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This article contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in the Gravity Falls universe.

The Hand Witch Mountain is a gloomy, barren mountain and, as the name suggests, home of the Hand Witch.


The Pines are attacked by hundreds of hands.

After the Hand Witch curses Stan Pines to lose his hands after stealing a watch from her, he ventures to the mountain along with Mabel and Dipper to seek out the witch in hopes of getting her to reverse the curse. The Pines enter the witch's cave and are attacked by a bunch of hands before the witch emerges from the shadows, agreeing to return Stan's hands in exchange for a kiss. After he refuses to follow through with the deal, she reveals that she is desperately lonely and the only time she gets visitors is when she steals people's hands. Mabel points out that the cavern is woefully unappealing, and offers to give her a home makeover. After Mabel and her family finish their work, the Hand Witch is immensely grateful and returns Stan's hands. Mabel also reveals that she has left a book of pick-up lines on the witch's table, which assists her in getting the attention of a hiker.


The mountain has an extremely grim appearance, barren and rocky with little vegetation, such as a few sparse pine trees.

Hand Witch's Cave

The cave post-makeover.

The Hand Witch resides in a deep, dark, dank cave near the peak of the mountain. While initially uninviting with less than attractive features and hundreds of sickly, disembodied hands lining the walls and ceiling, Mabel manages to make the cavern much more appealing, decorating it with paintings, bright tapestries, beads, rugs, and lights, and also furnishing it with Victorian style furniture including chairs, tables, couches, etc.


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