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Lil' Stanley is a comic book created by Stan Pines when he was 10 years old. It was originally an aborted project, but Stan revived it, thanks to Soos' insistence.


An idealistic 10 year old Stan creates his cartoon empire.

Before the beginning of the series, when Stan had 10 years-old. Stan used to love comic books, he used to read comic books like: Captain Nazi-Puncher, Skimparella or The X-cessive Force, this inspired him to have a dream of creating his own comic book, which he dubbed "Lil' Stanley". While Ford slept reciting the digits of pi, Stan in these nights, started to create his own cartoon empire. Sadly for him, his book was rejected by publishers, because of Lil' Stanley's content: it had a lot of swears in a book for kids and was a "pyramid scheme in comic form". After this Stan decided to give up and threw his comic book to the garbage and instead of just creating punch lines, he decided to better become a boxer. Also, at one point in 1973, Stan got into a fistfight with Stan Lee, which didn't made things better. After that, he become embittered after having his childhood dream destroyed and started to hate comic books. That's why he can't bear to see comic books now.

A 10 year old Stan, having his dream crushed.

Lil' Stanley appears at the climax of the tale "Comix It Up!" from "Gravity Falls: Lost Legends", while trapped inside the cursed comic book and after being separated from the rest, Soos in his way listened a familiar sobbing and he climbed a wall, he ended entering to Lil' Stanley and found Stan, who was crying (although according to him he was shooting attack poison, like a desert lizard), of course due being in a comic book invented by Stan, Soos doesn't recognize this comic book, which leads to Stan to reveal the truth about Lil' Stanley and of course that he used to love comic books, but they never loved him back.

Soos is happy to know that all this time his boss (and father) was a fellow comic lover like him and convinces him of continuing his dream, because since the 1960's, things had changed a lot and Stan can publish his comic in the internet and have a army of fans without wearing pants, Stan agrees with Soos, mostly due his hatred toward pants. After this Stan apologizes with the cursed comic book, but he's more angry due the fact that didn't used the term "Visual Novel", despite learning his lesson.

Lil' Stanley's revival, after 50 years.

After getting released, Stan recreates the first number of Lil' Stanley with the help of Soos, Stan is worried because of what happened last time he did Lil' Stanley and fears his comic be rejected again, even using excluses that he haven't gotten better at drawing since he was 10, but Soos assures him, that he'll be fine. Then a kid comes to Mystery Shack and reads one of the Lil' Stanley books and he likes it (calling it "Cool"), for having swears in a book for aimed for children and buys it. Making Stan hug all of the other copies after he leaves and making him cry of happiness afer he leaves (although he claims he has ink in his eye).


It's a comic book with a black and white cover both the original and the copies, but it has colors in the inside pages (pressumed for the copies). In the cover of the comic there's a drawing of Stan with a baseball bat, with a grey title reading "Lil' Stanley".



  • The art style of the comic book is similar to the one of Peanuts.
  • The drawing of Stan in the cover is actually based in one of the concept arts of Stan as a kid from "Dreamscaperers".
  • The drawing of Stan with a baseball bat in the cover makes him to resemble Ness, the protagonist from EarthBound/Mother 2: Giygas Strikes Back, it's worth nothing that both of them are drawn in Peanuts' style.

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