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The pirate captain is the leader of the pirate Lilliputtians from the 8th hole of Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt mini-golf course.


In "The Golf War", Mabel and Dipper discover the Lilliputtians while practicing for Mabel's tournament against Pacifica. After Franz mentions he knows about rivalries, the 8th hole pirate ship lights up and the pirate captain starts insulting the dutch Lilliputtians, calling them the worst at controlling the balls and saying them, the pirates, are the "ball masters". Then, the French and the Knight Lilliputtians enter the discussion, wich ends in a battle between the holes.

After Mabel announces that the hole that the hole that helps her the best will get the trophy sticker, the captain states that the winners will be them, and no the "tulip-munchers".

During the tournament, the Dutch kidnap Pacifica and try to kill her, expecting that will win them Mabel's favor. Seeing this, the pirate captain says they're also going to play dirty, revealing that they have captured Sergei, and threatening to make him walk off the plank into a pond if Mabel doesn't give the sticker to the pirates.

At the sight of this, Mabel tries to convince the Lilliputtians into ending their fights and working together, and then she eats the sticker so no hole can get it. The pirate captain points out that if they work together, "then [they] can cut open [Mabel's] belly and get the sticker", to wich all the Lilliputtians agree. All of them. including the captain, chase down the humans, but they escape, though they leave Sergei behind.


The leader of the pirate Lilliputtians behaves like an stereotypical pirate captain. Therefore, he speaks in pirate jargon, he often insults other people and he is very agressive. He has a very strong rivalry with the other holes, but he appears to have a special hatred for the Dutchmen Lilliputtians.


He has a red body, a big red nose with warts, a thick grey beard, bushy gray eyebrows, golden teeth and a golden hook instead of his left hand. He uses a black eye patch over his right eye (though it changes to his left eye during a shot). The captain wears a dark red jacket with a yellow fringe, a white shirt, black pants, a belt, a pair of leather boots, and a black tricorne hat with a yellow fringe and a white mini golf ball with two bones crossed behind it.


Season 2


"Put a clog in it, ya windmill-lubbers! These frilly bottom popinjays are terrible at controllin' the balls! We are the ball masters, says I! Argh!"
—The pirate captain, talking about the Dutch Lilliputtians.[source]

"(Sarcastically:) Ooh, I'm shiverin' in me timbers! Get them!"
—The pirate captain, when the Dutch charge into them and he orders to fight back.[source]

"It'll be us, lass. Not these tulip-munchers!"
—The pirate captain to Mabel, after she announces that the best hole at helping her will win the sticker.[source]

"Not so fast land lubbers! If you're going to play dirty, so are we. Now give us the sticker, or he walks the plank!"
—The pirate captain, threatening to kill Sergei.[source]

"(Franz) If we work together...
(Pirate captain) Then we can cut open her belly and get the sticker!
—The captain and Franz, after Mabel ask the Lilliputtians to stop their fights and work together.[source]


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