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Jorge and Rico are prisoners that Stan Pines once shared a jail cell with in Colombia.


Early life

The pair meets Stan after his imprisonment in Colombia, related to a failed heist. While he believed his cellmates were new found allies, the friendship was in actuality one-sided, with the prisoners secretly despising the con man.

Season 1

During the Dipper and Mabel's journey into Stan's mindscape in "Dreamscaperers," they locate one of Stan's memories of Colombian prison, where he attempts to make conversation with his fellow prisoners. Both Jorge and Rico remain largely unimpressed, and wish death upon Stan in their native tongue, Stan being completely oblivious.[1]

Season 2

It's revealed in a flashback in "A Tale of Two Stans", that, after their time in prison, Stan moved to New Mexico. Apparently, for reasons unspecified, he owed Rico money. He had to pay Rico's "goons" or face (presumably) violent consequences. As such, when a mailman delivered a letter from his brother Ford Pines for him, Stan wielded a baseball bat to defend himself before realizing that it wasn't Rico nor his henchmen.[2]


Though Stan is unable to see, neither Jorge or Rico retain friendly or inviting demeanor; conversely, they are revealed to be cold, bitter, and even violent.


Jorge appearance.png
Rico appearance.png

Jorge has chin length brown hair, a brown mustache, and a darker skin tone than Stan. He wears an orange prisoner uniform,black shoes, and an eye patch over his right eye. His uniform is numbered "811 S."

Rico has black hair, a darker skin tone than Stan, and a five o'clock shadow. He wears an orange prisoner uniform with black shoes.


Season 1

Season 2


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