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Hermanos Brothers is a Mexican restaurant in Gravity Falls located near the Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt.


In "The Golf War," the Pines family retreat to the restaurant after the Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt closes early due to a thunderstorm, while Mabel laments that Pacifica has outdone her in mini golf. To cheer her up, Dipper suggests that should she defeat her rival in a game. That way, Pacifica could no longer taunt Mabel, and after experiencing a zealous fantasy (or daydream), she is more than enthusiastic to compete.


From the outside, it is a small, square building, with a giant sombrero for a roof. The sombrero's baubles act as lights. A neon sign on a pole, reading "Hermanos Brothers" is close by. Inside, the tables have Cholula Hot Sauce bottles, salt and pepper shakers, and napkin dispensers on them. The walls are tiled on the bottom half and have taco sconces. The window has a neon sign that reads "abierto" which means "open" in Spanish.

The restaurant appears run down. The walls and tiles have cracks and the booth cushion is ripped.

The restaurant appears to be near across the street from Northwest Manor as Mabel looks at the manor through the window and it appears to be quite close.


Season 2


  • "Hermanos" is Spanish for "brothers," so the restaurant's name literally translates to "Brothers Brothers."
  • A crossed out eye appears on the wall next to the restaurant, referencing the Society of the Blind Eye.

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