This is a page listing Gravity Falls merchandise manufactured by Jazwares.

At the 2014 Toy Fair in New York City, Jazwares, a toy manufacturing company, revealed some prototypes of their upcoming Gravity Falls toy line.[1]


2" 6 Piece figure pack

A 2" 6 Piece figure pack which includes Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Wendy Corduroy, Stan Pines, Gideon Gleeful, and Soos Ramirez were released.

3" Action Figure sets


Plush toys of Mabel, Waddles, and a barfing gnome were released in 2015.

Cancelled toys

Originally at the Toy Fair several more toys were expected to be made. Including: A Dipper plush, a remote controlled Mystery Cart driven by Dipper, and a "Mystery Book Investigation Kit" which was shaped like Journal #3 and opened up to reveal several items including a decoder wheel.[2]

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