The universe portal is some kind of a machine hidden away in Stan Pines' underground laboratory.


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The completed blueprint.

The key to starting the machine is a complex algorithm that can only be completed by owning the journals 1, 2, and 3. Stan Pines has searched for 2 and 3 for thirty years.

After Dipper and Mabel Pines defeat Gideon Gleeful's giant robot and Stan reveals Gideon for the fraud he is, Stan steals journal 2 from Gideon. Later, Dipper shares that he owns book 3 and Stan takes it on the pretense that fantasy books such as those were making his imagination run wild.

Stan takes the two books and combine them with journal #1, and inputs the data gathered from them into a large machine. This activates the portal, Stan sets his computer to run a scan on the other side quadrant by quadrant.


From what Dipper gathered from his section of the algorithm in journal #3, it is some kind of strange, futuristic, super weapon. However, the cryptogram written on the page describes it as a portal that opens a gateway to infinite new worlds.

The portal when completed will open a gateway to infinite new worlds and herald a new era in mankind's understanding of the universe. Plus, it will probably get girls to start talking to me finally.


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Portal with Behenian fixed stars denoted

The main section is a large, inverted metal triangle with lights dotting along its edge. There is a large hole in the center and symbols encircling the hole. The symbols represent the Behenian fixed stars, which are a selection of fifteen stars considered especially useful for magical applications in medieval astrology. The bottom tip of the triangle is connected to a base with many large thick cords.


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