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These are userboxes that users can add to their userpage to show what they like. If you're having trouble with these, please contact an admin.


Type and replace "opinion" and "reason" with your opinion and reasons for that opinion about the character.

{{User Grunkle Stan|opinion|reason}}

For example:

{{User Grunkle Stan|likes|just because}}

Will give you:

Grunkle Stan promo.png
This user likes Stan just because.


Template:User Mabel
Mabel promo art.png
This user {{{1}}} Mabel because {{{2}}}.
Template:User Dipper
Dipper promo art.png
This user {{{1}}} Dipper {{{2}}}.
Template:User Grunkle Stan
Grunkle Stan promo.png
This user {{{1}}} Stan {{{2}}}.
Template:User Wendy
Wendy promo art.jpg
This user {{{1}}} Wendy {{{2}}}.
Template:User Soos
Soos promo art.jpg
This user {{{1}}} Soos {{{2}}}.
Template:User Waddles
S1e14 make the pig talk!.png
This user {{{1}}} Waddles {{{2}}}.
Template:User Lil Gideon
S1e4 gideon sitting in chair.png
This user {{{1}}} Li'l Gideon {{{2}}}.
Template:User Bill Cipher
S1e19 bill snap.png
This user {{{1}}} Bill Cipher {{{2}}}.
Template:User Sheriff Blubs
S1e3 sheriff blubs and deputy durland.png
This user {{{1}}} Sheriff Blubs {{{2}}}.
Template:User Deputy Durland
S1e3 sheriff blubs and deputy durland.png
This user {{{1}}} Deputy Durland {{{2}}}.
Template:User Manly Dan
S1e3 manly dan punching pole.png
This user {{{1}}} Manly Dan {{{2}}}.
Template:User Old Man McGucket
S1e2 old man inside gobblewonker.png
This user {{{1}}} Old Man McGucket {{{2}}}.
Template:User Bud Gleeful
S1e11 You'll get your revenge some day.jpg
This user {{{1}}} Bud Gleeful {{{2}}}.
Template:User Tambry
S1e5 tambry looking up.png
This user {{{1}}} Tambry {{{2}}}.
Template:User Robbie
S1e9 Robbie.png
This user {{{1}}} Robbie {{{2}}}.
Template:User Quentin Trembley
S1e8 trembley in crate.png
This user {{{1}}} Quentin Trembley {{{2}}}.
Template:User Pacifica
S1e7 Pacifica Northwest.png
This user {{{1}}} Pacifica {{{2}}}.
Template:User Candy
S1e16 candy kisses.png
This user {{{1}}} Candy because {{{2}}}.
Template:User Grenda
S1e16 grenda.png
This user {{{1}}} Grenda because {{{2}}}.


Template:User Gnome
S1e1 gnome throwing up animated.gif
This user {{{1}}} puking gnome {{{2}}}.
Template:User Male
S1e6 chutzpar and dipper running.png
This user is a male Gravity Falls fan.
Template:User Female
S1e1 mabel daisy necklace.png
This user is a female Gravity Falls fan.
Template:Dipper Favorite
S1e5 this guy.png
My favorite character is
Dipper Pines!
Template:Mabel Favorite
S1e4 mabel bedazzled face.png
My favorite character is
Mabel Pines!
Template:Waddles Favorite
S1e18 Cute Waddles.png
My favorite character is
Template:Grunkle Stan Favorite
S1e13 $300,000.png
My favorite character is
Grunkle Stan!
Template:Ford Favorite
S2e12 softy.png
My favorite character is
The Author!
Template:Soos Favorite
S1e1 soos eating chocolate.png
My favorite character is
Template:Wendy Favorite
S2e2 don't feel bad.png
My favorite character is
Template:Bill Favorite
Opening bill as stan.jpg
My favorite character is
Bill Cipher!
Template:.GIFfany Favorite
My favorite character is

Custom userboxes

No image defined.
S1e8 dipper mabel hat.png
{{{1}}} thinks {{{2}}} is awesome!.


Season 1

Template:User Tourist Trapped
S1e1 dipper and mabel in mystery shack.png
This user {{{1}}} Tourist Trapped {{{2}}}.
Template:User The Legend of the Gobblewonker
S1e2 family photo 1.png
This user {{{1}}} The Legend of the Gobblewonker {{{2}}}.
Template:User Headhunters
S1e3 suspects board.png
This user {{{1}}} Headhunters {{{2}}}.
Template:User The Hand That Rocks the Mabel
S1e4 mabel and gideons date.png
This user {{{1}}} The Hand That Rocks the Mabel {{{2}}}.
Template:User The Inconveniencing
S1e5 Dipper smiles.png
This user {{{1}}} The Inconveniencing {{{2}}}.
Template:User Dipper vs. Manliness
S1e6 tattoos.png
This user {{{1}}} Dipper vs. Manliness {{{2}}}.
Template:User Double Dipper
S1e7 number 2 tyrone.png
This user {{{1}}} Double Dipper {{{2}}}.
Template:User Irrational Treasure
S1e8 dipper mabel 3.png
This user {{{1}}} Irrational Treasure {{{2}}}.
Template:User The Time Traveler's Pig
S1e9 waddles eating pizza.png
This user {{{1}}} The Time Traveler's Pig {{{2}}}.
Template:User Fight Fighters
S1e10 winners don't lose.png
This user {{{1}}} Fight Fighters {{{2}}}.
Template:User Little Dipper
S1e11 cool.png
This user {{{1}}} Little Dipper {{{2}}}.
Template:User Summerween
S1e12 this is a mask.png
This user {{{1}}} Summerween {{{2}}}.
Template:User Boss Mabel
S1e13 Succeeding in management 1983.png
This user {{{1}}} Boss Mabel {{{2}}}.
Template:User Bottomless Pit!
S1e14 indiana jones ref.png
This user {{{1}}} Bottomless Pit! {{{2}}}.
Template:User The Deep End
S1e15 mabel mermando kiss.png
This user {{{1}}} The Deep End {{{2}}}.
Template:User Carpet Diem
S1e16 carpet.png
This user {{{1}}} Carpet Diem {{{2}}}.
Template:User Boyz Crazy
S1e17 Sev'ral Timez3.png
This user {{{1}}} Boyz Crazy {{{2}}}.
Template:User Land Before Swine
S1e18 Punch! Punch!.png
This user {{{1}}} Land Before Swine {{{2}}}.
Template:User Dreamscaperers
S1e19 bill knows lots of things12.png
This user {{{1}}} Dreamscaperers {{{2}}}.
Template:User Gideon Rises
S1e20 Ultimate Gideon.png
This user {{{1}}} Gideon Rises {{{2}}}.

Season 2

Template:User Scary-oke
S2e1 zombie disco.png
This user {{{1}}} Scary-oke {{{2}}}.
Template:User Into the Bunker
S2e2 peering in hatch.png
This user {{{1}}} Into the Bunker {{{2}}}.
Template:User The Golf War
S2e3 The Battle Begins.png
This user {{{1}}} The Golf War {{{2}}}.
Template:User Sock Opera
S2e4 sure thing sis.png
This user {{{1}}} Sock Opera {{{2}}}.
Template:User Soos and the Real Girl
S2e5 next choice.png
This user {{{1}}} Soos and the Real Girl {{{2}}}.
Template:User Little Gift Shop of Horrors
S2e6 giant star.png
This user {{{1}}} Little Gift Shop of Horrors {{{2}}}.
Template:User Society of the Blind Eye
S2e7 who is the author.png
This user {{{1}}} Society of the Blind Eye {{{2}}}.
Template:User Blendin's Game
S2e8 blending clock rolling.png
This user {{{1}}} Blendin's Game {{{2}}}.
Template:User The Love God
S2e9 pow.png
This user {{{1}}} The Love God {{{2}}}.
Template:User Northwest Mansion Mystery
S2e10 dipper what is that.png
This user {{{1}}} Northwest Mansion Mystery {{{2}}}.
Template:User Not What He Seems
S2e11 stan mugshot.png
This user {{{1}}} Not What He Seems {{{2}}}.
Template:User A Tale of Two Stans
S2e12 stanford and stanley.png
This user {{{1}}} A Tale of Two Stans {{{2}}}.
Template:User Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons
S2e13 ford attacks.jpg
This user {{{1}}} Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons {{{2}}}.
Template:User The Stanchurian Candidate
S2e14 yeah vandalizm.jpg
This user {{{1}}} The Stanchurian Candidate {{{2}}}.
Template:User The Last Mabelcorn
S2e15 unicorn.png
This user {{{1}}} The Last Mabelcorn {{{2}}}.
Template:User Roadside Attraction
S2e16 head falling.png
This user {{{1}}} Roadside Attraction {{{2}}}.
Template:User Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future
S2e17 screaming bg.png
This user {{{1}}} Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future {{{2}}}.
Template:User Weirdmageddon Part 1
S2e18 Bill's castle.png
This user {{{1}}} Weirdmageddon Part 1 {{{2}}}.
Template:User Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality
S2e19 Dippy Fresh.png
This user {{{1}}} Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality {{{2}}}.
Template:User Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls
S2e20 last view of Gravity Falls.png
This user {{{1}}} Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls {{{2}}}.



Template:Ship Billdip
S2e4 bill upside down.png
This user ships Billdip
Template:Ship BlubsxDurland
S1e8 edwin darling.png
This user ships BlubsxDurland
Template:Ship CandyDip
Short10 candydip high five.png
This user ships CandyxDipper
Template:Ship Dipeon
S1e20 Gideon gloating.png
This user ships Dipeon
Template:Ship DipperxMermando
This user ships DipperxMermando
Template:Ship DipperxRobbie
S1e10 you're not getting that easy.png
This user ships DipperxRobbie
Template:Ship Dipifica
S2e10 unexpected hug.png
This user ships Dipifica
Template:Ship GoatandaPig
S2e9 goat and a pig12.png
This user ships a Goat and a Pig
Template:Ship MabelxMermando
S1e15 mabel mermando kiss.png
This user ships MabelxMermando
Template:Ship MabelxPacifica
S1e7 mabel's turn.png
This user ships Mabifica
Template:Ship Mabill
S2e4 bipper on top.png
This user ships Mabill
Template:Ship Magidbelion
S1e4 opera glasses.png
This user ships Magidbelion
Template:Ship Mobbie
S2e9 deal made.png
This user ships Mobbie
Template:Ship NatexLee
S1e5 lee and nate.png
This user ships NatexLee
Template:Ship Pinecest
S1e1 Do the honors.png
This user ships Pinecest
Template:Ship RobbiexTambry
S2e9 couple hug walk.png
This user ships RobbiexTambry
Template:Ship SoosxGiffany
S2e5 i'm no ordinary video game.png
This user ships SoosxGiffany
Template:Ship SoosxMelody
S2e5 compatible.png
This user ships SoosxMelody
Template:Ship TylerxDan
S1e8 manly dan eating meat.png
This user ships TylerxManly Dan
Template:Ship Wenbie
S1e17 cute couple.png
This user ships Wenbie
Template:Ship Wendip
S1e15 best summer.png
This user ships Wendip


Template:Theory Gompers is Bill
Short10 gompers burgundy.png
This user supports the Gompers is Bill Theory.
Template:Theory Lebam
S1e15 Yay! Bottles!.png
This user supports the Lebam Theory.
Template:Theory Mrs. Gleeful
S1e11 gideons mom.png
This user supports the Mrs. Gleeful is Carla McCorkle Theory.
Template:Theory MTC
S2e11 Glass Shard Beach.png
This user supported the Stanley Twin Theory.
Template:Theory Robbie Zombie
S2e9 Robbie playing dead.png
This user supports the Robbie is a Zombie/Necromancer Theory.
Template:Theory Bill is Stan
S2e20 normal Bill.png
This user supports the Bill is Stan Theory.


Template:Merch Vinylmation

Vinylmation mabel.jpg
This user owns a Gravity Falls Vinylmation

Template:Merch Six Strange Tales

Template:Merch Even Even Stranger

Template:Merch LOTGG

Template:Merch DAMGTMANF

Template:Merch OUAS

Once Upon a Swine cover.jpg
This user owns Once Upon a Swine

Template:Merch Pining Away

Pining away book cover.jpg
This user owns Pining Away.

Template:Merch Cinestory 1

Template:Merch Cinestory 2

Template:Merch Journal 3

Journal 3 Book Cover.jpg
This user owns Gravity Falls: Journal 3

Template:Merch COTTPT

Template:Merch Lost Legends


Funko Pop Dipper Pines.jpg
This user has a collection of Gravity Falls Pop's from Funko.