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Jane Cutebiker is the mother of Tyler Cutebiker and a resident of Gravity Falls.


Early Life

Jane live with an unknown husband and her son, Tyler Cutebiker in Gravity Falls, Oregon, and though she was initially intimidated by it, eventually became one of the first customers of the Mystery Shack, along with her son.

Season 2

She and her son appear in Ford's flashback in "A Tale of Two Stans", enjoying a walk in the forest before leaving out of fear during the activation of the universe portal. Despite this, she and her son return to the Shack during its opening as a tourist attraction, and they are shown admiring one of its exhibits.


She has long, light brown hair, yellow earrings, a lavender strapped dress and a dark blue shirt with puffy sleeves, and boots.


  • Her quote "Git out! Git out" is similar to her son's catchphrase "Git 'em! Git 'em!"


Season 2


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