Leaderaur is the leader of the Manotaurs.


Leaderaur's first appearance was in "Dipper vs. Manliness," where Chutzpar explained to Dipper that he is the leader. After devouring an old Manotaur (who was presented as an "offering"), he gave Dipper a task to kill the Multi-Bear with a spear made out of bones that he pulled out of his chest scar.


Leaderaur (unlike the other Manotaurs) is gigantic, towering over all the others. He has black fur with patches of grass on his shoulders and on his chest. He is very muscular and has a long red scar on his chest. His teeth are very defined and stick out of his mouth; he has dull long horns, one of which is broken. He also has glowing red eyes and swords and spears stabbed inside him.

He wears a loincloth that appears to be made out of several regular-sized loincloths stitched together.


S1e6 leader fire

Leaderaur breathing fire.

Leaderaur possesses immense strength, far beyond any other Manotaur. He has the ability to breath fire from his nostrils. He also possesses an extremely acute sense of smell.


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