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Jay Wade Edwards is a former assistant editor for Gravity Falls.


Season 1


Edwards attended Auburn University from 1986 to 1991, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in radio, television and film.

Edwards' filmmaking career began when he wrote, directed, and edited three short science fiction films, known collectively as The Monster Trilogy. Edwards has overseen promotion for the film, which has received positive reviews.

Edwards co-produced and edited Y'all Come! The Hell Hole Swamp Festival, a 2002 documentary profiling Jamestown, South Carolina, home of the annual Hell Hole Swamp Festival. The film has screened in ten film festivals, including The Rural Route Film Festival in New York City, The Maryland Film Festival, and Detroit Docs, receiving two Best-of awards.

The beach-party rock 'n' roll monster movie Stomp! Shout! Scream!, Edwards's first feature film as writer/director, premiered at the Austin Film Festival in October 2005 to more good reviews. The film has gone on to screen at more than twenty film festivals. Awards include Best Feature Film at the Toofy Film Festival and The Magnolia Independent Film Festival, and nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Set Design at the B-movie Film Festival.

A professional television and film editor since 1991, Edwards is the senior editor and producer of the animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and the feature Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. Edwards’s television credits also include documentaries for CNN and TBS, Cartoon Network's Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and numerous promotional campaigns.

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