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The Gremloblin is a monster that appears in Boss Mabel, as part of Dipper's attempt to create an exhibit for the Mystery Shack that was not a hoax. It is a mix of a Gremlin and a Goblin.


The Gremloblin was captured by Dipper after Mabel was given control of the Mystery Shack and told him to go get something real to show to the tourists, unlike the hoaxes created by Stan. It was put in a cage as new attraction, but caused some people to visualize their worst nightmare and end up in the hospital.

It accidentally escaped after Mabel gave it a key for a "five minute break", and Mabel's attempt to stop it with water only caused it become stronger and creepier.

Eventually it tried to attack Mabel, but Dipper used a mirror to make the Gremloblin see its own worst fears, causing it to flee the Mystery Shack, flying off with bat like wings, knocking down a totem pole in the process.


The creature resembles, true to its name, a goblin, with bat-like ears, and mushrooms growing on its shoulders. It has red eyes, that seem to lack pupils, and turn yellow when one stares into them. It has a muscular body, and greenish-grey skin. It has a prominent lower jaw, with two large fangs that protrude out of it's mouth. It grows a row of spikes on its back when one throws water on it. The creature's underbelly is a greenish-brown color. It is revealed to have red, bat like wings towards the episode's end.

Powers and Abilities

It has a unique ability to make others visualize their worst nightmares when one looks into its eyes, and unlike other monsters, it seems to be more intelligent, evidenced when it reads Mabel's note and then uses a key to escape its cage. Throwing water on it only makes it creepier and stronger. It also seems that it can make a pair of wings come from its back when it desires.
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  • It might be based in the Gremlins from the movie of the same name (including the water causing changes in its body).



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