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The Hand Witch is a lonely witch with magical hand-related abilities.


Season 2

The Hand Witch telling Stan he has to kiss her to uplift the curse.

In the "Little Gift Shop of Horrors" story, Hands Off, the Hand Witch runs a table at the Gravity Falls Swap Meet, selling gold watches. She curses Stan Pines after he steals one of the watches, taking away his hands.

When he, Dipper and Mabel come to her cave home to exchange the watch for his hands, she tells him that he must seal the deal with "a kiss on the lips." Stan however, refuses, saying that he doesn't need his hands that badly. With the Pines figuring out that uplifting the curse had nothing to do with a kiss, Stan and the twins prepared to leave. But she admitted that it was a hoax and that all the guys that she brought back to her cave for a date ran away. With Stan pointing out it's probably because of her creepy cave, he, Dipper and Mabel decorate her cave. Satisfied, she returns Stan's hands back to him. The Pines family depart, with Mabel leaving the Hand Witch a dating book.

Shortly after their departure, a handsome hiker climbs up, wanting to rest some place. Using a pick-up line from the book Mabel gave her, she gains the liking of the hiker.


The Hand Witch originally appears to be cranky and evil when Stan attempts to steal one of her watches, though it is discovered that she is actually just very lonely and desperate. She desires romance in her life, attempting to "get something going" with Stan and later with a hiker. The latter attempt proves successful.


The Hand Witch is a short, green-skinned woman with white, messy hair. She wears a red robe with dark-brown hand prints on the front. She has a large nose, red eyes, and gnarly teeth. Her feet appear to resemble hands with tape wrapped around them.


Season 2


  • Unlike most female characters, she lacks visible eyelashes.


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