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Indie Fuzz is a magazine Wendy Corduroy reads during her work shifts. The magazine appears to be a 'hippie' magazine.


Wendy is first seen reading it in "Tourist Trapped." When Stan Pines asks her to hang up some signs for the Mystery Shack in the woods, she refuses, with the excuse that she could not reach the signs from where she was sitting, and continued to read the magazine.

In "The Time Traveler's Pig," Wendy is again seen reading it during Dipper's flashback of asking her to hang out with him at the Mystery Fair.

In "Boss Mabel," Wendy is seen reading an issue while Stan tells Dipper to raise the prices of some of the Shack's merchandise.


Second seen issue.

On the first issue seen, the front cover has a man playing guitar for a dove and the title in bubble letters, all on a light blue background. On the back, there is an ad for Pitt Cola, that may say "just drink it." The one seen in "Boss Mabel" has an orange cover with a portrait of a man on it. On the second issue's back cover there are three multicolored shapes.


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