The Headquarters of the Blind Eye Society is where members of the Society of the Blind Eye gather to meet and conduct their shady activities. It is located under the Gravity Falls Museum of History.


It appears in "Society of the Blind Eye." The society members use it to perform their normal routine, erasing the memory Lazy Susan had of seeing the supernatural. Shortly afterward, the location of this place is discovered by Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Wendy, and Old Man McGucket. Dipper and the group are able to stop the society members by wiping away the members' memories of the place and anything else involving the Blind Eye Society.



After entering a room full of eyes and pressing a hidden button, a secret door opens where a fire place is. Upon opening the passage, a flight of stairs leads down where the main hall is. Let it be noted that the doorway to the main hall is covered by a red curtain with the Blind Eye Society symbol on it from the opposite side of the entrance.

Main hall

The main hall has several pillars and symbols on the walls. It is here where the society members erase their victims' memories. Also, there is a tube transporter where the society members place tubes filled with memories in to transport them to the Hall of the Forgotten.

Hall of the Forgotten

S2e7 honorable memories

The Hall of the Forgotten.

The Hall of the Forgotten is a room filled with tubes of the memories from those the Society perform their erasures on.

There is also a statue of a robed man. 5 tubes are arranged behind his arms, 3 in the middle and 12 at his feet. Memory tubes seen above are for Jeffrey Canuck, Preston Northwest and Old Man McGucket.


  • The Headquarters is under the history museum that first appeared in the episode, "Irrational Treasure."


Season 2


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