Lee is a friend of Wendy and best friend of Nate. He first appears in "The Inconveniencing".


Lee appears in "The Inconveniencing". He, along with Wendy's other friends, goes to the abandoned Dusk 2 Dawn convenience store. When they jump the fence, Lee grabs Dipper and throws him off after he and the other teens grow tired of waiting. When they reach the door of the Dusk 2 Dawn, it is locked. Dipper says that he can find another way in. When Dipper manages to open the door, Lee praises him along with the rest of Wendy's friends. In the store, he is seen dumping ice into Thompson's pants with his best friend Nate.

Later, he annoys the ghosts by sarcastically saying "I'm sure he just wants to talk about his feelings," and ends up on a cereal box labeled "Lee's" with a toucan saying, "I'm bonkers for eating you alive!" He is the third person to be captured by the ghosts in the episode. At the end, he, like all the rest of Wendy's friends, come back and are okay. The last thing he does is high-five Nate when he hears the fake story of what Dipper did to the ghosts.

He also appears at the Greasy's Diner in "Dipper vs. Manliness". He and Nate are seen trying to get out of the party in "Double Dipper", but they only have $13, and the exit fee is $15, which meant they were trapped. Later however, they did get out. Lee appears at the Mystery Fair in the background a couple of times in "The Time Traveler's Pig". In "Boss Mabel", he is at the Mystery Shack, hanging out with Wendy.


Lee is an ordinary teenager in many regards, laid-back, and enjoying things like partying. He is also very sarcastic, as shown by his reaction to Dipper's theory that the ghosts have a reason for what they're doing.

Physical appearance

He is tall, and unlike many characters he has a long ovular head, he also has long blonde hair, and a red shirt with a thumbs up on it. He has pale skin, and somewhat of a large chin. He has a long nose and is always laughing or having a normal expression.


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