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The Handlebar Bros. are an independent band consisting of three brothers, known for their unique handlebar mustaches, which are tied together at the ends.


In "The Love God," after Mabel steals the anti-love potion, she throws the flask towards Dipper as he runs onstage, while the Handlebar Bros. are performing. The Love God tells them to "get those kids" and they try to stop Dipper and Mabel, but the twins pull on the brothers' mustaches, knocking their heads together.

In "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality" and "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," they are in Bill's throne of frozen human agony.


The Bros all sport brown handlebar mustaches and wear similar colored clothing. Two of them wear hats. All three of them play guitars.


Season 2


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