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The head knight is the leader of the Lilliputtian knights from the castle hole of Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt mini golf course.


In "The Golf War", Mabel and Dipper discover the Lilliputtians while practicing for Mabel's mini golf tournament against Pacifica. After Franz mentions he knows about rivalries, the pirate Lilliputtians insult the Dutch and start bragging about they being the best at controlling the balls. The French enter the argument, bragging and angrily speaking French gibberish. Then, the head knight tells the French to save their comments and starts bragging himself, only to realize someone had writen "wieners" with spray paint on the castle wall. After this, the Dutch and the pirates charge into each other, so, under the cry of "long live the Mini-King", he commands the knights to charge too, beginning a battle between the Lilliputtian holes.

When Mabel asks them to calm down and stop fighting, the Lilliputtians wonder if there is a way to decide who are the best. They realize Mabel has a trophy sticker that says "U DA BEST" on it, and the head knight asks her to decide for them and "choose which mini-kingdom to give a sticker to", to end their war.

He appears several times during the rest of the episode.


He behaves like a stereotypical medieval English knight, speaking with a thick British accent in an old-fashioned way. He's very chivalrous and proud.


He has red skin and is the only Lilliputtian who has a human-shaped head. The knight has a prominent square chin, an aquiline nose, narrowed eyes, a black unibrow and sparse beard. He wears a full medieval metal armour and a closed battle helmet with a red plume on it.


Season 2


"Stay you comments, ye churlish Frenchmen! None control the balls better than the knights of... Wiener Castle? Who wrote this?"
—The head knight, when he realizes the castle had been vandalized.[source]

"Decide for us, hugeling! Choose which mini-kingdom to give a sticker to, and end our war!"
—The head knight, to Mabel.[source]


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