Gravity Falls Season 1 Full Scores is a complete soundtrack of Season 1 released by Brad Breeck and is available to listen to for free on SoundCloud. It contains the full score of each episode.

Track listing

No. Title For Episode Length
1.Gravity Falls E106 Dipper Vs Manliness Full Score"Dipper vs. Manliness"16:34
2.Gravity Falls E107 Tourist Trapped Full Score"Tourist Trapped"16:15
3.Gravity Falls E105 The Hand That Rocks The Mabel Full Score"The Hand That Rocks the Mabel"15:00
4.Gravity Falls E104 Inconveniencing Full Score"The Inconveniencing"14:25
5.Gravity Falls E103 Headhunters Full Score"Headhunters"15:48
6.Gravity Falls E102 Little Dipper Full Score"Little Dipper"19:02
7.Gravity Falls E108 Double Dipper Full Score"Double Dipper"15:14
8.Gravity Falls E109 Time Traveler's Pig Full Score"The Time Traveler's Pig"14:51
9.Gravity Falls E110 Irrational Treasure Full Score"Irrational Treasure"16:47
10.Gravity Falls E111 Fight Fighters Full Score"Fight Fighters"17:55
11.Gravity Falls E112 The Deep End Full Score"The Deep End"15:26
12.Gravity Falls E113 Bottomless Pit Full Score"Bottomless Pit!"13:01
13.Gravity Falls E114 Summerween Full Score"Summerween"17:41
14.Gravity Falls E115 Boss Mabel Full Score"Boss Mabel"14:48
15.Gravity Falls E117 Carpet Diem Full Score"Carpet Diem"14:59
16.Gravity Falls E119 Boyz Crazy Full Score"Boyz Crazy"13:14
17.Gravity Falls E120 Dreamscapers Full Score"Dreamscaperers"19:50
18.Gravity Falls E121 Gideon Rises Full Score"Gideon Rises"19:18
19.Gravity Falls E101 Legend Of The Gobblewonker Full Score"The Legend of the Gobblewonker"14:21
20.Gravity Falls E122 The Land Before Swine Full Score"Land Before Swine"18:43

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