Gravity Falls Season 1 - Soundtrack Excerpts Vol. 3 is the third album released by Brad Breeck for fans of the show online. It was released on March 29, 2015.


Track listing

No. Title For Episode Length
1."GF E117 Pig Is Soos 2""Carpet Diem"0:17
2."GF E120 Gideon Summon's Bill 2""Dreamscaperers"1:44
3."GF E120 Bill Is Not Really Soos""Dreamscaperers"0:49
4."Gravity Falls E120 (Dreamscapers) Entering Stan's Mind""Dreamscaperers"1:09
5."GF E122 Pig Dance Party Alt 1""Land Before Swine"0:36
6."GF E109 Miserable Mabel""The Time Traveler's Pig"1:03
7."GF E111 8 - BIT Fight Fighters 1 RUMBLE""Fight Fighters"0:22
8."GF E111 8 - BIT ARCADE GAME MUSAK 1 CHEERFUL""Fight Fighters"0:10
9."GF E111 8 - BIT Paccy""Fight Fighters"0:07
10."GF E111 8 - BIT Supsy""Fight Fighters"0:16
11."GF E112 Mermando's Plight""The Deep End"1:19
12."GF E112 Mermando's Story""The Deep End"0:47
13."Gravity Falls E120 (Dreamscapers) Into Mind Shack""Dreamscaperers"0:29
14."GF E114 BED SPOOKY FUN""Summerween"0:11
15."GF E115 BED STAN 1 FUN Alt Slower""Boss Mabel"0:20
16."GF E115 BED STAN 2 MYSTERY MOODY FUN Alt End""Boss Mabel"0:15
17."GF E115 BED STAN 6 MYSTERY MOODY FUN""Boss Mabel"0:11
18."GF E115 Mabel's The Boss Now MONTAGE FUN POP""Boss Mabel"0:18
19."GF E108 DANCE SLOWDANCE 1 70S""Double Dipper"0:33
20."GF E117 Carpet Diem INTRO BED FUN""Carpet Diem"0:18
21."GF E121 BED GIDEON ORGAN 1 FAST""Gideon Rises"0:30
22."Gravity Falls E121 (Gideon Rises) Bus Should Be Here Soon Alt 1""Gideon Rises"0:32
23."GF E110 Down The Angel Cave""Irrational Treasure"1:04
24."Gravity Falls E121 (Gideon Rises) Final Outro Montage Alt""Gideon Rises"0:36
25."Gravity Falls E121 (Gideon Rises) Final Outro Montage Slower Driving Dramatic Main Theme""Gideon Rises"0:30
26."GF E110 Northwest Research Alt""Irrational Treasure"0:37
27."GF E122 Stan Dark Trot""Land Before Swine"0:17
28."GF E113 Dipper's Voice Remix SONG MIX ""Bottomless Pit!"0:19
29."GF E114 Sumerween FUN Outro""Summerween"0:37
30."GF E114 ZombieLuv Alt SONG MIX (outtake) ""Summerween"0:56
31."GF E114 ZombieLuv SONG INST""Summerween"0:57

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