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This page is for Lefty robot, the creature. For the short, see Lefty.

The Lefty robot is a robot disguised as a resident of Gravity Falls, Oregon. The left side of the robot resembles a human male. It always faces left due to visible little green creatures working its body on the right side.



In "Lefty," Dipper tries exposing the "man"'s right side on camera, however, it takes a significant amount of time until he finally unveils that it was actually a robot with little green men running it. After the pilots kill themselves, the robot collapses and bursts into flames, leaving no traces behind.

Season 2

In "Society of the Blind Eye," a photograph of the robot's human side is shown with the word "exploded" written in black ink over it, under a heading of "Suspicious Townsfolk."


On its normal side, it has no hair on the top of its head but has some brown hair in the back. It is usually seen wearing a red shirt with short white sleeves and a collar. It has a brown mustache, blue jeans, and brown shoes with white soles.

Its robotic side is silver, with little green men working the body. There are a few silver cogs. Each green minion has a symbol on the bottom of them. In total, there are sixteen minions (one in the foot, arm, neck, nose, and on the shoulder; two in the leg; three in the stomach; and six in the head).


  • Neither the robot or the green minions inside were ever named.
  • It is referenced in Gravity Falls: Journal 3 on the page about the crashed UFO under the town. There is a coded message in the Author's symbol substitution cipher reading, "Some tiny alien specimens may have survived. Perhaps hiding in the town in robots disguised as humans."
  • When the robot stands in front of the escalator in the mall, its right side should have been visible to the people on the escalator, though no residents visibly notice the aliens inside.
  • When the robot is turned, it appears to have only one leg and foot, when it has been shown to have 2 of each when facing left.
  • There is a motivational poster on the inside of the robot where the aliens work.
  • It is unknown why the aliens built only half of the robot.



Season 2


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