play at her school. Subsequent to that performance, she acted in several school productions, and started attending drama classes. She graduated from nearby Mountain View's Catholic St. Francis High School in 1993, then moved to Los Angeles to seek roles in television and film.

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