How To DJ R-R-R-R-ight is a guide book used by Soos to learn how to DJ. It is written by DJ Scratch Trax, and a foreword was written by Lil Bigg Dawggg, as seen on the cover.


It is a guide on how to be a DJ. There is a picture of DJ Scratch Trax on the cover and orange palm trees behind him.


In "Double Dipper," Soos shows the book to Stan, who in response says that it is "not encouraging." Later in the episode, he used the book to help him DJ at the Mystery Shack Party.


Season 1



  • The book was originally supposed to be written by DJ J.D. Jay Jay.[1]
  • Lil Bigg Dawggg, who provided the foreword, also performed "Straight Blanchin'."

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