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The infinite pizza slice is a pizza slice that regenerates after Soos Ramirez consumes part of it.


Its first and only appearance is in "Blendin's Game," when Soos uses a part of his time wish that Mabel and Dipper won for him in Globnar.

At first, when it seemed as though Soos had just decided to clean up Dipper and Mabel as part of his time wish, both the twins and Blendin Blandin were surprised at his choice. However, Blendin was more shocked and angered by his decision, stating that thousands have died and wars were raged, all in the effort of obtaining a time wish. Soos then states that he also wished for a slice of infinite pizza, showing off its abilities, thus making everyone agree it was a good time wish.


The infinite pizza slice looks like a normal pizza slice with pepperoni and cheese on it, but when a piece is bitten out of it, the piece quickly regenerates itself. This would indicate that the pizza slice can actually manipulate space-time in order to restore itself.


  • According to Gravity Falls: Journal 3, there are some additional characteristics of the pizza slice:
    • The infinite pizza slice can only regenerate if Soos takes a bite out of it, so it cannot be used to solve world hunger.
    • The infinite pizza slice can change its toppings. Soos only needs to ask it to change them.
    • Soos made a carrying case for the infinite pizza slice. It makes him look like he's carrying the world's smallest triangular ukelele.


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